Singapore Arts Festival 2012 ~ XII – In Search of 13

This special arts performance at Singapore Arts Festival 2012, is probably very special and very unique, why is it so? In simple words, it’s simply Singaporean in heart, mind, soul, thoughts, ideologies, views and thinking of everything Singaporean, that maybe only Singaporeans can understand. This is the XII – In Search of 13.

The Search of 13 can be found at the wrestling ring, inside the Festival Village, with the backdrop of Merlion, Fullerton Hotel, Raffles Place and Esplanade surrounding it, where 12 contenders vie to be the ultimate national icon, amid a backdrop of myths, stories and drama where the Lim Bo Seng memorial stands. The match up is decided by you, the audience, who can vote for their icon to fight against the biggest icon on stage, the Merlion. YOUR VOTE IS SECRET !

Like any wrestling or a boxing match, there’s lots of hype and pre-action, with the hosts/emcees inviting the audience to come forward to the wrestling ring and watch the upcoming battle, to vote/choose an icon to fight against the Merlion. During the build up towards the fight between the heavyweights, issues were brought up, that were close to the heartlanders of Singapore, issues that modern Singaporeans faced in the era of modernisation and migration of different cultures and people from all over the world into Singapore. There were myths, current issues, happenings and things that were spread across during this very unique and special performance that will definitely hooked you to watch this “wrestling match” especially if you have been living in Singapore, simply because it touches your heart and hot buttons. What are some of the issues ? Here’s some – cooking curry and your neighbours, general election etc

This wonderful performance XII – In Search of 13 has 2 more shows, here are the details

Where : Wrestling Ring, Festival Village

Dates : 1st June 2012 and 2nd June 2012,

Performance Time : 7:00pm and 9:00pm on both days

Performance Duration : 60mins

DO NOT MISS this awesome, unique, special and so wonderful performance at the Singapore Arts Festival 2012 (especially if you are living in Singapore), for a great laugh, fun and the opportunity to see how this wrestling ring might fits into your daily life and thoughts. Do drop by and check out some of the photos here!

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Singapore Arts Festival 2012 – Bridge Cafe Project

If there is one performance that will make visitors to Singapore Arts Festival 2012 leaving with a hands on,  very fun and enjoyable live experience with the performers, the Bridge Cafe Project will definitely stands out in their own right, with their electrifying energy and enthusiasm in their performance, getting the visitors involved too!

Where can you find them, the Bridge Cafe Project ? Don’t worry, they can easily located in the heart of the Festival Village, the cafe where visitors drop by for a drink and snack. From 630pm to 930pm, be ready to be entertained by a good mix of young and old performers, dancing, singing and performing inside the cafe. It’s a fun place to be for all ages, including young children, easily accessible for everybody to be there.

I was there with my fellow photographers/bloggers friends and we all had a great time capturing their wonderful awesome performances over the period from 630pm to 930pm. They were getting the visitors involved too and it was great watching the young children dancing together with the Oyajis, like a grandparent dancing with their grandchild, the scene is priceless, filled with love, warmth and friendship.

The Bridge Cafe Project is so wonderful that I am encouraging my friends/readers to drop by the Singapore Arts Festival 2012, head to the Cafe at the Festival Village from 630pm to 930pm and be ready to be mesmerised by their energetic performances, dancing and enthusiasm. The Bridge Cafe Project is ongoing till the 2nd of June from 630pm to 930pm with performances happening at intervals. Check out the photographs of the Bridge Cafe Project here !

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Army Open House 2012 @ Our City

The Singapore Army is entering our Lion City this weekend from the 24th to 28th May 2012, bringing with them their big military equipment and technology into the heart of Singapore, at the Marina Bay area. This is the Army Open House 2012, held at the Singapore F1 Pit Building, in support of the growth and prosperity of Singapore, bringing the Army closer to the public with this Army Open House engagement, building and fostering closer relationship, as well as showcasing NS45 and the capabilities of the modern 3rd Generation (3G) Army of Singapore.

This is my 3rd time visiting Army Open House and I am glad to be visiting them again since my previous 2 Army Open House in 2007 and 2009, do check out my stories and photographs below –

Army Open House 2007 story and photos

Army Open House 2009 story and photos

Army Open House 2012 is special and unique this year, moving away from the Army Camp grounds, into the heart of Singapore, promising to be a Grand Celebration of 45 years of National Service in Singapore and to showcase our modern 3G Singapore Army capabilities. I was honoured to be invited by MINDEF Public Affairs to attend a preview of Army Open House 2012 @ Our City on Tuesday 22nd May on what participants and visitors can expect for this coming weekend Army Open House on 26th to 27th May 2012. The Army Open House 2012 promises to be fun and exciting, even though it is  away from the Army Camp grounds. At the Singapore F1 Pit Building and surrounding areas, they have the following highlights

– NS45 Showcase

– Army Avenue and Pavilion Display

– Dynamic Show Arena

– Technology & Innovation Zone

– Battle Rides Zone

– Combat Zone

– Carnival Zone

That’s something for everybody, from the young to the adults, it’s going to be fun and nostalgic for many of those who served National Service. The most popular highlights in my opinion will be Dynamic Show Arena, Battle Rides Zone, Combat Zone and NS45 Showcase! Don’t miss out the above popular highlights that I shared, it’s going to be a fun time for your kids too and a good bonding time for your family too! Do check out some of the photographs that I took during the preview of what you can find at Army Open House 2012 @ Our City !

A key highlight that strikes a deep chord with/inside me is NS45 Showcase, something special and unique that most (if not all) Singapore males have to go through, the bonding, the time spent serving National Service (2 years and 6 months for me), the friendship, camaraderie, leadership, physical training, the blood, sweat and tears. That journey is very special and tough yet it builds up the character and discipline into us, we metamorphosis from boys to men. Looking back at the founding 1st Generation Army, to the 2nd Generation Army that I was in, and now we are looking at the modern well equipped 3rd Generation Army. Going through the NS45 Showcase brought back many many of my memories serving National Service and I was able to relate with my fellow blogger friends on what we went through, some shared common memories of anything related to our National Service days, as we said when the group of us walked through the NS45 Showcase, we had a common lingo “Those were the days!”

Times and technology has changed tremendously, the roles of our Singapore Army has also changed too, from defending a nation to helping and supporting other nations around the world. From Fathers to Sons, 45years of National Service, we can see, watch and listen to 1st Generation NSmen (The Fathers) sharing their stories, passing down their stories and memories to their sons, who are serving in the current 3rd Generation National Service.The Singapore Army today is an integral factor in ensuring the safety and defense of Singapore in the early days of independence, allowing overseas investors to have the confidence to invest in Singapore, thus bringing economic and prosperity progress from 1965 till today. The modern 3rd Generation Singapore Army is well prepared and ready to handle the threats, making Singapore a safe country to live in. Beyond the shores, they have make many contributions and support overseas too that Singaporeans can be proud of.

Army Open House 2012 is happening this weekend on 26th and 27th May 2012, drop by Singpore F1 Pit Building, enjoy and have fun there while learning more about 3G Singapore Army!

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Singapore Arts Festival 2012 – 18th May to 2nd June

The Singapore Arts Festival 2012 has started on the 18th May 2012, an awesome festival of many interesting, intriguing, exciting and fun events, performances, celebrating Singapore’s local arts scene and Singapore’s diverse communities. The Singapore Arts Festival brings greater vibrancy, recognition and development of the Singapore Arts scene, artistic and cultural lifestyle in Singapore, supported by international artists and performers. On top of that, it puts Singapore on the world map, becoming a vibrant cosmopolitan city, a cultural capital, with a vibrant and diverse arts scene. The theme for Singapore Arts Festival 2012 is “Something Ancient, Something Lost, Something Hidden, Something New“, the wide diverse festival programmes at the Singapore Arts Festival would bring you into that.

There are many programmes happening during Singapore Arts Festival 2012, there is something for the young and old, suits your family fun activities, or to watch, participate and enjoy at the Singapore Arts Festival 2012. The Festival Village is located at Esplanade Park, there are different sectors for different performing arts and events, it’s full of vibrancy and excitement. There is something for the kids too, the Kids Arts Village, filled with interesting activities for your kids to play and enjoy. That’s music, dancing, arts performances, happening at the Festival Village, the heart and action of many interesting and fun events and performances of Singapore Arts Festival 2012. That’s food and beverages there too at the cafe and bar, so don’t worry if you are having fun there and wanted to look for a meal and drinks!

I am covering the Singapore Arts Festival 2012 as a Festival Ambassador a.k.a Festival Photographer + Festival Blogger, it’s a great honour and great fun too, photographing, documenting and writing some of the arts performances and displays. While I can’t cover all the performances and events, I would try to bring as many sights, perspectives, photographs and stories of the performances that I watched, covered, documented and photographed. One of them was, The Lan Fang Chronicles 2012 (Installation Performance) that I went to watch, cover, document, photograph and write, do check out my Lan Fang Chronicles 2012 (Installation Performance) post here! Check out the photos from the Lan Fang Chronicles 2012 (Installation Performance) here on Flickr!

On 19th May, I attended/watched the following performances, they are great and do come down to Singapore Arts Festival 2012 and catch them live in action!



XII – In Search of 13

Claressa Monteiro 

Do check out the Singapore Arts Festival 2012 for more details and information on the extensive line up of interesting and exciting programmes from 18th May to 2nd June. Check out my photographs taken at the Singapore Arts Festival 2012 on Flickr!

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Singapore Arts Festival 2012 – LAN FANG CHRONICLES 2012

Traveling along the MRT train tracks between Buona Vista MRT station and Commonwealth MRT station, I will never miss the sight of the cemetery beside the HDB blocks of Holland and Commonwealth area. It never occur to me that this location had a very strong history and heritage, representing the Hakka community in Singapore. This is the Ying Fo Hui Jun Ancestral Temple, dating back to 1887, by the Hakka clan, Ying Fo Fui Kun, as a burial ground for kinsmen from Jia Ying prefecture in Canton, China.

Today, as part of Singapore Arts Festival 2012, Ying Foh Kuan plays host to their Hakka roots and history chronicles – 兰芳记 Lan Fang Chronicles 2012 (Installation Performance) as part of the festival’s 2012 theme – Something Ancient – Something Lost – Something Hidden – Something New, representing the history and investigations of the 18th century Lan Fang Republic, founded by Hakka Chinese in West Borneo. The Lan Fang Republic was the first democratic republic in South East Asia, founded by Luo Fang Bo in 1777 and reigned for 107 years before the Dutch came in 1884, ending the Lan Fang Republic. The descendants fled across the region to other parts of South East Asia to Sumatra, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

This is something very special and unique, powerful, mesmerising, intriguing and mind blowing, through site specific performances of 5 different chapters comprising of recital pieces, live encounters and lecture performances within Ying Foh Kuan, the ideal location to understand and learn “Something Ancient, Something Lost, Something Hidden and Something New”, combining history, memories, facts, mixing it with fiction, myths, imagination and future interpolation, to reconstruct a story of what the Lan Fang Republic could have been via these chapters, like a jigsaw puzzle, putting all 5 different chapters together to create something for us to learn “Something New

Before we went into “classes” to learn about the  5 “Chapters”, we were given a short yet very interesting introduction and closing, the prologue and epilogue by Serene  Chen on the history of Lan Fang Chronicles and its origins, with videos, interviews, research, traveling and documentation.

– The Man Who Rode Crocodiles

Watching a documentary inspired by the poem written by Luo Fang Bo, the founder of Lan Fang Republic. It’s about a practice of exorcising the crocodiles that metamorphosis into different versions in the folklore culture today. It was quite an interesting documentary to watch!

– The De Groot Collection

A beautiful collection of artifacts, they are speculative and inspired by the works of Dutch Sinologist J.J.M De Groot, who published the earliest known and most comprehensive western documentation of the Lan Fan Republic in 1885. Every artifact there on display has a story, significance and timeline behind the sequence of artifacts display, that is brilliantly shown in our host’s (Bright Ong) display of emotions, words and thoughts. The beautiful collection artifacts are available for you to own too, if you are keen to own it! You have to visit the installation to take a close look at the beautiful artwork!

– The Archivist’s Room

Being a photographer, this is my favourite Chapter! I was totally blown away by the photography collection of the Lan Fang Republic, along with the maps, sketches and documents. Not only were they well preserved, the vintage and quality of the photographs are beyond words and it lives up to the tagline of “A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words”. Our host for this Chapter, Yak Aik-Wee was excellent in bringing life and emotions into the photographs, maps, sketches, ensuring our attention are glued to the photography collection. For a photography and history fan, you will love this Chapter !

– Memoirs of the Visitors

Entering a holy place inside Ying Foh Kuan, it’s the Ancestral Hall, where memories and stories from the visitors dairies to the Lan Fang Republic. The ambience, peacefulness and tranquility  setting of the Ancestral Hall suits the story telling recital perfectly, creating an imaginary scene of the days during the Lan Fang Republic, whereby daily activities, festivities and practices were shared and told across towards the attentive audience inside the hall. The recital was performed by Lok Meng Chue, who hosted and shared here warmth and passion across the audience at the Ancestral Hall.

– Epic Poems of the Kongsi War

Set at the outside, under tall trees and facing the Hakka cemetery in the background, this Chapter got me glued to my host’s (Najib Soiman) extremely powerful and strong performance, with loud voice and singing, echoing into the dark background of the Hakka cemetery, flanked by the HDB flats of Holland Avenue area. It was a poetry recital based on the original Malay poem, Syair Perang Cina di Mandor – “Story of the Chinese Wars in Mandor”, written by an anonymous author in 1853, telling the stories of the start of the decline of the Lan Fang Republic in the last 30 years. With my very limited knowledge and command of the Malay language, I wasn’t able to understand many of the poetry and recital words and sentences. However, it was a very powerful performance that blew me away, I felt the passion and emotions, flowing through him and his recital, and I ended up not taking any photographs at all, I was just basically glued to my host’s performance. Simply put, if a performance can make a photographer put aside their equipment and glued to them, it speaks enormous volume about the performance and performer.

From the Director’s (Choy Ka Fai) Note, this project is not meant to depict historical events, instead it is to recollect and reflect the mysteries, history, fame, significance, combining them with myths, stories, memories and different fragments to showcase  the experiences, an era and a universe that is now forgotten. After experiencing all the 5 Chapters above, combining history, facts, stories, fiction and myths, it was an absolutely mind-stirring, intriguing and mesmerising adventure, like a history and heritage school student taking in 5 Chapters of history, play, facts and myths within 2 hours. Yet, I am still hungry to know, understand and explore more about Lan Fang Chronicles.

The 兰芳记 Lan Fang Chronicles 2012 (Installation Performance) is highly recommended and I strongly encourage all of you reading this post to watch it there ! More photos of the Lan Fan Chronicles 2012 (Installation Performance) can be found here on Flickr and there is also more information can be obtained here on Singapore Arts Festival 2012 events information page! Here’s a quick information guide –

When : 18 – 20 May, 24 – 27 May, 31 May – 2 Jun @ 7:00PM
19 – 20 May, 26 – 27 May, 2 Jun @ 3:30PM

Ticket Price : $25 (available via SISTIC)

Location : Ying Foh Kuan (Shuang Long Shan), 9 Commonwealth Lane

After attending 5 Chapters of Lan Fang Chronicles 2012 (Installation Performance) –

I learned “Something New (Always Learning New Things and Knowledge), it’s Something Ancient (definitely), Something Lost (in time) and Something Hidden (over time)”

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Support Habitat-Barclays Bare Your Sole 2012 on 2nd June !

Everyday, we are walking to and fro, from places to places, whether it’s for work, studies or leisure and recreational activities, we will be wearing our comfortable and beautiful shoes, heels, sandals, slippers, something that covers both our feet. Walking with shoes is now a basic necessity in our life here in Singapore, yet, it is a luxury for people who are less well off in other parts of the world, who walk barefoot because they cannot afford basic necessities beyond having a pair of shoes.

On the 2nd June 2012, Habitat-Barclays Bare Your Sole is a meaningful and noble walking event, walking barefoot for a short distance of 2.5km or 5km in Singapore on a Saturday morning in Singapore, all in the name of charity fund raising and awareness. Returning back on 2nd June 2012, to be held at the beautiful Gardens By the Bay East, Tanjong Rhu, spanned by the beautiful and gorgeous Marina Bay Waterfront behind the Gardens, Habitat-Barclays Bare Your Sole 2012 is hoping to attract more than 5,000 pairs of bare feet for Habitat-Barclays Bare Your Sole 2012, from the 4000 pairs of bare feet in 2011, do check out my walking barefoot for charity in 2011 !

Bare Your Sole 2011

It was a great humbling experience last year in 2011 to walk barefoot for a short distance, raising funds for a great and noble cause, remind myself of the blessings and opportunities that we have it here that others do not have. This would be a morning of fun for your family and friends to come together for a morning barefoot walk for a great noble cause.

By participating in this barefoot walk, YOU will help to raise funds for local and overseas beneficiaries while this event will also assist in raising awareness for Habitat for Humanity projects that build homes and fight poverty for the less fortunate across the Asia Pacific region.

Bare Your Sole 2011

Registration is now OPEN and Normal registration closes at midnight, 26 May, 2012 ! Head over to the Registration page and sign up for a noble heartwarming barefoot walk fund raising event !

About Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity International is a non-profit Christian housing organisation with a mission to eliminate poverty housing worldwide by building simple, decent houses. We build for people of all backgrounds, races and religions to provide needy families with a simple and decent place to live in.

About Barclays

Barclays is a major global financial services provider engaged in retail banking, credit cards, corporate and investment banking and wealth management with an extensive international presence in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia. With over 300 years of history and expertise in banking, Barclays operates in over 50 countries and employs over 140,000 people. Barclays moves, lends, invests and protects money for customers and clients worldwide. For further information about Barclays, please visit our website

Photos from Bare Your Sole 2011 

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Learning “Shooting From the Heart” with Tay Kay Chin

There is a personal mantra, my personal philosophy that I set for myself, it’s about lifelong continuous learning, a field of personal development, growth and expansion that I strongly believe in. Quoting from the great Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955) Physicist & Nobel Laureate

Learning is not a product of schooling but the lifelong attempt to acquire it” 

The art of learning is applied to my photography too, while I have been shooting many years since my film days when I was a young kid to the digital era today, there are still many skills, knowledge, experiences that I have not reached or learned yet. Learning from great photography masters is one of the methods that a photographer can seek to learn from and improve.

Photograph courtesy of Singtel & Ogilvy Public Relations

Singtel organised a sharing session “Shooting From the Heart” with Tay Kay Chin, a renowned documentary photographer, in conjunction with the the launch of the photography contest “Home Without Walls” campaign. This campaign is about inspiring Singaporeans to use the power of photography, to create powerful, real and meaningful connections with the people that matters most to them, the aim to create homes with no communication barriers, straight from the heart, both online and offline. More details on Singtel “Home Without Walls” photography contest can be found here.

During the sharing session, I was back to be a student in learning photography, it was a very insightful, meaningful and inspiring sharing by Kay Chin, where his photographs speak enormous volume about his style, ideologies, perspective, love for photography, capturing the moments, the essence of “Home Without Walls”.

Photograph courtesy of Singtel & Ogilvy Public Relations

Here’s some of the tips shared by Kay Chin during his sharing session

(1) “… The most ordinary things are the things that we always take for granted …” By Tay Kay Chin

This hit me very deeply, this applies to us everyday, every step of the way, in our life journey from young to old. We only start to miss the things/stuff/buildings/culture once it is on its way out / disappear from our life, then we start to complain about the demise and loss, yet we never fail to appreciate its presence, history, heritage, culture when it was still there.

Kay Chin’s masterpieces of photographing Singapore as his home when he was moving away to Missouri, thinking that he will not be back, venturing into the heartlands of Singapore to take photos of people and surroundings, that he wanted to keep as memories. Kay Chin’s masterpieces collection titled “Panoramic Singapore” were to him the most ordinary things we take for granted.

(2) “… Taking photographs of my family has proven to be the most difficult thing …” By Tay Kay Chin

I asked myself, how difficult can it be taking photographs of your own family ? Yes and No, it can be difficult if family ties are strained and not in harmony, a challenge that might not be easy to overcome. It could also be sticky situations such as sickness or accidents that had happened and how would you go about covering and photographing it ?

During Kay Chin’s sharing, there were some photographs and sharing that were very personal to the master photographer himself, that I also asked myself how to overcome it too. It’s about dealing with bereavement, photographing and documenting the final days/moments of someone on Earth, this leads me to remembering being asked by my Dad to take photographs at one of my Uncle’s funeral a few years back. I just can’t do it and I refused to do it, simply because I can’t overcome this first big major obstacle and the emotions inside me at that time. From Kay Chin’s sharing and my own personal experience, it dawned upon me the point that taking photographs of family, can be one of the most difficult thing (if not the most difficult thing).

From Kay Chin’s sharing, taking photographs of family members requires learning how to be objective behind the lens and trying not to be too intrusive. No amount of money and commercial value can be placed on family photographs, they are priceless. Photographing family members is simply Shooting From The Heart, as the sharing session suggests, it’s the genuine desire to capture moments and stories of your family members, passing it down to your younger and future generations and beyond.

After reading fellow photographer Andy Lee (of Sengkangbabies) post on Kay Chin’s sharing, I missed out on another story shared by Kay Chin, photographing and documenting the final days/months of his nephew with his terminally-ill dad together in outings and activities, we felt the emotions, the sadness, the pain from Kay Chin’s sharing, (it’s heart-wrenching to be honest), the photography and photographs are priceless, it’s very noble, heartwarming and filled with love from his dad to his son, via Kay Chin’s photographs, that in the future when Kay Chin’s nephew is grown up, the photographs taken by Kay Chin will help his nephew remember his father, just exactly what the father wanted.

Kay Chin shared on a point, reminding us not to assume human beings don’t want to remember those sad times, sometimes, human beings wanted it to be documented in their memories, which leads me remembering photographs of funeral procession corteges (from Bukit Brown archives), the funerals of my maternal grandmother, paternal great-grandmother, the sad moments/times are captured down in photographs for their future generations.

This is a reminder to myself, I have not been documenting and capturing many photographs of my family, it’s time to be more pro-active in taking photographs of everybody (as many as possible), from young to old before it becomes from the most difficult thing to impossible thing (when they are no longer around for me to photograph).

(3) “…When I looked at that picture, I wanted to be a father. That to me, is how powerful photography is and it became one of my goal in life – to make people want to do something…” By Tay Kay Chin

One of the most recognisable quote “A picture speaks a thousand words” amplify Kay Chin’s words of sharing, the photograph can be the best motivational tool to getting people into action and doing something that they really wanted to do, from the bottom of their heart, with the use of photography, to help other people out there. Kay Chin’s philosophy in photography is to be close to his heart, shooting from the heart, being original, true to your heart and not following blindly, not copying winning trend styles.

Some wise photography tips from the master photographer Kay Chin himself ~ Honest and Real expression of family / people. In my opinion, that’s a level that all photographers should try to strive and achieve, regardless of the level of expertise and experience that they are in currently.

Photograph courtesy of Singtel & Ogilvy Public Relations

This wonderful inspiring sharing event was conducted with the “Home Without Walls” campaign by Singtel, a photo contest aimed at the professional photography community, with the aim to inspire Singaporeans to make real and meaningful connections with the people who matter, with the aim of creating homes where there are no communication barriers and connect from the heart, both online and offline. I would like to thank Singtel and Ogilvy Public Relations for this invitation, it was indeed an enriching and great learning photography lesson.

Do check out fellow photographers friends sharing on Tay Kay Chin’s “Shooting From The Heart” Sharing

Andy Lee of Sengkangbabies

Next Face of Asia 2012 Finals & FSO 2012 Closing Party

A series of beauty, fashion and shopping events, Fashion Steps Out @ Orchard 2012 began on 16th March 2012 with a big bang, fashion walking down Orchard Road, transforming into the Orchard Road fashion runway to showcase the latest fashion collection. Thereafter, there were other fashion events over the weeks leading up to the Grand Finale – the Fashion Steps Out @ Orchard 2012 Closing Party and Next Face of Asia 2012 Finals, held at Shaw Lido Theatre on 27th April 2012.

The evening was fun and exciting, with guests coming in early for the cocktail reception and the ladies had a great time with the shu uemura Flash Lash touchup before proceeding to Shaw Lido Theatre 1 for the Next Face of Asia 2012 Finals and the FSO 2012 Closing Party. This is the first time, that a movie theatre is transformed into a model catwalk runway and it was really good ! The Next Face of Asia 2012 Finals was graced by many guests, business partners, fashion designers and supporters. This was also an excellent event to showcase Singapore as a fashion and events city and it was a great opportunity to cover the Next Face of Asia 2012 Finals and the FSO 2012 Closing Party event. The models of the Next Face of Asia 2012 Finals were very beautiful and along with the various fashion designs they worn and walking elegantly down the catwalk, it was simply awesome and mesmerising! The FSO 2012 Closing Party showcased male models with different trendy designs and styles too!

Paula V, 25 years old, from Indonesia, a tall and very beautiful model, is the winner of Next Face of Asia 2012 and let’s all congratulate her on winning Next Face of Asia 2012 ! With the Next Face of Asia 2012 crowned and enjoying the FSO 2012 Closing Party, the guests were treated to a private movie screening to end off the entire’s evening wonderful glamorous fun fashion modeling event! Here’s some of my photographs shot at Next Face of Asia 2012 Finals & FSO 2012 Closing Party !

I would like to thank Shirley from Singapore Tourism Board for this wonderful fashion event invitation!

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