2 more nights to visit i Light Marina Bay 2012!

For a limited time period of 3 weeks, this great sustainable light art installations festival, the i Light Marina Bay 2012, held at the Marina Bay Waterfront, is coming to an end soon, on the 1st April 2012. During this 3 weeks, I believed i Light Marina Bay has hosted many local and international visitors to the different 31 beautiful and amazing sustainable light art installations, showcasing great artwork and talent as well.

Today and tomorrow, 31st March 2012 and 1st April 2012, you have 2 more nights to drop by Marina Bay Waterfront and visit the various 31 light art installations. There are some really beautiful and very outstanding light art installations that took my liking and I covered them quite extensively, they are –

Garden of Light by Hexogon Solution

The Gate by Li Hui

Light of the Merlion by Ocubo

– Parmenides I by Dev Harlan

– White Rain by Takahiro Matsuo

It can be quite a challenge to cover all 31 light art installations in 2 nights, check out the full list of 31 artists first before going over and plan your viewing and photography route! Do check out my i Light Marina Bay 2012 photographs collection on Flickr and my dedicated folder collection for the installation Garden of Light!

This i Light Marina Bay 2012 was really awesome and I really loved this festival very much, many great opportunities for photography and understanding more about sustainable lighting, energy-efficient lighting and created awareness for energy-saving lighting technology for the urban environment. Till the next i Light Marina Bay, let me leave you with these beautiful, colourful and bright sustainable lightings!

i Light Marina Bay 2012

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Garden of Light

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Celebrate Earth Hour 2012 on 31st March !

On 31st March 2012, at 830pm local time in Singapore, there will be a great event and gathering, the world uniting together, to support the movement of saving and protecting our Earth, our precious environment, the home that we live in together. In Singapore, we will celebrate Earth Hour 2012 @ Orchard, with a host of interesting activities and events.

Here’s some of the details happening on Earth Hour Singapore 31st March 2012 !

Date: Saturday, 31 March 2012
Time: 6.30pm – 10.00 pm
Venue: Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza, Orchard Road (Nearest MRT: Orchard and Somerset)
Guest of Honour: Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister, Environment and Water Resources

You can all play a part, no matter how big or small, to save and protect our planet Earth. At 830pm on 31st March 2012, do switch off the lights for 1 hour, spread the word, the awareness and the Earth Hour movement, not just for that 1 hour, continue to spread the message in your daily life.

How is Earth Hour Singapore like in previous years ? Take a look at some of my photos taken during Earth Hour 2011 in Singapore and Earth Hour 2009 in Singapore !

Earth Hour 2011 Singapore

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Earth Hour 2009 Singapore

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Dear all, No matter where you are in Singapore, you can participate and be part of Earth Hour 2012 in Singapore!

OCBC Cycle 2012

3 days of riding festival, showcasing a popular sport, in Singapore, the OCBC Cycle Singapore 2012 was back in action from 2nd to 4th March 2012. It was a great weekend for both professional and leisure cyclists from around the world, showcasing Singapore to be a great venue/location for major sporing events, held around the Marina Bay region. Recalling my coverage during OCBC Cycle Singapore 2011, I was glad to be part of this wonderful event and covering this major cycling event again!

On Friday 2nd March, I photographed and covered the Professional Criterium from 8:30pm onwards, shooting from various locations around the circuit, giving my readers and followers different perspectives, angles and views of the professional cyclists in fast octane action! Since I am also a cyclist, I was happily admiring their professional, top-end and “powerful” road racing bikes and I hope my bike could be slowly improved and be upgraded too, down the road ! The racing was fast, competitive and under the night lights, it was fun to watch and photograph the professional riders zooming past you and feeling the wind across my face (that’s how fast the professional riders were riding!).

I was back on Sunday 4th March, to photograph and cover the Super Challenge, Challenge and Community Ride riders in action, looking at the number of riders and bikers along the roads, F1 Pit Stop Building and around Marina Bay area, it’s a testimonial on the popularity of cycling in Singapore, with the potential to become even bigger, with emphasis of leading a healthy and sporting recreational lifestyle in Singapore! It’s not just the young adults, we have a wide range of age group from the senior citizens to the young kids riding on Sunday! From the Channel News Asia report, there were over 10,000 riders in action on Sunday, reinforcing the growing participation and interest in cycling as a sporting, leisure and recreational activity in Singapore over the years! For more photos of OCBC Cycle 2012, check it out here on my Flickr !

Looking ahead in the future, let’s hope cycling gets more followers, riders and interest, with more Singaporeans adopting a healthy, active, sporting, leisure and recreational lifestyle in Singapore!

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i Light Marina Bay 2012 is Here !

2 years ago, from 15 October to 7 November in 2010, I witnessed the launch of the FIRST i Light Marina Bay art light event, Asia’s first and only sustainable light art festival and I was very impressed with the theme, lightings, installations and artwork. Today, i Light Marina Bay is now back at Marina Bay again from 9th March to 1st April 2012 at the Marina Bay Waterfront, with many new, great and talented artists to showcase a new era of lightings, artwork and installations !

The theme is “Light Meets Asia”, featuring 31 innovative and environmentally sustainable light art installations, with a strong focus on works from Asia, the installations use energy-efficient lighting, creating awareness for energy-saving lighting technology for the urban environment. There are 31 different artists, all very talented and inspirational, with their installations and artwork across the entire Marina Bay Waterfront, do check out all the 31 artists here!

Take a look at the i Light Marina Bay light art festival map here –

Source of Map: i Light Marina Bay website

For more information and details of i Light Marina Bay, you can visit their link here to obtain the Festival Brochure and Festival Guidebook ! It will definitely come in very helpful ! There are also many events happening during i Light Marina Bay 2012, check out the events details here!

Here’s some photography tips for shooting i Light Marina Bay !

– Wear comfortable clothing and shoes (it can be quite a bit of a fun walk)

– Stay hydrated and remember your water bottle

– Bring your tripod (for long exposure shots and low light shoot)

– Camera Remote Control (for long exposure shots and to avoid camera shake when pressing on your camera)

– Use the map and plan your shoot (don’t rush to cover all in one night!)

– Spread it over a few nights

– Shoot on the weekdays (avoid the crowds on the weekends)

– Use wide angle zoom and telephoto zoom (they will give a fresh and different perspective and composition)

– Explore different angles and locations to shoot each installation

I started my i Light Marina Bay light art festival 2012 photography walk on Saturday, 10th March, with the Marina Bay  Photo AmBAYassadors and we had a great time there with photography workshop, outing and outdoor light painting session! Currently, I covered 7 out of 31 lightings installations and I will continue to take and share my photojournalistic adventures of i Light Marina Bay 2012 ! Here’s some of my photographs taken at i Light Marina Bay light art festival 2012 and more will be added here along the way !

Go explore i Light Marina Bay light art festival 2012 ! Take many photographs and enjoy yourself !

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Meeting Mr Wright @ Invite Mr Wright 2

A globetrotter, extraordinary, very friendly and heartwarming person, a world wide famous travel icon, none other than Mr Ian Wright himself. With a resounding success in Invite Mr Wright season 1 with TLC, it’s now Invite Mr Wright 2, the first season of Mr Wright took Ian visiting different countries and culture, enjoying a very interesting and awesome travel experiences that he shared with us faithfully through the eyes of his hosts, their family and friends.

Where’s Invite Mr Wright traveling to and what is Ian going to do in the countries that he’s visiting ? In Season 2, Ian is traveling to Australia, Japan, India, Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam, with each country giving her own distinct and unique travel experiences. During the media event, the guests were given a sneak preview of some photographs taken by Ian during his filming along with his first hands on experiences during the travels!

Here’ some snippets for you all, my readers, you have to follow and watch Invite Mr Wright Season 2 on TLC Channel !

– Okinawa, Japan ~ Football Team Mascot

– Sumatra, Indonesia ~ Orang Utans, Conservation & Green Turtles

– Darwin, Australia ~ Aussie Outback Living & Aussie Culture

– Sapa, Vietnam ~ Hill Tribes

– Rumtek Monastery, India ~ Learning how much there is to being a monk

– Singapore ~ With Celebrity Chef Justin Quek

The event was held at Marina Bay Sands, the menu was very special and unique because it was prepared by celebrity chef Justin Quek (who is also part of the Invite Mr Wright 2 travel program – Singapore location), inspired by the iconic extraordinary traveler Ian Wright !

Here’s the Menu prepared by Celebrity Chef Justin Quek, inspired by Ian Wright travels !

– Herbal Beef Broth, Fresh Asian Herbs, in Chinese tea cup

– Soft Shell Crabs Tempura and mango salad

– Slow Cooked Nordic Salmon

– Angus Beef

– Duo of Dessert

The menu was really very delicious and awesome, simply wonderful, love the cooking and presentation, you can feel and taste the inspiration behind the travels, with fusion of different cooking styles from different cultures and countries around the world !! Check out more photos here on my Flickr collection !!

Ian was funny and friendly during the event, he wasn’t just introducing and sharing about his Invite Mr Wright 2 travel stories, he was also walking around, mingling with guests and taking photos with the guests (who are also his fans too), chatting and cracking jokes, having a great time there! Invite Mr Wright 2 is coming soon to the channel near you !! Invite Mr Wright (Season 2) will premiere every Thursday at 10pm on TLC, starting March 29, stay tuned and follow Mr Wright for his fun and exciting travel adventures !!

Thanks to Canon Singapore and Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, Singapore for the invitation !

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Visiting the Oasia Experience @ Oasia Hotel Singapore

An invitation to visit one of the newest hotel in Singapore, with a breathe taking panoramic view of Singapore’s central catchment greenery and heartlands, I did not hesitate to reply YES !! Together with many blogging community friends, organised by Oasia Hotel and Dice Studio, we were invited to a relaxing and casual chill out session, catching the sunset and a tour of Oasia Hotel’s beautiful suites and facilities. Located on the outskirts of Singapore’s shopping district at Orchard Road, Oasia Hotel is just 2 train stations away from Orchard MRT Station and visitors can easily travel down to do their shopping or they can also visit Novena Square and Velocity, there are just beside them.

Upon arrival at the hotel lobby of Oasia Hotel, I had a quick look and was amazed by the design and wooden designs and architecture. Reaching the pool level on the 22nd floor, only available to the guests of Club Suites, I was mesermised by the beauty and style of the swimming pools, with a truly beautiful panoramic view of Singapore’s central catchment greenery and heartlands. I quickly settled down, catching up with friends, with great food and drinks, there’s also massage for us and for the ladies, manicure and pedicure! The management and staff of Oasia Hotel were also there with us at the chill out session, chatting and relaxing with us, great hosts they were!

We were later divided into smaller groups and led by staff of Oasia Hotel to visit some of their Club Suites and Oasia Hotel facilities. The suites are very special and unique, they are designed by award-winning Japanese interior designer, Takashi Sugimoto of Super Potato, when we were visiting and exploring the Club Suites, the rooms have a lot of wooden features, along with designs that features natural stone sculptures and ambient lighting to create the ultimate experience.

Personally, I really love the suites, luxurious and comfortable, a Zen and tranquil feeling, beside the windows, there are  spaces to sit on, for me to look out and enjoy the sceneries outside, in the day and night. The shower and bathing facilities are beautiful and well-designed, a place that you might spend a bit of time soaking in the bath tub and enjoy the sceneries outside the window!

After visiting different Club Suites, we were brought around the hotel’s facilities for a tour, the swimming pool on the 6th floor,  they have an open greenery space there, ideal for small functions such as wedding solemnization. We also visited the boardroom and meeting function rooms facilities at the Oasia Hotel too. Finishing the tour around Oasia Hotel, we went back to the 22nd floor, sit back and relax, chit chat away with friends, taking photos and waiting for the sunset !! Check out my Flickr collection for more photos of Oasia Hotel !!

The chill out session was great and I had a great time, thanks to Oasia Hotel for being such great hosts with their warmth and hospitality, Dice Studio for their invitation and of course, Ee Von ! Here’s a group photo of the whole big group of us there at the chill out session !

Photo courtesy of Dice Studio 

Just for you, my friends and readers, if you like to enjoy the Oasia Experience @ Oasia Hotel, fill in the form below and you are able to get 10% off Oasia Hotel’s Special Weekend Staycation Package !!