Introducing WildJunket Magazine

Travel and outdoor adventure has always have been a part of me, something deep inside me, cultivated by National Geographic Magazine, rooted and grown by my Scouting days with my alumni mata, Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scout Group, with many outdoor activities and outdoor adventure. Bitten by the travel bug too, I once dreamt of being a National Geographic Photojournalist!

While I confessed that my outdoor adventures and travel didn’t reach the numbers and destinations that I would love to, there’s still some nice & exciting outdoor adventures and travels that I embarked since my Scouting days till  today. Travel magazines was once a favourite of mine and I used to buy and read them regularly, always mesmerised and dreaming of the various destinations and adventures that they went/been to.

In an era of social media expansion, via the various social media channels and networks, I got to know more travel folks, bloggers, writers, they have really awesome adventures and travel experiences. Among those I knew personally is Nellie Huang, a fellow Singaporean, who owns this travel website Wild Junket, who has a great following, personality and reputation among the travel community in the world. When Nellie launched her brand new E-Magazine on outdoor adventure and travel, I requested Nellie for a copy of her 1st E-Magazine WildJunket to do a review and I was impressed by WildJunket.

Click here to visit WildJunket.

Let me share with you my personal views from my review on WildJunket E-Magazine February/March 2012

– WildJunket is written by passionate travel writers/bloggers of extensive travel experiences

– Great team of contributors on Wild Junket

– Excellent and interesting content, a truly outdoor adventure and travel E-magazine

– It’s world wide focus, unlike some other travel magazines, they sometimes tend to be continent focused.

– Very inspiring travel stories and travel destinations

– Very refreshing and exciting, injecting a fresh new perspective into travel magazines

– It’s not just about outdoor adventure and travels, there are other interesting articles from food to outdoor gears

WildJunket has a community bonding and sharing, interacting, socializing and sharing with readers, contributors, writers and editors. Which other travel magazines in the world does this ? 

– It’s available in PDF format

– It’s tablet friendly

– It’s on Zinio (my favourite E-Magazine)

– Print edition would be available in the future (pending confirmation)

Pricing and subscription 

– USD $2.95 for single issue

– USD $14.95 for 12 months subscription

In my humble opinion, WildJunket is a excellent outdoor adventure and travel E-Magazine, at this price you are paying for and the awesome content you are reading, it’s definitely worth your money and time to buy and subscribe and read it many times!

For more information on WildJunket subscription, check out their WildJunket Magazine site for more details! After reading WildJunket E-Magazine 1st issue

I was more motivated and energised again, to seek out more outdoor adventure and travel, truly inspiring and heartwarming, I can feel it from reading the adventure stories and their photographs, encouraging me to travel light and travel far – traveling beyond  the conventional tourism trail, to seek out extraordinary experiences while protecting the environment.

Traveling forward ahead, I would like to be and hope to be featured one day inside her WildJunket E-Magazine in any of her editorial departments, maybe as a Travel Guide or Photo Essay ! 

Without a doubt, WildJunket E-Magazine is definitely worth your consideration to pay and subscribe to, and Nellie’s extensive travel website and blog is definitely the best testimonial.

Last but not least, I would like to congratulate Nellie on an awesome job on her WildJunket E-Magazine! Good luck and all the best in your WildJunket travels and outdoor adventure!!

River Hongbao 2012 – Ushering in Year of the Dragon

With its origins dating back to 1987, River Hongbao has come quite a long way since the maiden event. Over many years, River Hongbao has transformed and changed a lot over the years, getting bigger and having more programs, activities and performances. River Hongbao is a fun event that helps to promote Chinese Lunar New Year, appreciation of the Chinese Lunar New Year culture and traditions, a destination for both locals and international visitors to enjoy during this festive season, moreover, it’s a great place and event for the parents/grandparent to bring their children/grandchildren to and enjoy the event together!

River Hongbao 2012 has many different Dragons for me to photograph and being born in the Year of the Dragon, this is very significant to me, symbolic and important! There are some great event highlight at River Hongbao 2012, here’s some of them –

– Martial God of Wealth at River Hongbao

– Collaboration with Guangxi, China

– Largest Lantern Display by Chengdu lantern masters

I met up with James and we went around snapping photos of River Hongbao 2012 before finding a spot to capture Chinese Lunar New Year Eve Countdown fireworks. This was supposed to be my sharing session with James on taking fireworks, the year of the Water Dragon truly lives up to the Water Dragon title, with a heavy downpour before the countdown fireworks start, it was so challenging with the rain hitting on the lens glass, DSLRs, winds blowing quite strongly, last but not least both James and myself, drenched while braving the downpour to capture the Chinese New Year Eve Countdown Fireworks !! The final fireworks photographs results were interesting, silky, wet with water droplets and a fuzzy feeling!! Check out more photographs from River Hongbao 2012 here on my Flickr!

It was a very wet welcome to usher in the Year of the Water Dragon !! Huat Ah !! Wishing all my readers and supporters



步步高升,财源滚滚,事事顺利, 心想事成

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Enchanted Spring at Sentosa Flowers 2012

The Sentosa Flowers 2012 is back with a big bang to welcome the Year of the Dragon 2012 with their theme of Enchanted Spring on Sentosa island. The Sentosa Flowers promise to dazzle and amaze you with many beautiful flowers galore, along with many Dragon sculptures to usher in the Year of the Dragon!

I was invited by Sentosa to a preview of the Sentosa Flowers, on Saturday 21st January 2012, thank you very much to Sentosa for their kind and warm hospitality! Sentosa Flowers 2012 starts from 22nd January 2012 to 29th January 2012 and this beautiful event promises great photography opportunities for flowers and nice for family gathering events too! There are many interesting flora and fauna on display at Sentosa Flowers – Enchanted Spring, let me take you through some of the highlights there, they are my favourite highlights of Sentosa Flowers 2012 !!

The Pink Floral Zodiac Dragon 

Located at the Merlion Plaza, you can’t miss this beautiful, cute, giant Pink Floral Zodiac Dragon, located in front of the Merlion, this is going to be a huge attraction for visitors, local and international, wanting to get a photograph of it!


This is definitely going to be another “hot” location at Sentosa Flowers, visitors would be queuing up to take a photograph of this exotic Dragon sculpture! You would be able to hold a big brush and “touch” the eye of the Dragon, when your brush gives it a touch, it would “come alive”.

Dance of the Dragon 

Located at Imbiah Lookout, you can’t miss this great piece of artwork/sand sculpture, a Dragon sand sculpture, surrounded by beautiful colourful flowers, dancing around them, ushering in the Year of the Dragon, bringing prosperity and good fortune to all!


My personal favourite at Sentosa Flowers 2012 !!! You must go there and find those cute dinosaurs!!! They are located at Dinoland, on the route up from Merlion Plaza to Imbiah Lookout!!!

There are more highlights too at Sentosa Flowers 2012, do check out the information here! Flowers galore too at Sentosa Flowers and do spot them along your tour of Sentosa Flowers Festival 2012!! There is a fun photography competition – Magic Moments, during Sentosa Flowers too, do check them out here!

For more information, check out Sentosa Flowers website for more details and information! Grab you cameras, visit Sentosa Flowers 2012 and have fun! Check out more photos here from my Flickr collection!

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Chingay 2012 – Preview

Chingay 2012, a multi-cultural, spectacular, colourful and exciting parade of performers and floats, dazzling in front of your eyes. This year, Chingay 2012 will give all the spectators a very memorable experience with their extensive line up of performances, that is accompanied by lots of water splashing, along a waterway! On 14th Jan 2012, I was invited by Marina Bay Division of Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), to the Media Preview of Chingay 2012. I had a great time photographing and documenting my wonderful experiences at the Chingay 2012 full dress rehearsal.

Looking into a brief history of Chingay, it’s all about celebrating multi-cultural diversity and neighbourhood celebrations, dating back to 1973. Over the years, Chingay has progressed and transformed from a community heartlanders celebration and performances, into an international spectacle attracting both locals and international visitors and performers to Chingay in Singapore. Chingay Parade today is a very grand street and floats parade in Asia, showcasing our rich and vibrant multi-cultural society of Singapore, as well as embracing exciting cultures and colours from all over the world.

Chingay 2012 promises to be a splashing spectacular with the theme of “Love, Care and Kindness Everywhere”, it will take you through a very colourful and dazzling performances, encompassing love, harmony, friendship, community diversity and spirit. On the night of Friday, 3 Feb 2012 – Parade Day 1 at 8.30pm or Saturday, 4 Feb 2012 – Parade Day 2 at 8.30pm, coming to you live at the F1 Pit Building (Next to Singapore Flyer), Chingay 2012 will light up the 2 nights!

Here’s some of the Chingay 2012 Highlights 

– Dragon Dramatics

– Beautiful Cultures

– Dreams Realised – Love Our Children

– Engaging as One – Love Our Community

– Triumph Over Challenge – The Grand Finale

Chingay 2012 will be a spectacular performance, with lots of water splashing! The ticketing information is available here on their website. Do purchase your tickets and watch the Chingay 2012 performance live, you can’t beat the feeling of being there in the midst of the performances and celebrations!

Here’s some of the photographs of Chingay 2012 Media Preview – Look forward to seeing you at Chingay 2012 !

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New Year Eve Countdown Fireworks @ Marina Bay

The Marina Bay area in Singapore, was packed with lots of people, enjoying the festivities and celebrations around it, preparing to welcome and usher in the Year 2012 with a big bang of celebrations and fun at the Marina Bay, with the New Year Eve Countdown Fireworks being the highlight of the celebrations.

I dropped by the evening to have a feel of the atmosphere around the Marina Bay, walking from the Esplanade around 6pm, it was already starting to get packed with people with their cameras and picnic setup. The weather was great, beautiful clear blue sky and lovely sun, I waited patiently for the last sunset of 2011 and I wasn’t disappointed at all!

After capturing the last sunset of 2011, I waited for a while to capture the wishing spheres floating on Marina Bay to be lighted up, before going for my dinner and rest, waiting for reporting time at Singapore Flyer to capture the New Year Eve Countdown Fireworks! This was a special arrangement by Marina Bay Singapore division under Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and Singapore Flyer, who kindly made this very special arrangement for some of us photographers to capture the New Year Eve Countdown Fireworks from inside their capsule, a big Thank You to the organisations for giving us this wonderful opportunity! Do check out Marina Bay Singapore and Singapore Flyer for more information and exciting events!

Photo taken from Singapore Flyer
Thanks you Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Division of URA for this special arrangement.

Shooting fireworks from a rotating moving Singapore Flyer is very challenging and it was an awesome experience capturing the fireworks! The views of the New Year Eve Countdown Fireworks were simply awesome and breath-taking, gorgeous views of the Marina Bay and city skyline, accompanied by the beautiful fireworks lighting up the Marina Bay skyline!

Photo taken from Singapore Flyer
Thanks you Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Division of URA for this special arrangement.

Thank you Marina Bay Singapore and Singapore Flyer for this wonderful and exciting opportunity! I would also like to thank all my family, friends, supporters and readers for all your following and support! Good luck and all the best for 2012 !

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