Special Visit to Dreams & Reality

Dreams and Reality : A wonderful and amazing exhibition of world class masterpieces comprising paintings, drawings and photography from Musée d’Orsay, Paris. This exhibition is now in Singapore from 26th October 2011 to 5th February 2012, at National Museum of Singapore, Exhibition Galleries 1 and 2.

A special private visit was arranged by Belinda Tan, who kindly planned and coordinated with Shaun from National Heritage Board, along with National Museum of Singapore as kind hosts for the tickets and guides. A group of friends from the social media/photography/blogging community with an avid interest in arts, culture and heritage met on 20th November 2011 at National Museum of Singapore, whereby our volunteer guide, Elaine Tan, led and guided us around this wonderful exhibition.

The masterpieces of paintings, drawings and photographs are from Musée d’Orsay, a world renowned art gallery, with masterpieces from 1848 to 1912, how man reacted and changed towards the turn of the century, the changing social and industrial landscape of Paris, all shown in the artists visual response towards them, displayed inside their paintings, drawings and photographs. In each individual artist, brought about each different individual aspect, visual and style of the arts scene.

Our lovely and friendly volunteer guide, Elaine, was awesome to share many of her knowledge and experiences with the different art works on display, from their influences, styles and history behind each of the masterpieces that she brought us around to view at. Some of the world class artists whose masterpieces are on display at the National Museum of Singapore include Vincent van Gogh, Édouard Manet and Paul Cézanne.

Visiting a special art works exhibition with a volunteer guide, makes the tour very interesting and informative. This allow us to learn more about the artists, their visual and with Elaine’s sharing, the participants (us) are able to view and appreciate the masterpieces better. This is an excellent exhibition to learn more about the arts, culture, heritage and history of France, definitely a must visit for arts lovers. For more information, please drop by National Museum of Singapore link for more information!

Here’s some key information for the arts lover visiting the Dreams and Reality exhibition !

Date : 26th October 2011 to 5th February 2012

Venue : National Museum of Singapore, Exhibition Galleries 1 and 2

Price : Tickets at $11 from SISTIC

Hope you all have a great time visiting Dreams and Reality ! More photos here on my Flickr!


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Gardens By The Bay – A Special Preview

From her journey since her independence in 1965, to the current status as a world cosmopolitan city living, Singapore prided herself as a Garden City, with many trees, flowers and grassland in the midst among the concrete jungle, especially along the roads and living community areas. Visitors to Singapore are amazed at the greenery within such a small land space along with her highly densely populated land usage.

In June 2012, Singapore will see an even bigger, better and more beautiful change to her greenery and garden space, Singapore’s paradigm shift is from “Garden City” to “City in a Garden”, a brand new holistic landmark to welcome the new “City in a Garden”, ladies and gentlemen, presenting Gardens By The Bay.

Along with the 20th World Orchid Conference held at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, visitors to the World Orchid Conference are able to visit the Gardens By the Bay for a special preview, behind Marina Bay Sands, at the former Marina South Park. Even at this junction in time, Gardens By The Bay is not fully completed, visitors to the Gardens By The Bay – Bay South were not left disappointed and many were mesermised by aura, beauty, greenery and abundance of different trees and flowers from different parts of the world.

Visitors first impression walking over from Marina Bay Sands was the landscape beauty, walking along the DragonFly Bridge, visitors would see the DragonFly Lake before entering into the various Heritage Gardens comprising of

– The Malay Garden

– The Indian Garden

– The Chinese Garden

– The Colonial Garden

SuperTree Grove

Do you notice a few very special structure that stands out, it’s very unique and specially designed ? They are known as the SuperTree Grove, 25m to 50m high, they are your Gardens in the air, vertical gardens, showcasing tropical flowering climbers, epiphytes and ferns. Another awesome beauty is, when the night falls, they will come alive with very beautiful lightings and projected media.

The Conservatory Complex, 2 unique and beautiful architectural icons – Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, the Flower Dome was opened for visitors to enter and they were treated to a magnificent beauty of different Gardens within the Flower Dome Garden. The Flower Dome replicates the cool-dry climate of Mediterranean and semi-arid subtropical regions like South Africa and Europe countries such as Spain and Italy. The Flower Dome is a VERY AMAZING icon, over 3,332 glass panels of different shapes and sizes made this so beautiful, unique and special!! With the following Gardens inside the Flower Dome

– Californian Garden

– Olive Grove

– Flower Field

– The Baobabs

– Succulent Garden

– Mediterranean Garden

– South American Garden

– Australian Garden

-South African Garden

This is just like many different beautiful oasis of plants, trees, flowers and natural beauty within a giant oasis! When the Gardens By The Bay is officially opened in June 2012, it will only get more beautiful and definitely an iconic Garden Landscape in the region and around the world too! Stay tuned of Gardens By The Bay development with updates from the Gardens By The Bay website, National Parks Singapore and Marina Bay Singapore Facebook. Do check out my special preview photos on Flickr !

I am looking forward to June 2012, to warmly and officially welcome the grand opening of Gardens By The Bay !!!


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20th WOC World Orchid Show Singapore 2011

Orchid, Singapore’s National Flower, an iconic symbol for Singapore around the world. Hosting the Orchids Olympics here in Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, the 20th WOC World Orchid Show Singapore 2011 is hosted by Singapore from 13th November to 20th November 2011, organised by National Parks Board (NParks) and Orchid Society of Southeast Asia (OSSEA), with more than 75 stunning displays showcasing the world’s finest and most gorgeous orchids and hybrids, totaling over 50,000 orchids, of about 5,000 varieties, from 19 countries.

The 20th World Orchid Show Singapore 2011 reinforces our reputation as a Garden City, and Singapore is the only Asian City that has the rare privilege of hosting the World Orchid Conference for the 2nd time. This also shows us as a cosmopolitan city for conventions and exhibitions too. Entering the 20th World Orchid Conference at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, it’s so special, compared to the Singapore Garden Festivals held in 2006, 2008 and 2010, that I attended before.

It’s not about how big the size this Orchid Conference is being held here in Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, the total number of orchids and varieties will blow you away, especially for those who love orchids and photographers who love the awesome opportunities to capture about 5,000 varieties of the beautiful and gorgeous orchids on display! The crowds were huge, from young to old, locals and international tourists, all admiring the orchids on display, smelling the sweet fragrance and aroma of the orchids, taking many photographs.

The theme for 20th WOC 2011 is “Where New and Old World Orchids Meet”, this definitely lives up to its reputation, with the number of orchids and hybrids on display. A photographer who loves to capture flora and fauna, this is a dream come true! I was actively finding and photographing the orchids, trying to get each and every different types of orchids and hybrids on display at the 20th WOC, a very challenging personal photography journey for me at 20th WOC Singapore 2011. Besides the orchids and hybrids on display there is a market place for visitors to buy their orchids and related products, with about 80 vendors from our local Singapore market and 17 countries/regions.

The 20th WOC World Orchid Conference Singapore 2011 is on facebook, do drop by and check them out! My photos taken at the 20th WOC Orchid Conference Singapore 2011 is uploaded here on Flickr! As you enter and leave the 20th WOC Conference, there is a giant signboard that said “Have You Found Your Little Piece of Paradise?” Have you found it ?

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November 2011 Marina Bay Events

It’s now the month of November, coming to the year end December Christmas Festive season. Leading up to the December festive season, there are some ongoing and upcoming interesting and exciting activities and events that will be held at the Marina Bay region! Let me share with you some of the interesting highlights !

Source : Marina Bay Singapore

Elephant Parade

From 11th Nov 2011 to 12th Jan 2012, world’s largest open air art exhibition of decorated elephant statues that seeks to attract public awareness and support for Asian elephant conservation, some of them are located in the Marina Bay region, go out and spot them !

Balloon Wonderland

Date : 26th November 2011

Time : 7:30pm to 9:30pm

A balloon sculpting event, many big balloon sculptures would appear there, check out their facebook for more information !

Christmas ChariTrees @ Marina Bay

20 lovingly and uniquely designed Christmas Trees lighting up the Marina Bay, raising funds for 300,000 beneficiaries of Community Chest. Check them out while you are strolling along the Marina Bay, take photos, share it and spread the love!

Do check out Marina Bay Singapore Facebook Page for more information and updates, remember to LIKE the page and stay updated! For more information on the Marina Bay Events for the month of November 2011, check out the link here! Enjoy and have lots of fun at the Marina Bay Singapore!

Action from 64th SCC Rugby 7s

Rugby 7s at the Singapore Cricket Club (SCC), in its 64th year of play, a great sporting event in Singapore that has gained international recognition and following. Over 3 days of high octane, fast, furious, passionate and beautiful attacking rugby 7s action at the Padang, Singapore was treated to a great festival of rugby and sporting carnival.

Starting on a Friday, 4th November 2011, the pool action kick started till Saturday. It wasn’t just the big boys in action, the ladies teams were playing, along with the school boys, providing continuous sporting action on the grounds for the crowds to enjoy. Besides the sports, there’s the sideline carnival festivities of food and drinks.

Many teams from different parts of the world coming back to Singapore to play in the 64th SCC Rugby 7s, although one of the crowd favourites, the South Africa Vipers wasn’t able to join this year, some teams returned back to Singapore playing in the SCC Rugby 7s again, the Swedish Vikings with their awesome Viking Hats whenever they ran on to the pitch! The French connection consisting of French Development and NAPTHA Pyrenees7s, this was their maiden debut in the SCC 7s competition! These teams provided more flair and spectacle to the SCC 7s!

Shot over 2 days, Saturday and Sunday, great to watch and enjoy the rugby matches at the same time. Check out my sports photography of the 64th SCC Rugby 7s on my Flickr , SCC Rugby 7s 2011 – Day 2 and SCC Rugby 7s 2011 – Day 3. For more information into the history and heritage of the SCC Rugby 7s, do drop by their website and the information is available there!


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The Ablitt Cup Competition, fought between Daveta and Borneo Eagles, was a great game that lived up to the reputation of fast flowing attacking Rugby 7s, hard fought, passionate, fast paced, fierce and competitive. Daveta from Fiji came up tops and they are the 64th SCC Rugby 7s Ablitt Cup holders! Congratulations to them for a great fight, sporting spirit and passion! Let’s all look forward to the 65th year of SCC 7s in 2012 and will love to watch Daveta coming back to defend their crown!

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Candle Night at Marina Bay 2011

A night only in Singapore, that’s the Candle Night 2011 at Marina Bay, on the 5th November 2011 at the Merlion Park and One Fullerton area. Kindly invited by the Marina Bay Singapore, it was an honour to be part of this wonderful, beautiful and social responsibility event. There were events organised earlier to learn about lantern making using recycled materials and having a lantern walk thereafter, due to my earlier commitments at the SCC Rugby 7s at the Padang nearby, I was not able to join my other social media/blogging/twitter friends for the earlier activities. Nevertheless, I was very happy that I was able to appreciate the beauty, artwork and lightings of Candle Night 2011 at Marina Bay.

Researching more into Candle Night 2011 origins, Candle Night  is an environmental event that helps in finding one’s inner sense of time, organised by Lighting Detectives Singapore. The Lighting Detectives is founded by Kaoru Mende, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the study of lighting culture through practical methods, and surveying of urban light environments, do check out Candle Night at Marina Bay on Facebook (Source : Shomei Tanteidan website). They are very inspiring with their lightings, artwork, environmental awareness and it just makes me people pause in time to admire the lights and think about Mother Nature.

I walked up and down from Merlion Park along One Fullerton, amazed and mesmerised by the the various lighting designs and artwork. They were all like shining lights, beacons and lanterns, attracting us towards them, reminding us of being environmentally conscious. Slowly walking and enjoying myself, immersing with the lightings, this was a very beautiful lighting and meaningful environmental event.

Candle Night at Marina Bay lights it up in a very special manner and aura, striking a balance of modern cosmopolitan bay view skyline with a social cause to be more environmentally friendly and conscious. Mesmerised and inspired, as a photographer, a photojournalist, it’s all about lighting, Candle Night inspires me to be more curious and passionate about lighting! Maybe I should be a Lighting Detective too ? Let’s see ….. Do check out the beautiful photographs from Candle Night 2011 at Marina Bay !!



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The Singapore Wine Fiesta

The Singapore Wine Fiesta, in its 4th year, organised by The Straits Wine Company in partnership with DBS. An event for wine lovers to attend and savor the different grape varieties from all over the world, with more than 40 international wine labels showcasing their collection here during The Singapore Wine Fiesta.

I was invited by Marina Bay Singapore and Singapore Straits Wine Company Pte Ltd, to attend the Singapore Wine Fiesta on Saturday, 29th October 2011 at the Customs House Pavillon. Being a wine lover, appreciative of the different wine varieties and a chance to taste different wines from all over the world! The Customs House Pavillon location is great, facing the Marina Bay, beautiful sceneries of the Marina Bay, waterfront and modern cosmopolitan city.

This was also another social networking and catch up event, great to meet up with the other social media/blogging/tweeple folks again! I also invited Priscilla along to this wine fiesta too for the wine tasting session! There was a special wine tasting and presentation session organised for our group, an eye opener for me, considering I had learned about wine as part of my course subject contents before in my tertiary days. Before the special wine tasting session, we visited the various booths of different wine labels from around the world, there were just so many of them there and it’s hard to choose which wine to try!! It’s a very good situation to be in, a chance to see, taste and view many different wine labels!

It was great to meet with Mr Nicolas, who was there to host our group, letting us taste different vintages and varieties of wine from around the world, sharing tips and knowledge about the different wines he was going around with. While I was happily drinking and tasting, it was a good learning experience for me, that’s something new I learned about wine during the tasting session, it never occurred to me that wine producers would mix more than 2 grapes varieties to produce a wine, however, the French wine makers used more than that and their wine is really good !!

A great wine event! Love the atmosphere, crowds and many different wine labels there at Singapore Wine Fiesta, many thanks to Marina Bay Singapore and Singapore Straits Wine Company Pte Ltd for the invitation!!

64th SCC Rugby 7s is here from 4 – 7 Nov 2011 !

Welcoming back a great and exciting sporting spectacular to Singapore’s sporting calendar, the 64th edition of the Singapore Cricket Club (SCC) Rugby 7s ! The SCC 7s will be starting today, Friday 4th November 2011 at the Padang, with many great rugby 7s teams from all over the world coming to Singapore for this exciting and wonderful competition !

I was invited to the SCC International Rugby 7s press conference on 2nd November at the Padang, an opportunity to meet Captains from defending champions HSBC Penguins, French National team, Fiji team Daveta, listening to their views of the upcoming SCC 7s and autographing a rugby union ball and a SCC 7s 2011 jumper too! Quality, talented and exciting rugby 7s teams would be in Singapore and they would be providing great sporting action to all here and around the world too! It’s a great line up with high octane action on the fields !

The draw has been made and here is the draw for the Pools

Source : Singapore Cricket Club International Rugby 7s 

The Pools competition schedule for the 64th SCC 7s can be found here in pdf format. For more information, here are the links

– Official Website : Singapore Cricket Club International Rugby 7s

– Facebook : The SCC 7s


This is an exciting weekend ahead for sports fans! Here’s some photos on Flickr that I captured during the 60th SCC Rugby 7s  at the Padang! For more exciting and adrenaline sporting rugby 7s action, head down to the SCC 7s at the Padang from 4 to 6 November 2011 !