Beautiful Dining by the Marina Bay – Verve Pizza Bar

Located in the heart of the upcoming Marina Bay Financial Centre District, facing a panoramic view of the beautiful Marina Bay, nearby to event grounds for Marina Bay events, there is a gem for food lovers to enjoy awesome hospitality, cuisine and ambience at Verve Pizza Bar.

Before going into the food, let me introduce Verve Pizza Bar, their motto is “Simple Things Done Right” and it’s all about their passion, influenced by passionate people and doing their things very passionately. An alfresco dinning by the Marina Bay, their handmade Italian pizzas are very delicious and it is a MUST TRY! Service staff are very courteous and friendly, giving us a very warm and friends/family feeling when we were dining there with fellow bloggers/social media folks on a beautiful Saturday after our sailing around the Marina Bay on the Audi Ultra Maxi Yacht with the Singapore F1 GP 2011 going on nearby !

For their delicious food, here’s our menu that we (most of us) tasted (information {what we ordered} below kindly provided by Juliana Tan, Menu information kindly provided by Karen of Verve Pizza Bar)

– Verve’s Calamari with Garlic Creme

– Potato Wedges with Chilli Crab dip

– Selection of authentic Italian thin-crust pizza (Enzo Peking duck, Altobello Spicy Beef, Mancini BBQ Chicken, Capricciosa ham & artichokes – from $21-$26 per 12 ” pizza)

– Selection of gelato ($6 per scoop) – Forrest Berries Sorbet, Decadent Chocolate, Lime Sorbet, Chocolate Baileys, Hazelnut, Pistacchio & Green Almond, Vanilla Cognac, Cookies & Cream

**Cocktails: Appletinis (made with fresh granny smith apples!)

$18 each (Happy hour 5 -7pm EVERYDAY half price beers & cocktails + FREE PIZZA)

Their Calamari is very fresh and it’s very crunchy!! Great starter to share with your friends!!

For their gelato, it’s a dream to see so many gelato selections available and I had the opportunity to taste a few of them, I love the Chocolate Baileys and I would be planning to return for more gelato, might need to make a few trips!

Their pizzas are very special, they are of thin-crust, their dough is freshly produced everyday. Therefore, you can feel the freshness and fragrance of freshly hand made pizzas, living up to their motto of “Simple Things Done Right” with lots of passion, along with their warmth, heart and soul into making of their delicious pizzas, you can definitely feel it in them, absolutely gorgeous!

Do check out fellow bloggers/social media friends posts too !

Here’s the information for Verve Pizza Bar at Marina Bay

Sun till Thurs: 11am till 12 midnight

Fri, Sat & Eve PH: 11am till 2am

T: 6634 3220
11 Marina Boulevard

Ground floor, Marina Bay City Gallery
(next to open air Wilson carpark)
Singapore 018940
Website :
I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Marina Bay Singapore , Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)  and Juliana Tan for a wonderful dinner and the warmest hospitality. I would also like to thank Rob and Karen of Verve Pizza Bar, along with their wonderful and friendly staff for the great pizzas, friendly and warmest hospitality. When a eatery puts in their passion, heart and soul to prepare and cook their food for their guests, it shows a lot of character about them and this is what Verve Pizza Bar is all about.
I am planning to go back again to Verve Pizza Bar at Marina Bay, to enjoy and relax by the Marina Bay with great food and service, and I haven’t tried their hand made pasta yet and many more gelato too!

All hands on deck Audi Ultra Super Maxi Yacht!

When you were walking around the Marina Bay recently, did you spot a beautiful yacht sailing around the Marina Bay or the yacht moored at one of the Marina Bay jetty, near Marina Bay City Gallery and Marina Bay Sands ? This is something special, that would bring help promote sailing and its participation, along with the growth of water activities at Marina Bay, sailing would be a more common sight, leisure, recreational and sporting event among Singaporeans.

I was kindly invited by the Marina Bay Division of Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) for a day of social, leisure and recreational activities on 24th September 2011 and it was a dream coming true when I was able to board the beautiful and magnificent Audi Ultra Super Maxi Yacht for a short trip on the Marina Bay waters!! Alright, before I go further into my adventure story telling, here’s more information on the Audi Ultra Racing Team. Here’s the technical details of the yacht and it’s an awesome sight to be on this gorgeous yacht! Check out them on Audi Ultra Racing Team on Facebook too!

With a great crew to sail us around the Marina Bay, explaining to us the history, specifications, power and capabilities of this yacht. We were given a taste of her strengths and unique feature of the canting keel! Sailing around the Marina Bay is very fun and I am looking forward to the future when there are more water activities on the Marina Bay, giving this beautiful Bay area, an even greater leisure and recreational environment! Sailing around the Bay, taking photographs from the heart of the Marina Bay waters, this experience is priceless. The group of visitors on the yacht were also given a tour of the deck below the yacht, having a first hand glimpse of how yacht living is like, it’s an eye-opener!

Do check out fellow blogger’s write up on the sailing adventure together with me!

Jerome Lim

Leone Fabre

– Would update the links here once other fellow bloggers share about their adventures!

While it was only a short trip around the Marina Bay, it was absolutely great fun, I got myself behind the steering wheel and acted like the captain of the yacht! Returning back to shore, I was very happy to say that I was on board a modern, powerful, sporting competition yacht, the Audi Ultra Super Maxi Yacht!  This would not have been possible with the special arrangement by Juliana Tan of Marina Bay Division and the wonderful crew of the Audi Ultra Racing Team. Thank you all for this special sailing event! Check out my sailing adventures photos here!

The Audi Ultra Super Maxi Yacht is now on its way for more adventures & competitions! Wishing her crew all the best and good luck!! Hope to catch you all again at Marina Bay !!

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Singapore F1 GP 2011

In its 4th year running, Singapore F1 GP 2011 strives to improve itself each and every year, for the drivers and spectators, thus giving me an avid F1 fan to come back year after year since its arrival into Singapore in the year 2008. Although I got my F1 pass late, it was worth it and I had a great time at the Singapore F1 GP circuit, an amazing night race around the heart of Marina Bay, with my Saturday pass for the 3rd practice and Qualifying session.

With an exciting entertainment program line-up of international singers and performers, making Singapore F1 GP unique and special from the rest of the other F1 circuits around the world, bringing Singapore to a spotlight around the world. However, I was more interested in the F1 cars in high octane speed action, more than the performers. Therefore, I was walking around and soaking in the carnival atmosphere, watching the F1 cars zooming pass me and trying to identify each and every F1 car, capturing them down on my Canon 1Dmk3 with my 70-200mm f4 L USM lens. The sports photography of Formula One is very demanding, on the equipment, to be of the high end level, along with experiences, skills and tips.

Do check out my Singapore F1 GP collection and recap the memories !




Starting off at Turn 13, at the Fullerton and Esplanade Bridge area, it was my favourite spot and it’s very crowded, having to squeeze in behind many rows of people and shooting the F1 cars with spectators heads in my photographs. After the practice session, I took a rest and enjoyed the cooling air-conditioning at the Esplanade before moving to Turn 8, near the Stamford Grandstand, another sweet spot for capturing F1 cars in action. Linked up with Renhao with his 300mm f2.8 lens and we were firing away during Qualifying Session.

While it was very challenging to capture the F1 cars in action, it gave me more experience than before and I would be planning to write my updated version of F1 Photography tips soon, looking forward into Singapore F1 GP 2012, I need to plan ahead, buy my 3 Days pass earlier and get the Premier Walkabout to capture F1 action from more angles, perspectives and locations in Singapore F1 GP ! There might be people out there who commented Singapore F1 GP is getting boring, personally, I think it will only get more exciting as we can see from 2010 and 2011, with more excitement on the rack circuit and more overtaking, with the F1 drivers getting more experiences on the Singapore F1 Marina Bay circuit!

Let’s all look forward to Singapore F1 GP 2012 !!



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Old Jurong Line Update 1 – Teban Gardens to Sunset Way

On a lovely Sunday morning 18th September 2011, a group of like minded supporters of We Support The Green Corridor, assembled in front of blk 41 Teban Gardens Road, geared up and ready to trek the Old Jurong Line from Teban Gardens to Sunset Way, organised by Eugene from We Support The Green Corridor, with guides Kum Seng, Kwok Peng & Chee Kien, leading this trek and there were lots of sharing on the bio-diversity, flora, fauna, history and heritage of the Old Jurong Line.

This was my 2nd trek along this particular stretch, check out my 1st trekking adventure here! As we started walking along the defunct track from Teban Gardens, there were no more railway tracks, with only the evidence of the small valley on the sides of the ridge lines, that indicates where the tracks were passing through previously. The community farming along those tracks still remain strong and healthy and I hope that this will stay for as long as it can!

After walking through the tunnel, the group did not bash through the thick vegetation, whereby the old railway tracks continued towards Sunset Way. We hiked along the expressway and walked towards Sungei Ulu Pandan Park Connector, reaching the old metal railway bridge across the river. Along the expressway, we can see construction going on in the vegetation and it’s disappointing to see beautiful wildland destroyed for commercialisation.

The old metal bridge was sealed up on both ends  and I sincerely hope that it will be open back to the public soon, just like before,, to its original beauty, aura and heritage. Continuing towards Faber Heights, more evidence of the old railway tracks being removed and only bits and pieces of the Old Jurong Line remains today, the rusty metal plates, hooks, bolts and nuts, along with their thick wooden blocks. This stretch of the Old Jurong Line is being transformed into something else, building a new access road for the Faber Heights estate (Faber Walk) to Commonwealth Avenue West, in anticipation of the increase in traffic demand arising from new developments around the areas nearby.

While we can still spot the old railway tracks hidden away in the lush greenery, we are blocked away by construction that is beginning to seal up the fate of the old railway tracks. Begun the loss of the Old Jurong Line Railway Tracks it has ! It’s just like a knife slicing through the heart and soul of the greenery, history and heritage.

Continuing our walk towards Clementi, whereby the beauty of the Old Railway tracks remained untouched in its original state, living hand in hand, in harmony with the community  farming, temples and green space. Due to the closure of the Sunset Way Railway Bridge, the group stopped their walk at the Clementi Avenue 4 and 6 woodlands area. Check out more photos here ! Do drop by my Green Corridor Collection on my Flickr!

We call can make a difference to the history and heritage of Singapore. Let’s all come together to share our stories and thoughts, contribute our ideas and inspirations, to make Singapore a better home for our future generations!


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Photography Exhibition : The LAST Train

This all begun with a Facebook wall post on We Support The Green Corridor, it’s about a photography exhibition, a theme that I can relate to very closely to my heart, something that my friends and myself were actively documenting as much as possible, photographing and sharing before the final days of the Grand Old Dame, our KTM railway.

This exhibition is known as The LAST Train, a KTM Tanjong Pagar Railway Photo Exhibition, documenting the days, people and action leading up towards the final countdown of the end of the KTM Railway services at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. Documented and curated by Zann Huizhen Huang, I was brought through her photojournalistic journey of the KTM Railway through her photographs displayed at her exhibition. When I visited the exhibition on the Saturday, 17th September in the afternoon, I was lucky to meet with Zann Huizhen Huang in person, (very well traveled and talented photojournalist, with a big heart for social cause) and I had a very interesting and engaging conversation with her, sharing our experiences and thoughts, on two topics closest to us photojournalists, the KTM railway and photojournalism, I shared her passion, photographs and thoughts on the KTM railway. Do drop by the facebook page on The LAST Train for more information. For more information on Zann’s Huizhen Huang portfolio and bio, check out her website!

There was a great coincidence that I found myself captured in one of her photograph, on the last day of the KTM railway operations on 30th June 2011,  here’s my post to refresh on the final day of the KTM railway operations at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station! I do strongly encourage you to visit The LAST Train photography exhibition and try to spot me in 1 of the photographs!

Here’s the details of The LAST Train Photography Exhibition

Venue: The Photographic Society of Singapore
Loke Wan Tho Gallery
Selegie Arts Centre
30 Selegie Road, Singapore 188351

Date: 16 Sept till 22 Sept 2011
Time: Mon – Fri 2pm to 9.30pm
Sat and Sun 12pm to 5.30pm

Admission is free.

Do drop by at The LAST Train Photography Exhibition and travel through the final days of the KTM Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, through the eyes of Zann Huizhen Huang!

SIN – A Singapore Instagram Exhibition

Instagram … I have long been wanting to share my stories and adventures using this wonderful application. It all probably started with the trend of using smartphone as our daily camera that we can carry around to snap daily photographs of our daily life and surroundings, with more users having a smartphone, along with improved camera phone technology, supported by many application developers designing many camera applications, smartphone photography or iPhonegraphy is the new phenomenon.

Imagine yourself with a polaroid camera, taking instant photographs and giving it away or sharing it with your friends and loved ones. This was how Instagram came about, read more about their story here! Capturing the magical moments/places/events and sharing it instantly with various social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr!

Being an avid (or hardcore) Instagram user, I love the various filters available and it’s a great way to go on a happy go lucky street photography shoot, making new friends from all over the world through my Instagram photographs and sharing. Instagram users have also form their own photography/social community in their respective cities and countries. A testimonial to Instagram, the growth, expansion and phenomenon, in Singapore, we are having SIN – A Singapore Instagram Exhibition, to celebrate Singapore, in its daily life, people, places and food. This exhibition will be held at National Library Singapore.

More details here –

SIN – A Singapore Instagram Exhibition

Venue : Level 8 – Promenade in National Library Building, 100 Victoria Street

Date : Saturday Sep 17, 2011 – Sunday Oct 30, 2011

Time : 05:00 PM – 09:00 PM
Do visit this interesting Instagram Exhibition if you have the opportunity, to view the works/views/perspectives of how Singapore is seen through the eyes of her people. Instagram is all about fun, taking photographs and sharing with your friends and loved ones. Look no further and welcome to the world of Instagram ! Check out my Instagram Photographs collection on Flickr!


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Mid Autumn Festival Celebrations with Walter @ Marina Bay

Mooncakes and beautiful lanterns, an integral part of Mid Autumn Festival, one of my favourite festivals and always something I look forward to, taking photos of the lanterns and lights, soaking in the festive mood, and enjoying the peaceful nights under the beautiful moon light. For this year 2011, with a busy schedule, I have yet to visit the Mid Autumn Festival Celebrations at Clarke Quay, Singapore River and Chinatown, I hope to visit these locations soon and share them with my readers.

There as a Mid Autumn Festival Celebration organised by Marina Bay Singapore and I was kindly invited to come down and join them in the fun and celebrations on Saturday, 10th September, held at the Marina Bay City Gallery, with a host of interesting and fun activities and events. I couldn’t be there for all the events due to my participation at Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore 2011. Therefore, I reached just in time for the the lanterns walkabout, although I would love to carry a lantern and become a kid again carrying the lantern, however, armed with my DSLR and taking photographs, I couldn’t carry the lantern to play with it, something that I would lik to do!

It was a short walk to Marina Bay Sands, for a rest and relaxing time to watch the Wonder Full – Light and Water Show on the water in front of Marina Bay Sands, check out  my photographs of the show here! After the show, we walked back to the Marina Bay City Gallery for mooncakes. While the rest of the participants were enjoying the mooncakes, I was busy checking out Walter the Colossal Rabbit ! I would to thank Marina Bay for the invitation and I had a great time there! For more photographs of the Mid Autumn Festival Celebrations, check them out here on Flickr!

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Today is the 15th Day of the 8th Lunar Month! 

Wishing all a Happy Mid Autumn Festival 2011 ! 


Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore 2011

A photography community event competition, based on 3 different themes and a short timeline to finish shooting and submitting, this is Canon PhotoMarathon, my 2nd time participating with my maiden Canon PhotoMarathon in 2008 ! The themes made this photography event very interesting, exciting and special, check out the Canon PhotoMarathon 2008 themes when I was participating in 2008 !

This year, I was with a group of photography friends, Sue, Amanda and met Andy for the first time, we were there as a group shooting the themes together for Canon PhotoMarathon 2011. Spotted many other friends too from the social media/blogging community and my juniors from Dragon Scout Group! It wasn’t just about shooting photographs, challenging our creativity and photography and going for the prizes, it’s also about enjoying the art of photography, making new friends, observing and learning from other photographers style, perspective and composition. During our PhotoMarathon, we had a number of tea and meal breaks, relaxing and taking photos at the same time!

What are the themes for Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore 2011 ?

Theme 1 : Eat

Theme 2 : Circle

Theme 3 : Imagine

Nothing short of challenging themes, sometimes a simple word is just as difficult and a “difficult” word is just as wide in your imagination to capture an image. My photograph submissions for the above themes were those few and reflecting on my Canon PhotoMarathon 2011, it’s another humbling and enriching experience for me, learning from different photographers perspective and composition.

It’s about the topic on creativity, in photography and in life too, something that I am lacking in and it might take a while to induce the creativity inside me or I am really not too much of a creative person. The photography works submitted had a number of eye opening and powerful photographs that showcase their unique creativity and interpretation of the themes. The Canon PhotoMarathon photography event is a great way for me to train and improve my creativity (in photography and life too) and it would be great that I based on abstract or special meaningful themes to photograph while I am outside on photography walkabout!

Check out the winners and their winning works at Canon Be Empowered facebook page! Do check out my other photographs from Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore 2011 too!

Come Celebrate Mid Autumn Festival with Walter (Colossal Bunny)

There is giant rabbit in town, staying in the heart of Marina Bay Singapore, his name is Walter and he would be there at the Marina Bay Gallery from 1st September to 31st September 2011 with lots of interesting and wonderful activities lined up for you ! Besides that, Walter is going to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival with us too and on  saturday, 10th September 2011, from 4:00pm to 9:00pm, a very exciting list of programs for all ages have been lined up! Check them out below!

What’s this Walter the Colossal Bunny all about ? Here’s the details (information courtesy of Marina Bay Singapore) Do check out their events listings for upcoming fun and exciting events around the Marina Bay !

Name of event:



Singapore’s favourite bunny WALTER is hopping to Marina Bay on his next adventure around the city! There will be lots of exciting activities during the month including a photo art exhibition describing his curious adventures, Rabbits 101 by the House Rabbit Society, exciting bunny story-telling sessions and a mobile library, free HP photo prints with WALTER, children’s art sessions at Marina Bay Link Mall and more! Visit for details.

WALTER is local artist Dawn Ng’s pet project involving guerrilla installations of a curious colossal bunny who pops up across Singapore’s standard landscape of flats and heartland enclaves. By using Walter to create and photograph scenarios packed with surprise and wonder, Dawn draws attention to commonly overlooked and over familiar spaces across our landscape, while dodging cops and people with no sense of humour. WALTER is a celebration of our ordinary by helping us look at this city as children again.


1 September 2011 – 30 September 2011


Program summary:

1st weekend(3 & 4 Sep): Talks by House Rabbit Society

2nd weekend (10 & 11 Sep): Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations – Taiji By the Bay, Balloon Sculptures, Chinese Calligraphy, Lantern Walkabout @ 7.30pm

3rd weekend (17 & 18 Sep): Story-Telling and Mobile Library by National Library Board + HP ePrints with WALTER the Curious Colossal Bunny + Rhythms by the Bay

4th weekend (24 & 25 Sep): Meet-the-artist on 24 Sep (3pm) + Story-Telling and Mobile Library by National Library Board

Full details:

Event Photos:

Art Competition Entries:

Junior Category:

Open Category:


Urban Redevelopment Authority


Marina Bay City Gallery

11 Marina Boulevard

Singapore 018940

Contact: 6592 5336 

Ticket prices: Free

Nearest MRT station: Marina Bay, Raffles Place (Exit J)

Looking forward to be a young kid again (that’s always a young kid in us no matter our age band!!), carrying a lantern and walking around the Marina Bay with the lanterns lighting up night! Look no further, this coming Saturday 10th September, come celebrate Mid Autumn Festival 2011 at Marina Bay Singapore with Walter the Colossal Rabbit !

Panasonic Asia – You Are Under Arrest Launch !

On the 3rd of September, I was “ordered to attend a court session” to face “my charges” for not being eco-friendly and responsible enough to the environment, at 1100 hours was our hearing …

Before I proceed further, I will like to assure all that I am not attending court, this was part of Panasonic Asia awareness program and campaign towards protecting and be friendly/concerned towards the society and environment. A group of bloggers were invited down to the You Are Under Arrest Launch, for an awareness campaign on being environmentally friendly and what we can do to save electricity, water, carbon dioxide emission and do our part to help save our precious Mother Earth. This new campaign by Panasonic Asia showcases that consumers should lead a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle and it can be done!

The You Are Under Arrest campaign is engaging and having more fans to their fans and supporters on the social media channels, do follow Panasonic Asia on Facebook , on Twitter and their Channel e website! Tell your friends, share and spread the noble cause, pay it forward, we all can do our part to save and protect our Mother Earth! You can also play “You Are Under Arrest” too, just follow the link here and “file charges” against your friends for not protecting the environment!

Overall, it was a great time to network with blogging and social media community friends, catch up and concurrently, to learn about how to lead a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle as shown by Panasonic Asia, from saving water to reducing electricity usage. Do check out some of the photos taken at the event! More photos on Facebook too!

These serve as a good reminder to us here and I will continue to spread the word, to be more environmentally friendly. Today, everyone of us here can take the first step to make a difference to the future of our home, Mother Earth!


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