1st Zeiss Singapore Bloggers Event

An event to learn, feel and test out the Zeiss lens, the very first Zeiss Singapore Bloggers Event, organised by Wei Li, brand manager, Camera Division, for Shriro Singapore, and supported by Camera Rental. I was invited to be part of this interesting and fun event on 25th August along with other photography friends and bloggers, it’s a photographers catch up too for us!

It was an informative session by Wei Li on Zeiss lens and  their capabilities, CAKE Images photography was there to share on their Zeiss experiences and showcase their photographs taken with their various Zeiss lens, through Kevin, Callan and Jingwen. Their sharing was great, useful and “very poisonous” too because you will be infected by the “Buy Buy Buy” virus easily from their sharing and photographs! Do check out their wonderful sharing and take a look at their photographs taken with Zeiss lens ! They have some photographs of the participants at the 1st Zeiss Singapore Bloggers Event too, check it out here!

After the sharing by the different parties, we were supposed to have a hands on session with the different Zeiss lens, however, I need to rush off for an appointment, thus there wasn’t any opportunity for me to test the various Zeiss lens! Nevertheless, I loaned my Canon 1DMK3 to Renhao who had a great time shooting and testing out the various Zeiss lens, do check out some of his photographs taken with the Zeiss lens on my Canon 1DMK3 !

Here’s another group photograph of the 1st Zeiss Singapore Bloggers Event (I am not inside though)


Voyage Night Festival 2011

The Singapore Night Festival 2011, a magnificent outdoor performing arts events and performances, is back again with a big bang, some awesome lineups from around the world. This year, it is known as the Voyage Night Festival 2011, with a very special theme – “an evocation of the spirit behind journeys of departures,arrivals,landings; of passages, pilgrimages, inter-marriages encountered in sound,movement and images.”  (Source: Voyage Festival 2011 website).


Reaching there at around 8pm with Renhao, we soaked around the Night Festival grounds, watching roving performance and a beautiful singing of Singer Oana Cătălina Chitu’s and Bucharest Tango, beautiful music that we can listen to, complemented by a pair of local Singapore tango dancers and a duet with a Chinese Orchestra instrument,

Recalling my Singapore Night Festival memories

In 2011, Singapore is graced by Theater Tolwith their artistic and remarkable display Corazon de Angeles in Paradise, the main draw card for the Voyage Night Festival, drawing huge crowds on Friday and Saturday nights. It’s about marriage between different cultures, a musical, dance, acrobatics, live and pyrotechnics performances, on the ground level, as well as hanging and spinning in the air too! The crowds were entertained to a magnificent display and their act was very well received. Theater Tol also showed photographs of old Singapore from its early settlement days, from her humble beginning since the 19th century, the history and social development of Singapore’s civic district. Close to the grand finale of pyrotechnics above the sky and the shower of confetti, feathers and golden flakes from the performers above, bringing the Voyage Festival 2011 to a momentous peak of musical joy and happiness.

This year’s 2011 Singapore Night Festival outdoor live arts musical performance, left beautiful memories with me and I am glad to capture them down with my thoughts and photographs, the past few years Singapore Night Festival were awesome too, helping to transform Singapore into a vibrant and lively country/city with its colourful arts environment. Do drop by my Flickr to take a look at some of the photographs of Voyage Night Festival 2011! Hope you all have a great Night Festival !!


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2 weeks with EPSON Stylus Photo TX720WD

During a short period of 2 weeks, I was given an opportunity to test and review the EPSON Stylus Photo TX720WD by XPR, it was a good experience for me as an avid photographer to test out a photo printer for home usage and admiring my works produced and printed out on EPSON glossy premium photo paper to share with my friends, supporters and business/social media partners.

Photographs courtesy of EPSON

Do check out my introduction and short technical specifications post here and the review post which I did recently after completing my 2 weeks review of the photo printer. Overall, it was a great experience and I am happy with my photography print outs and sharing around!

2nd SCC Twenty-20 International Club Cricket Tournament

The game and sports of cricket was something of a late entry learning sport/game for me, when I was a young kid, I was brought up watching football and basketball, playing vividly in both sports. When I went over to University of Queensland, Australia for my university studies from 1998 to 2002, I immersed myself into their local cultures and activities, one of the offspring was learning and enjoying the game of cricket, along with rugby union, rugby league and aussie rules.


Aussies are simply crazy about their sports and cricket is like a staple diet, a must have for them! Therefore, I slowly learned about the game, rules, lingo and terms, till date, I am still learning more about this sport. Recently, I was invited by the friendly folks of thePRelement, to attend the 2nd Singapore Cricket Club (SCC) Twenty-20 Cricket international tournament, that was played at the Padang, a venue of historical significance in Singapore’s history, heritage and sports.


Although I wasn’t able to watch all the matches, I was able to catch a game on Saturday afternoon and the finals on Sunday. The weather was great on both days, hot and sunny, with beautiful sunshine, great for watching cricket games! Since this was my maiden attempt in capturing cricket sports action, I was changing locations at every few overs to capture different perspectives, angles and composition of the cricket tournament. Given the size of the oval and my lens focal length (70-200mm f4 on a 1.3x crop body), it was a new learning and challenging experience for me! Some spots around the oval field works still alright for my lens, overall, a 300mm or 400mm telephoto lens would definitely be more ideal for capturing cricket action (and most of the other sports action too)

Action wise, Twenty-20 cricket is more fast paced action as compared to the 5 days Test Cricket and 50 overs format. There were good fielding, bowling and a few batsmen were powerful with their 4s and 6s. Being my maiden attempt at capturing cricket action, adding on to my sports photography portfolio, a very good learning experience and love watching live sports action so close to them! The tips & tricks for shooting cricket especially the bowlers in action needs to be more researched and experimented more in the future! For more SCC Twenty-20 International Club Cricket Tournament photos, check them out here on my Flickr!


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Baybeats 2011

The night of live outdoor rock and roll music performances held annually at the Esplanade was back with a big bang, happened on 19th August to 21st August 2011, with a larger list of bands line up from different parts of the region, a time for rock fans to savor and enjoy the rock festival carnival.


While I wasn’t able to attend all 3 nights in a row, I was there on Saturday, 20th August, catching a few awesome performances from the local bands and the overseas bands as well. Growing up in an era of rock and roll music, missing my good old days as a teenager when rock and roll music was popular before the boy and girl pop bands took over the scene.


I caught the following bands there, from Turbo Goth from Philippines, Cheating Sons from Singapore, Moscow Olympics from Philippines and Buddhiston from Japan. They were great live rock band performers and the crowds loved them! They were electrifying, rocking and bringing joy to their rock fans and supporters on the grounds.

 Buddhiston rocked me out with their performances and singing, hearing that they are back in Singapore for the 4th time in 7 years speaks great volume about them, their support and love for Singapore! When they finished their regular time rock performance, the fans on the grounds were screaming for them to come out again for a grand finale encore and they obliged with a rousing grand finale performance for the fans out there!

A night of live rock music performances, it was great and I am looking forward to BayBeats 2012! Bring it on! Rock & Roll! Meanwhile hope you all enjoy some of the photos taken here!

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NDP 2011 – From LeVeL33

9th August 2011, Singapore’s 46th Birthday, a day of National Celebrations, our National Day Parade (NDP) 2011, happening across the Marina Bay region, with the main parade and performance held at the Marina Bay Floating Platform. Our NDP never fails to attract visitors to the Marina Bay area, with many festivities around different parts of the Bay area, watching the pre-parade performances and of course, getting a good spot for the beautiful and magnificent fireworks! The fireworks is always a major attraction for everybody, they all love the NDP fireworks at the Marina Bay!

Shooting Fireworks at Marina Bay for the past since 2007, I always have been an avid Fireworks lover, influenced by playing many   firecrackers when I was a young kid overseas during Chinese New Year Celebrations. Do check out my collection of fireworks! This year’s NDP 2011, is very special and significant for me because I was given the opportunity by LeVel33, a craft-brewery, restaurant and lounge, with such a magnificent bird’s eye view of the Marina Bay and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) who facilitated this special invitation and arrangement for me to go up with Mr Chin, another avid photographer to capture the fireworks.

I reached there at 5pm and was immediately mesmerised by the beauty, design and ambience of LeVeL33, gorgeous and classy, when I stepped out to the terrace, I was totally blown away by the beautiful scenery of Marina Bay from the 33rd floor, with an opportunity to dine, wine, relax and chill with your friends with such a magnificent landscape beauty. Yes, this is Marina Bay, located in the heart of Singapore’s CBD.

From the terrace of LeVeL33, I was able to watch the pre-parade performances from the Red Lions parachuting down from the sky landing on the Marina Bay Floating Platform, the Sea Hawk and Chinook flying below us into the Marina Bay, the National Flag Fly-Past right across our eyes and the F15 fighter jets doing the Presidential Salute, flying right above us LeVeL33. It’s really a bird’s eye view of the action and many customers at LeVeL33 are drawn to the terrace to watch the NDP 2011 action too! During my time there, I had made new friends the table beside me, had a great time sharing about my photography experiences, letting them try and hold my DSLR equipment setup and they had a nice time holding and posing with it!

While waiting for the fireworks to start at about 805pm, the changing sceneries from the evening sunset into the night from LeVeL33 is so beautiful, beyond words actually. Marina Bay Singapore definitely stands out in the world with an all rounded fun and action living and excitement. When the fireworks, started I was so happy to be able to capture it from such a bird’e eye view location!

Happy 46th Birthday Singapore!

Many Many special THANKS to LeVeL33 and URA for this special arrangement and invitation! Last but not least, enjoy the photographs on my Flickr taken from LeVeL33, you must visit them to enjoy the food, ambience and the gorgeous view of Marina Bay Singapore!


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A Goodbye (Thank You) Walk to the Railway Tracks

On the 31st July 2011, we were all gathered here on that very day morning, at Bukit Timah Railway Station, for a final Goodbye to our KTM Railway Tracks, organised and initiated by the group, We Support The Green Corridor, it was a walk to remember the last bits and pieces of our history and heritage.


This was also an opportunity by We Support The Green Corridor group, to thank their supporters who were part of their movement and to continue engaging the supporters for the future of the Green Corridor. As most of the railway tracks were closed to the public after the official handover from the Malaysian Government to the Singapore Government, this was the final stretch of railway tracks there were open to the public for walking. It dawned upon me that this would be the final chance to walk the railway tracks again in its original form, therefore, I joined in with the rest of the supporters there for the Goodbye Walk.


It was also an opportunity to finally meet Eugene, the owner of We Support The Green Corridor, we were conversing via emails on this common topic/interest of ours on submission of my posts, photographs of the Green Corridor and referral to joint project/submission with other organisations. Before the walk commenced, Eugene gave a short speech and was also interviewed by the news crew too! He appeared on the evening news that day!


This was also a good time to make new friends who were passionate and interested on the Railway Tracks and the Green Corridor belt. Had a good time chatting with Jerome, who was one of the pioneer guys writing and sharing excellent content and photographs of the Railway Tracks and the Green Corridor. I also met CY Leong, the guy who was behind the Green Corridor maps that can be downloaded here, he did a great job! That’s also Judith Tong from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, who interviewed me at the rest point, Ah Mei Cafe at Rail Mall, wonder if I would see my interview transcript somewhere 🙂


Along the trek from Bukit Timah Railway Station to Rail Mall, the signs of removal could be seen, nevertheless, we soaked in the atmosphere and enjoyed the greenery, company of friends and tranquility of the railway tracks. As for the changes and damages to the railway tracks and forestation behind, I would leave it in another post to share my views.

While there weren’t many wildlife that morning, we managed to spot the beautiful dragonflies, fishes in the stream and a few birds. Trekking slowly together behind with Judith, Jerome and Jerome’s daughter, we were informing each other to look out for photography opportunities along the Railway Tracks and the Green Corridor.

Since we were a bit slow, we were pretty much the last group of trekkers to reach the railway bridge at Rail Mall, joining up with the rest of the Goodbye Walk trekkers, for a rest and drink, chatting and sharing our Railway Tracks and Green Corridor stories and adventures. In our chat, we were hoping to trek the Old Jurong Line too someday in the future and I would probably be there to help bring them around for a trek! With that, it marks the end of the Goodbye Walk, in depth thoughts and views of some of the developments, discussions and my own personal thoughts on The Green Corridor can be found HERE on my personal blog. Meanwhile, you can check out more photos of the Thank You Walk here on Flickr!

As much as we are sad about the end of the Railway Tracks, let’s welcome The Green Corridor!

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Volunteering & Blogging @ TweetMeetSG 2011

Volunteering and helping out at non-profit organisations and charitites, I had done it for quite a number of years since my scouting days with Dragon Scout Group. Therefore, when I was invited by Claudia & Kris of Dice Studio and Infocomm Accessibility Centre (IAC) to be part of their TweetMeetSG event, helping out as a volunteer and social media enthusiast/blogger concurrently, I took it up without hesitation, glad to help out in whatever way possible, paying it forward to the community and helping people.

I was paired up with my great blogger friend, the legendary Keropokman, to visit a friend somewhere in Singapore, armed with a donated NetBook and Microsoft Software. We headed towards our friend’s home somewhere in Singapore on a Saturday morning, helping him to setup his NetBook, guiding him along to connect himself with/to the world of internet and social media, with Windows Live, Facebook and Skype. After a hearty breakfast in a neighbourhood hawker centre, Keropokman and myself were ready to move out for our volunteering expedition!

We were welcomed by our friendly and heartwarming friend, whom we slowly break the ice, interacted and chatted away. Keropokman and myself took turns to do the setup, guiding him through the various social media channels, what to do and how to move around them, points and tips to look out for. Our friend was happily taking the whole setup through and we did not rush him, taking it slowly and patiently, one small step at a time. During this sharing session, while one of us was helping and guiding our friend through the setup, the other teammate would be doing live social media updates via Instagram and Twitter, bringing live updates to the Nothing Less movement and broadcasting the TweetMeetSG movement, sharing with the social media community what this noble and wonderful event was all about.

Once the Facebook and Skype were setup, our friend tried conversing, interacting and chatting with friends from the social media community and our friendly folks from the IAC was there to chat with him too! Looking at his happy face, full of smile, happy to receive this small wonderful gift from IAC. We were very happy that we were able to make a difference to his life, helping him breach the gap between the social media/internet and himself, connecting him together and also his family, relatives and friends too!

What’s the TweetMeetSG all about? What’s Nothing Less all about? Check out my deep inner thoughts on NOTHING LESS to Help Them Reach Their Full Potential!