Growing Up with this Old Playground

Do you remember this song, “This used to be my playground (used to be), This used to be my childhood dream, This used to be the place I ran to …” by Madonna, this particular song perfectly syncs in tune with the Old Playground that I grew up with, playing and running on the playground with my friends, when we were young, free from stress and pressure.

Today, not many of these Old Playgrounds had survived the modern economic growth and expansion, it might be too old and ugly for some, even too dangerous for the young kids today to play in. Back during my time, it was a lot of fun for us as kids playing there. The Old Playground that is featured here, is the type that I played at regularly back in Clementi HDB Estate and it had been demolished, lost forever….

For this surviving Old Playground, located somewhere in Dakota Crescent, the bridge is now fixed and bolted tightly, in the olden days, it’s a swinging bridge and we loved to run across and back this swinging bridge. Those were the childhood memories, those were the days. As much as we know about and understand the need for growth and economic expansion in this fast paced ever changing environment, there would definitely be places, history and culture that would be inevitably be lost and/or destroyed along the way. There are still some surviving Old Playgrounds and Old Places in Singapore, let’s hope that they will be able to stand the test of time and history in Singapore.

Cherish these memories of Old Places and Old Playgrounds, looking forward to share more in my personal documentation and photojournalistic adventure of them!

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Boat Asia 2011 – Marina Bay

A world class harbour, situated in the cross-roads of the East and West and one of the world’s busiest ports (if not the world’s busiest) Singapore has always been closely associated with the shipping and sea-faring routes, services and business. With growing prosperity, wealth and economic growth over the years, there are more facilities and opportunities available for the leisure boats, crafts and marinas in Singapore recently over the past few years.

Boat Asia, was held to cater for this growing market, for the leisure users and business relating to/or inside this industry. Boat Asia was held at 2 locations, Marina Promontory and Keppel Bay Marina, I was kindly invited by Marina Bay Singapore to visit the Boat Asia on the weekends, thank you very much to Marina Bay Singapore for the invitation to Boat Asia!

Due to my time and schedule constraints, I was only able to visit 1 location at Marina Bay Promontory and I was able to capture part of the Bay Challenge too, watching from the sides of Marina Bay and One Fullerton stretch. While at the Marina Promontory, it’s interesting to see the various vendors, activities and services, providing information on sea-faring activities to marina clubs and of course, nice yachts of different sizes.

With the wonder development and expansion of Marina Bay, I am looking forward to future boating/sailing events at Marina Bay, I reckon it’s a matter of time before Marina Bay is bustling with more leisure and recreational activities when it has finished building up (that’s still Bay South – Gardens by the Bay) and Marina Bay Financial District sector, to make it an all-in-one location consisting of many business, leisure and recreation activities and lifestyle in the Marina Bay Hub!

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Singapore Biennale 2011 – The Merlion Hotel

The Marina Bay Singapore, an area that went through many transformations, changes, expansion and growth, along with Singapore’s prosperity and success. It’s not just a business hub now, new parks and leisure activities are coming up, the Marina Bay would be converted into a leisure lifestyle area with water and recreational activities, with the business and hospitality elements along with it.

For Singapore Biennale 2011, it was one of the 4 venues and this year, they made something very unique and exceptional to me and others, however, it has its critics too. There was this something special known as The Merlion Hotel! There were people asking, “Is there such a hotel?”, for the Singapore Biennale 2011, Singapore’s iconic landmark, The Merlion, was transformed by Japanese Artist, Tatzu Nishi, with his combination of art object and viewer experience, into a luxury hotel suite armed with a beautiful and panoramic view of the Marina Bay, from the Esplande Bridge to Esplanade, Marina Square, Helix Bridge, Marina Bay Sands and Marina Bay Financial District.

This experience of being so close to an iconic giant landmark (you are quite close to The Merlion head) and the feeling is, you are looking out, admiring the beauty of Marina Bay, along with The Merlion! For visitors who managed to book this special and unique suite for the night, I reckon they would have an awesome and very unique experience that would probably not be available again! On the last day of Singapore Biennale 2011, I was very lucky to squeeze into the last few batches of visitors (it was past their last entry time) to see, feel and touch The Merlion up close and personal!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to The Merlion Hotel!

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Singapore Biennale 2011 – SAM at 8Q

Singapore Biennale 2011 may have ended recently and I used the very last day to rush down visiting/touring the other venues of Singapore Biennale 2011, Singapore Arts Museum and SAM at 8Q, before the beautiful artworks would no longer be around. Similar to my Biennale experiences at Old Kallang Airport, I was just as impressed and mesmerised by the artists art works at Singapore Arts Museum and SAM at 8Q.

Some artists works were very tangible and abstract, while some others were imagery and media connectivity. Each displayed their own unique artistic views and displays, from their point of view, embracing their deep thoughts, ideas and emotions. With their own uniqueness, I greatly admired 2 local artists works, Tan Pin Pin and Koh Nguang How, they brought back part of my childhood and teenage memories of growing up, remembering the history and changes of Singapore during my period of growing up.

I shall rest my writing and let my photographs from the wonderful and talented artists of Singapore Biennale 2011 share their artistic adventures

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A Tale of 2 Dragons

In the quest and journey to seek, search, document and photograph 2 significant Old Places in Singapore, of history and heritage that is part of the growth of Singapore, something that is possibly tied to the hearts of Singaporeans.

This is the tale of 2 Dragons … it forms part of the upcoming Old Places and Old Playground Photography Walkabout route

Old Dragon Playground

Old  Dragon Fountain

Are you ready for the Two Dragons to rise up again ?