Hands On Experience with Canon 600D (Part 1)

Digital SLRs, a market that has grown significantly over the past 5 years, with prices, competition and costs of production getting lower, more manufacturers/brands coming into the market. There are a lot more people owning and using a Digital SLR nowadays and Digital SLRs are getting more features packed inside the body and easier for people to learn and use.

Canon has been a market leader in Digital SLRs and I was recently invited to the Canon Blogger Event, courtesy of Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide and Canon Singapore, whereby I was given a Classroom – Back to School, introduction to Canon latest range of products, from digital cameras, to Legria Camcorders and Digital SLRs. There’s also a new school known as Canon Imaging Academy !

Callan taking photo of the model with his iPhone !

With my experiences in Canon’s range of Digital SLRs, I had the opportunity to test out Canon 1100D and 600D and some new lens too! For this sharing today, I would be going into my short hands on experience with Canon 600D. For a start, the technical aspects and dedicated website for Canon 600D can be found here and they also have a microsite too! If you are a first timer into Digital SLRs, you can consider the Canon 600D, with its power-packed functions and advanced capabilities such as Full HD video recording and brand new Scene Intelligent Auto functions. These functions give users an opportunity to have a more in-depth and wonderful photography experience for both the beginners, hardcore users and even the professionals too!

Pretty and cute model !

The DIGIC 4 image processor, 18 megapixel CMOS sensor, is great and is able to deliver beautiful photographs with the additional assistance of the Basic+ settings of “Warm”, “Soft” and “Vivid”. The new Feature Guide is available for the beginners, helping them to understand and know more about how to use Canon 600D, functions, settings and terminology. The Vari-Angle Clear View LCD Monitor, useful and innovative, it can be folded out and swivelled; you will never know when and how useful it can be for you in taking photographs.

Glenn and Claudia

For the creative  photographer in you, the advanced creative filters are available for you, with 5 new filters allowing you to apply special effects – Soft Focus, Toy Camera Effect, Miniature, Grainy Black & White and a Fish-eye Effect to your photos, that you can make it even more creative to your wonderful photographs that you take! As I shared some photographs taken using the Canon 600D during Canon Blogger Event, looking forward to play with Canon 600D and share with all of you more of the wonderful functions and features of Canon 600D. Remember this …..

“Rule Out Your Competition”

OCBC Cycle 2011

A big cycling event and carnival in Singapore, OCBC Cycle 2011, into its 3 year since its birth in 2009, a time of cycling fun for the community, promoting healthy and active lifestyle, from the big turnout of cyclists for the 60km, 40km and 20km routes. The professional racers too were in the thick of action, with a night Criterium race on Saturday.

With my media pass, courtesy of Spectrum Worldwide and thePRelement, I was able to get close to the racing/cycling action, wearing a media vest and becoming a sports photojournalist. Overall, it was a great learning experience for my sports photography, learning the ropes on being part of media, interacting with fellow media, photographers and PR staff. Many thanks to Ben & Kelvin of thePRelement for their assistance and support during OCBC Cycle 2011.


On Saturday 5th March 2011, covering the different criterium races, giving me a chance to learn more about professional cycling competition, it is a great spectacle too! Cycling is not just your road cycling or off-road cycling events, that’s a lot more! Watching the professional riders, racing in the night, under the flood lights around the F1 Pit Stop Building and Singapore Flyer, it’s a mini F1 race. The kids races in the afternoon were of great fun and joy, capturing the various happy, carefree, cute and funny faces of the kids cycling. It’s awesome and wonderful that these kids learn and have fun with cycling as a sports and recreational activity.

On Sunday 6th March 2011, with the exception of the 60km route, the 40km, 20km and iFlyForHope races were community based, that emphasis on active healthy and sporting lifestyle and the overall turnout was awesome. The riders were split into different waves, avoiding “riders/cyclists bicycle jams” and that was a great idea by the organisers. The atmosphere and spirit was nice, with good vocal support from the sidelines.

A special mention to the iFly Singapore Cycle of Hope race, a fund raising ride organised along with National Cancer Centre, to spread the awareness on cancer patients, cancer treatment and their experiences they went through. This special race was graced, participated and supported by staff of National Cancer Centre, cancer survivors and supporters for the fund raising event. Among the supporters was Dr William Tan, a person who is a great role model despite his physical and medical condition. It’s great to see OCBC Cycle, a major sporting event in Singapore, supporting a noble social cause and their movement.

Looking forward to another great OCBC Cycling event in 2012 !

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Dragon Scout Group Investiture 2011

Returning back to my alumni mata, Gan Eng Seng School Dragon Scout Group, for its annual investiture ceremony, it had been a 1 year break for me since I was badly injured 1 year ago and wasn’t able to be back with them in 2010 and take their Group photograph.

Making a return was great, although I wasn’t taking the Group photograph this year, it still felt good to be among the Dragon Scout Group extended family, happily taking photographs, candid moments and scouting activities. Catching up with the boys and girls, young leaders, teachers-in-charge and fellow Old Boys of Dragon Chapter, it’s home coming, warmth and helping to keep the Scouting fire and spirit, glowing bright and strong, passing it on to the younger generation, and to pass it further on to future generations.


Sharing experiences and knowledge, Pay-It-Forward, giving back to Dragon Scout Group, helping and mentoring, may all these wisdom and sharing be continued and carry on beyond the current Dragon Scout Group family, to the future generations of Dragon Scout Group family.

Onward Dragon Scout Group !

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