Remember the Old Playground ?

Do you remember the times … when you were young? The surroundings, your neighbourhood, friends, schools and your playgrounds? How many years ago was that? 10 years? 20 years? 30 years? Fast forward till today, in this modern cosmopolitan society of Singapore, how much has changed? Are the Old Places that you affectionately associate and grew up with/and inside, is it still there or is it gone forever? Deeply and emotionally inspired by Royston’s Old Places, I began to research more on Old Places in Singapore.

Take a look at the photograph above, do you remember this Old Playground? Are you able to recall your childhood days? Or do you belong to an older generation or younger generation? This Old Playground brought back memories of my childhood days, just one of the playgrounds that I played during my primary school days. This Old Playground is located at Dover Close Estate and this particular area of public housing blocks along with this Old Playground is vacated and soon it will be  gone forever (when it will occur, I don’t have an answer to that)

Why did I take up a great interest in Old Places? It was simply taking a step back to slow down in this hectic cosmopolitan city life that I began to see and realised that many places could be gone or already gone forever into our history books. Not only am I just documenting and taking photographs of Old Places, sharing and passing it on to the future generations, it’s for me to get back to my childhood days when it wasn’t so hectic, busy and pressurising.

Hoping to lead and share with my friends on documenting Old Places, and maybe we can all come together to save some of the Old Places of Singapore and not just send all of them into history books. Photographing, documenting and sharing Old Places Singapore, shall be my ongoing project … Check out my Old Places – Singapore photographs collection.

New Guest Post : Top 10 Things to See & Do in Singapore

A New Guest Post, kindly invited by Patrica Vance, to be featured on her awesome travel site, GotSaga. For this Guest Post, it’s something that is close to me, writing from the local’s insider’s perspective on tourism and travel in my homeland, Singapore –

Top 10 Things to See & Do in Singapore

It’s very refreshing and challenging, wanting to write and share something different, unique and interesting for travel in Singapore, not just for tourists, also for the locals too. Hope you all enjoy reading this Guest Post article and hopes it is able to show Singapore, no doubt a small country, does have its beautiful charms tucked away somewhere for us to explore and enjoy!

Last but not least, a big thank you to Patrica once again for this invitation and opportunity !

(Abandoned) Railway Track Photo Walkabout

The KTM Malaysian Railway Lines in Singapore, goes back quite a long way in history in time and it’s an important and integral part of the history of Singapore and Malaysia. In the early days, there were railway lines from the western part of Singapore, from the industrial estate in Jurong to the main railway line along Bukit Timah to Tanjong Pagar. However, as time and economics changed, the railway was no longer in use for a period of time, while the railway line from Tanjong Pagar up to Malaysia is still in operation.

View KTM Malayan Railway Lines in Singapore in a larger map

With the recent changes to the future of the railway tracks and Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, agreements between the governments of Singapore and Malaysia is leading towards a new era for the railway lines in Singapore, what will happen to them? Will they survive the thirst of land scarce Singapore? Can the railway lines, there are or going to be no longer in use, be turned into Green Corridors?

Armed with the strong interest inside me, I read, followed and researched on various other blogs, photographs and details on a segment of the railway lines in Singapore. Thereafter, I decided to do the Teban Gardens to Sunset Way (Abandoned) Railway Track Photo Walkabout with Sue and Amanda. Using the KTM Malaysian Railway Line Track (on Google Maps) as a reference, we started at Block 9, Teban Garden Road, recognising the landmarks from friends photographs, we hiked under the bridge, into a tunnel and came out on the diagonal side of Ayer Rajah Expressway and Jurong Town Hall Road.

There were strong evidence of the abandoned railway track (coming out from the tunnel) and onto a small ridge line, the next stretch was pretty challenging with tall grass, thick bushes and streams. Observing from our route of advance, it was like 2 mini valleys and the valley on the left side was a stream, while the right side was still quite alright for hiking/bashing through, this route is not easy and can be quite tiring, on top of being careful on where you are hiking/bashing through. During this stretch, there weren’t any more evidence of the railway track until the side of Sungei Ulu Pandan, whereby we spotted the first railway track bridge and it’s closed by the authorities currently.

We had quite a bit of rest there, on the park connector side of Sungei Ulu Pandan, to dry our socks and shoes, before taking photographs of the railway bridge, crossing over along the expressway bridge to Faber Heights estate. At this area, we were able to find more distinct features of the former railway track lines, the railway track beams, bolts, wooden blocks and granite rocks. We had quite a good time with photography of historical railway tracks here, took a rest too before I made a decision to amend my route of advance.

Due to changing weather (potentially rain coming), I decided against walking through Faber Heights and decided to “cut through” Faber Heights private housing area, managed to get a drinks refill break at a provision store, moving out to Jalan Lempeng and walking across the road to Clementi Avenue 6 housing blocks. I am very familiar with this part of the area since my former primary school (Clementi North Primary School) is just around the corner and I was able to lead and “take shortcut” towards the Sunset Way side.

Reaching Clementi Avenue 4 housing blocks, being a local neighbourhood boy, I found my dirt track entry point and from this stretch onwards, it’s one of the better preserved railway track lines. Along this stretch, I was very happy, kind of getting back to my primary school days, of fun, play and no pressures. Small farms, temple, beautiful greenery before reaching the pinnacle of this photography walkabout, the Sunset Way Railway Bridge. Check out my flickr for the photos !

Looking back at this abandoned railway track lines, will it stand the test of Singapore’s history and future developments ?

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Crane Dance at Resorts World Sentosa

Crane, a bird of elegance and beauty, known for their gracefulness and dancing in the wild, a pair of love (crane) birds crane dancing is  good showcase of their expression of love and affection for each other.

Imagine the cranes today, in the form of mechanical birds instead of those actual cranes, performing the magical love story in the night. This is the story of the Crane Dance at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), a ten minutes ground breaking performance of light, water, mechanical and music effects, bringing Crance Dance to the visitors of Sentosa and RWS. For more information on the Crane Dance at RWS, check them out here !

Let my photographs bring you through the magical performance of the crane dance …….. Sit back & enjoy !

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Flowers Galore at Sentosa Flowers 2011 !

A beautiful sea of many different flowers, of different colours and varieties, spread around and displayed for the visitors to admire, it was flowers galore at the Sentosa Flowers 2011, known as Spring Wonderland. The flowers festival event held at Sentosa was back again and it was great to visit the flowers festival, with many opportunities for flowers/macro photography.

The Sentosa Flowers 2011 was a big hit with the locals and tourists, especially with the extra long Chinese Lunar New Year holiday weekend, stretching from Thursday to Sunday, thus many visitors to Sentosa during that long holiday period, for the fun, relaxation and to visit the Sentosa Flowers too!

I chose to visit the Sentosa Flowers on the 2nd last day, 12th February, the flowers were well maintained, blooming beautifully and surviving our harsh hot humid tropical climate. Starting from the Sentosa Boardwalk, the flowers were already in bloom, welcoming the visitors who were walking over to Sentosa. Once inside Sentosa, it was quite packed, nevertheless, still have room for flowers photography and it was a shutter happy time!

Many interesting flower landscapes, with the rabbit year theme, along with the other animal zodiac signs of the Chinese calendar at Resorts World Sentosa. Walking along, enjoying the fun, relaxation and taking photographs of the different flowers. Had a fun time there taking photographs, the different themes were great and I felt they were pretty well planned and structured with the Year of Rabbit theme and getting the visitors through with their proposed walking route to view and enjoy the flowers.

Hope you all enjoy the flowers and the Chinese Lunar New Year Celebrations ! Happy Year of the Rabbit !

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Welcome Year of Rabbit @ River Hongbao 2011 !

It’s the time of the year when the handover starts, Goodbye Tiger , Welcome Rabbit ! Ushering in the Year of the Rabbit 2011, with the festivities and events running in Singapore, locals and tourists alike have a taste of the Chinese Lunar New Year spirit here in Singapore, an important festival for the Chinese community.

There were those who were busy shopping in the Chinatown district, for Chinese Lunar New Year goodies to welcome their relatives and friends who would be visiting them during Chinese New Year. At the Marina Bay Floating Platform, in the heart of Marina Bay, an annual event that I regularly attend, it’s River Hongbao 2011 ! This year, it’s different for me because I am a tour guide ! I hosted my uncle and dad’s employees, they hail from China and they were not going back to their hometown for Chinese New Year Celebrations, therefore, it would be good to bring them around during Chinese New Year period to let them have a look at the festive celebrations.

Rain coming and going, did dampen a bit of the spirits, having to find shelter and unable to walk around the Marina Bay Floating Platform. My friends went to purchase their hometown food from the food stalls there and they were able to introduce which are the nicer and tastier China cuisine and dishes. The rain finally stopped, just in time for the fireworks to be launched at 12midnight, welcoming to usher in the Year of the Rabbit. The fireworks were beautiful and it was great to enjoy capturing fireworks again ! Joining up with my friends from China, went down to the Floating Platform and continued taking photographs of the displays and them posing for me with the different displays.

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Wishing all of you 恭喜发财 !万事如意 !财源滚滚