Sentosa Boardwalk is opened !

Sentosa, an island of fun off the Southern part of Singapore, a destination for both locals and tourists alike. It’s not just the beaches and rides,  that’s also the integrated Resort World Sentosa of theme park fun, eating and of course the casino.

Getting to Sentosa, is easy, you can use the bus, Sentosa Express, self-drive, cable car and finally, you can walk across to Sentosa ! Remembering my days when I was able to walk over to Sentosa, with massive construction going on, walking over was not allowed for quite a few years. However, with the official opening of Sentosa Boardwalk, I am finally able to walk over again ! Back to the good old days !

Sentosa Boardwalk was officially opened on the 29th January 2011, with big fanfare, events and activities. Although it was pouring, it didn’t dampen the festive spirit and festivities. I was surprised to watch some low level fireworks to mark the Sentosa Boardwalk Official Opening too !

I feel this new icon, Sentosa Boardwalk, fits in nicely, great place to relax by the sea, travel to Sentosa. The weather has been quite wet recently, I will be looking forward when I return with good weather for some landscape sunset photography of Sentosa and Vivo City and night landscape sceneries as well.

Oh yeah, looking forward to Sentosa Flowers from 3rd February to 13th February and walking over to Sentosa via the Boardwalk & adding more photographs to my Sentosa Boardwalk collection on Flickr !

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Revisiting Bukit Pasir & Muar

It’s been a while since I went back with my family to Bukit Pasir, a small village, near the town of Muar, in the state of Johor, Malayisa. That’s where my grandmother is staying and it is great to catch up with my grandmother, uncles, aunties and cousins. It was also my first time with my nephew and niece, nice to see and know them !

A nice small village, relaxing and away from the hustles of the city life, immersing myself with the greenery, flora and fauna. Spent time observing the various fruits, plants and vegetables from my uncle’s garden. All fresh and organic, big and juicy fruits ! My family visited Muar too, dropped by Tanjung area and had a great view of the Muar River.

Even though it was a short trip, nevertheless, a nice relaxing time away from Singapore, catching up with relatives. A short holiday is good too, for the mind and soul, to reconnect with people, relax, enjoy and have fun. Maybe it’s time to do my long overseas trip that I have been waiting for 🙂

First Guest Post !

Starting off in April 2006, it had never occurred to me how much my photo blog can grow and expand, beyond my imagination. Today, it was an great honour to be invited by my friend, @agentcikay ,friendly & awesome #Travel #food #adventure blogger, to be a guest writer for her wonderful and awesome blog, it’s a Must Read & Follow !

With the power of social media networking, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, just a few of the social media channels, it opens up many opportunities that goes beyond your imagination. The social exchanges online and offline, allows all of us to make more new friends who share our passion and interests, locally and internationally.

With her invitation to write and share on something that I am very passionate and interested in –

“What does it take, to be a good photojournalist?

Thank you all for the support and following, especially to Umei ! Hope you all enjoy reading my photojournalism article !

Remembering & Helping Queenslander

Queensland, the Sunshine State, as we affectionately know, a very beautiful place of rich natural beauty, wildlife, beach, islands and fun. When I was studying there at the University of Queensland from 1998 to 2002, it had been an awesome time studying there, touring and enjoying the local Aussie culture and customs. How is Queensland so close to my heart ? Visit my insider personal story here “Helping Queenslander

Looking through the beautiful photographs of Queensland below (except for 3 photographs from The Great Ocean Road, Victoria)

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How does Queensland looks like Before and After the Water Rose ? Check out the link here by and take a look at the impacts of the the floods. Appeal for donations have been ongoing and if you are able to donate to the Flood Relief Appeal Fund, do drop by the Queensland Government Website Flood Relief Appeal here for more details !

Let’s all put our efforts together and help the Queenslander !

Reflecting 2010 , Planning 2011

On this 10th January 2011, scheduled post at 1001 hrs local time. On this day, another year added to my age band 🙂

Reflecting 2010, is like taking a fish eye lens and looking 360 circular view, so many sectors to look at. In reflecting 2010 here, it’s about my photography, photoblogging and travel.

Reflecting 2010

It was a very challenging year 2010, at certain periods of time, it was dark and down right bottom, whereby everything in life was brought to a halt, basically, out of action and was in rehabilitation. Upon recovery, it took me a while to get back on my feet and moving forward again. That’s when when photoblogging took a hit too during this time, along with my photography too.

What are the key events/things in 2010 for my photography ?

– Getting to know more photography friends ~ Thank u for the new friendship in 2010 !

– More group photography outings/walkabouts e.g. Shooturtweeple

– Starting on my Must Try Food category , sharing my favourite local Singapore food and food that I tasted overseas.

– Organising more photography walkabouts

– Knowing more photography / travel friends worldwide via Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and Instagram

– Loss of photoblog traffic and rebuilding them

Planning 2011

Looking forward to the year 2011,

– Organising more photography walkabouts with the following themes

  • Old Places Singapore and Old Kopitiam
  • Hidden Gems of Singapore – Heartlands and surroundings

– Opening up and accept a few more disciples (maybe 2-3 more disciples)

– Aerial Photography Outings ~ Looking forward to kick off this segment !

– Getting Official Media & Official Photographer status for various organisations

– Improving my photoblog’s content, traffic, readership, followers and publicity locally and worldwide

– Conducting more photography sharing + walkabouts for

  • DSG
  • Own Photography disciples and kakis

– Improving my travel blogging / travel writing / travel photography segment with more traveling overseas to different locations

– Travel Destinations 2011  Wish List

  • Nara, Kyoto, Osaka
  • Bhutan
  • Bangkok
  • Bali
  • Siem Reap
  • Brisbane & Central Queensland

Last but not least, my Travel Bucket List

  • Bhutan
  • Nepal
  • Tibet
  • Amazon River
  • Machu Pichu
  • Yunnan
  • Antartica

Let’s Start 2011 with a big bang ! Onward 2011 !

Introducing Sony W Series MP3 Walkman NWZ-W252

A new and trendy MP3 Walkman, introducing the Sony W Series, NWZ-W252 !!

The story of the Sony W Series MP3 Walkman NWZ-W252 began when I was presented with an Thankgiving and Early Christmas Gift, my story can be found here !

Sharing with my readers more on the tech review of the Sony W Series MP3 Walkman NWZ-W252 and how this NWZ-W252 MP3 Walkman fits into your daily life, catch my review here !

This Sony W Series MP3 Walkman NWZ-W252 is kindly sponsored by Sony Singapore.

Old Airport Road Hawker Centre Food Outing

A place of great hawker food, popular and well known among Singaporeans, this is Old Airport Road Hawker Centre, one of my favourite Singapore hawker centre, serving different local Singapore food dishes. It’s been a while since I  went there for my meals and it was fun to have a food outing there with fellow bloggers, Nellie, Daphne, Sue, Amanda and Keropokman, some of them were meeting each other for the first time !

Met at Dakota MRT Station, took a short walk over to Old Airport Road Market, as I always affectionately call her ! Found a table to fit all of us and off we went, finding a dish each to order and share with all. There were a few famous local dishes at Old Airport Road Market, and one of them is the Lao Fu Zi Char Kway Teow, although there were more local dishes that I like a lot, I will keep it for Must Try Food Reviews in the future !

We had satay, BBQ chicken wings, char kway teow, oyster omelette, BBQ Stingray, LaLa and fish soup. For the 6 of us, it’s a quite an amount of food and at the end of the food outing, we were full from eating all these wonderful food. Chatting, eating and relaxing the evening away in the last week of December, it was great !

Old Airport Road Hawker Centre has lots of great local Singapore food, do visit there and check it out !

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Happy New Year ! Fireworks !

The Year 2011 has arrived with a bang ! Fireworks lighting up the Marina Bay skyline with beautiful and graceful fireworks display ! Thanks to Renhao, who was there early to get a good position at the Marina Bay Sands Events Plaza area. The crowds were quite packed with many people wanting to view the fireworks.

Since we were there early, we started  taking long exposure photographs of the Marina Bay with the floating wishing spheres illuminated by the different coloured spotlights from Esplanade. At 0000 hrs, the fireworks lighted up the skyline and we were happily snapping away, however, after approximately 3 minutes, the wind was blowing the smoke right into our direction and our view of the fireworks were slowly engulfed in smoke !! Moreover, they decided to bless us with lucky ashes from the fireworks too !!

Overall, we did manage to capture some nice and decent shots of the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown Fireworks 2011 and had fun capturing the fireworks ! Do you want to learn fireworks photography tips ? Look no further ! Read it here !

Check out my “super smoked out” fireworks too !

Wishing all my readers Happy New Year 2011 !!

Best wishes & best of luck for 2011 !!

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