University of Queensland Centenary Celebrations (Singapore)

100 and not out, this is the University of Queensland’s Centenary Celebrations, the year 2010. A year of celebrations to mark the achievements, awards and networks of her current students and past alumni graduates, back in Brisbane and in many parts of the world whereby University of Queensland (UQ)has an alumni presence.

The University of Queensland Alumni Association of Singapore (UQAAS) organised the Centenary Celebrations in Singapore, with a wonderful and fun night at the China Club, located in the heart of the Tanjong Pagar, Singapore’s Central Business District, overlooking the harbour and business offices. The ambience was great and the decorations were really beautiful, elegant and posh and the sceneries were simply beautiful. The master of ceremony was Saravanan, who hosted and opened the event, Dr Angelo Venardos, the President of UQAAS, giving a short speech and introducing the UQAAS Ex-Co members.

The buffet was really nice and had a nice spread of different dishes, everybody there enjoyed the food. Thereafter, they began to hang around, chatting and networking together. Graduates of different era coming together, of young and old, networking and sharing their UQ experiences in studies and living abroad. Wee Tong who went back to Brisbane in July 2010 for the UQ Centenary Celebrations, also shared his story too.

Led by Paul and Tammie of UQAAS Ex-Co, sharing The University of Queensland’s achievements and glories, stories of their University days, toasting to a beautiful centenary celebration, supported by the other UQAAS Ex-Co members Eric, Saravanan, Adam and Victor, who further toasted UQ 100 years with uniquely Singapore Yum Seng ! The crowds joined in too and it was really a night of fun and cheering !

There were also a great sharing by distinguished UQ alumnus Mr Loh Hoon Sun, his sharing was appreciated by those present there. The night had to come to a close, Eric, the Vice-President of UQAAS, thanked all for coming to attend the Centenary Celebrations. New friendships were made, networking between UQ Graduates of different generations, a night of fun, great food, atmosphere and ambience. This is a fitting tribute to UQ Centenary Celebrations !

Happy 100 years old to University of Queensland !

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Citi Mobile Event @ Charly’s T

A night of eating, networking and learning more about Citi Mobile, thanks to Claudia, Diana and Kris, the lovely folks of 24seven and Citibank Singapore. Held at Charly’s T with nice food and great crowds, good to see familiar faces again, chatting with them and enjoying ourselves. The friendly staff of Citibank were there to introduce and update us on the revamped Citi Mobile application.

Screenshot photographs courtesy of Citibank Singapore.

The interface is great, nicely revamped and easy to use. Take a look at their main page, different icons available, each providing great and ease of information for you to do your shopping, transaction and even research ! We tried it out during that night and it was pretty cool and user friendly ! Download the Citi Mobile App & have fun using it !

Food was great, with their roasted chicken and meats selection, their sandwich rolls were nice too and it was nice to try them out and take lots of photos ! In between food and chatting, there were games and lucky draw too ! I wasn’t any of the winners and would have to wait for my luck in lucky draws again next time !

Oh by the way, have you heard of the Bank Anywhere with Citi Mobile Contest ? Read it here and find out more about this exciting contest and prizes !

Do check out the wonderful photographs taken by Kris of 24seven !

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Must Try Food : House of Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice, a dish, that is sometimes an integral part of Singapore’s food culture and history, very popular and well liked by Singaporeans and tourists, therefore there are quite a number of chicken rice stalls in Singapore, spread all over the island. Therefore, how does the Chicken Rice stall stands out ?

First and foremost, let me introduce to this eatery known as House of Chicken Rice, popular among the white collar workers of Tanjong Pagar CBD area and among the locals too. They have the roasted chicken and steamed chicken varieties, both tasted very nice and delicious, especially the sauce that the cook/chef would pour on your chicken meat when they serve it to you. Therefore, they do have a steady queue of people eating their chicken rice and their chickens are usually sold out ! That’s how popular and nice the House of Chicken Rice is !

Their fried bean curd taste nice too and you can order them as an additional side dish to complement your chicken rice set, the spices of chili, sweet thick soya sauce, green ginger/garlic paste (if I analysed it correctly) along with their soup, it makes your chicken rice meal experience awesome and wanting to come back for more !

Do visit the House of Chicken Rice, the address is as follows :

Blk 8 Tanjong Pagar Plaza

#02- (would find the unit number & update again)

p/s: I like the steamed chicken rice set 🙂

Are You with me into Bank Anywhere with Citi Mobile Photo Contest ?

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Being a photographer myself, let me share with you some tips and ideas on how to take photos with any mobile phone showing the Citi Mobile Home Page.

Tips and Ideas
(1) Look around for interesting and creative logos, signboards, words, sentences.
(2) Let your creative juices flow in your heart, observe and seek the theme through your eyes
(3) Think out of the box and you never know what interesting and unique photographs you would be able to compose
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(7) Please remember to have the Citibank Singapore Mobile Login Page Screen included in your photograph submission when you shoot !
(8) Enjoy and have lots of fun using Citi Mobile!

I have submitted 3 photos to Citibank Singapore in Facebook, do check them out and remember to vote for me too! Drop me a note too and I would also vote for your photographs that you submit for the Bank Anywhere with Citi Mobile Photo Contest too!

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National Art Gallery Singapore Open House

2 historical buildings that formed a significant part of Singapore’s early history during her Colonial days under the British Empire and Singapore’s route towards her own independence. The former Supreme Court and City Hall (formerly known as Municipal Building) today stood the test of time and history, and today, these 2 Grand Old Ladies would be preserved and taken care of, as a Singapore’s heritage and history, transforming into National Art Gallery Singapore (working title) into a regional and international hub for visual arts.

The National Art Gallery Singapore Open House was held on  9th and 10th October and 16th and 17th October 2010. I visited the City Hall on the 9th October and the former Supreme Court on 16th October, it was nice for the public to gain access into such historical buildings of strong heritage, culture and history.

Former Supreme Court was the most interesting and intriguing for me, since I never been a court before and could only visualise in from the television dramas ! We were given permission to access some of the areas, Court Room 1, Supreme Court Balcony, Chief Justice’s Chambers and Rotunda Library, do check out their self-guided brochure here !

Stepping inside and touring the Former Supreme  Court, it was like entering the past, going back in time, a nostalgic feeling, intriguing too, with all the different court hearings that were held there. The preservation of this rich heritage would only serve the community better with stronger ties and history for the future generations.

Light Art Festival @ i Light Marina Bay

A beautiful festival of lights, showcased in the heart of Singapore’s Marina Bay district. This s Asia’s first sustainable light festival, known as i Light Marina Bay, the night scene of Marina Bay is lighted up with the use of energy-efficient lighting and creates awareness for energy-saving lighting technology for the urban environment.

With artists from all over the world, over 25 locations around the Marina Bay area, showcasing their artwork and designs. This festival makes it a fun time for all, locals and tourists alike, to enjoy the night landscape brighten by many different lights and designs, understanding the importance of sustainable energy and lighting.

Over this period from 15th October to 7th November 2010, open nightly from 7:30pm to 12mn, this festival promises to be a fun and enjoyable time for all to enjoy. With 25 locations, all around the Marina Bay district, it might be good to break down your i Light Marina Bay festival visit over a few nights because you would be able to enjoy the night sceneries of Marina Bay and you won’t need to rush all over the 25 locations.

Take a look at the map of the i Light Marina Bay Festival here, this is how I plan my exploration of the festival

1st night on 15th October 2010 – Locations 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10

2nd night on 16th October 2010 – Locations 1, 2, 3, 4, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24

3rd night – Date TBA – Locations 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

4th night – Date TBA – Location 25

Do bring your tripod along, it would really come in handy and useful especially taking long exposures of Singapore’s night scene!

As I slowly explore and enjoy i Light Marina Bay Festival with fellow photographers or on my own, I would be sharing more of my fun time with my photographer friends ! Do keep a look out of my photojournalistic adventures ! Hope you all enjoy the different beautiful photographs from i Light Marina Bay !

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Come Join Citi Mobile Photo Contest !

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Communications and information technology today, make the world a more inter-connected place with your friendly and high tech smartphone, allowing you and me to access many applications, functions and services on the move, locally and around the world.

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Here are the details of the Weekly Draw dates:

Draw 6 : 15 Oct

Draw 7 : 22 Oct

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Here’s the submission process !

Do take note of the dates :

Photo submission: 14 Sep to 25 Oct 2010

Shortlisting: 26 Oct to 1 Nov 2010

Voting: 2 Nov to 15 Nov 2010

Results: 18 Nov 2010


Folks, don’t wait anymore ! Start using Citi Mobile and snap your photos away to a wonderful holiday overseas and win attractive prizes ! Good luck and all the best ! Happy Citi Mobile Banking ! Join Citibank Singapore in Facebook page and sign up !

Open Rice Tasty Union @ Borgata Trattoria Osteria

Italian Cuisine, simply Italian, absolutely marvelous and delicious. A big thank you to OpenRice Singapore and Borgata Trattoria Osteria, I was invited to a wonderful event known as Open Rice Tasty Union (ORTU). Italian cuisine is famous for its pizzas and pasta, they have a great reputation and admiration around the world, however, there are other Italian cuisine that are just as tasty and delicious !

Well for a start, this was part of our beautiful and delicious starters !

For the main course, we have the pastas and pizzas ! This is just 1 of each pasta and pizza dishes !

Oh yes, for this special ORTU occasion, the Chef specially prepared a special pasta for us !

Last but not least, the desserts ! Absolutely wonderful, in 7th heaven, sweet and delicious !

From my photographs, I am going keep a suspense for you …. I won’t tell you the names of these wonderful Italian cuisine …. Why don’t you pay a visit to

Borgata Trattoria Osteria

Blk 3C The Cannery

River Valley Road #01-02

Opening Hours : Mon, Tue & Thur – 6pm to 11pm & Wed, Fri & Sat – 6pm to 1am

Happy tasting & hope you enjoy Italian Cuisine at Borgata Trattoria Osteria, just like me !

Must Try Food : Han Kee Fish at Amoy

The famous Han Kee Fish slice soup at Amoy Street Food Centre, distinguished by its long queue for their fish slice soup during lunch time, a distinctive and famous stall in the heart of Amoy Street Food Centre.

Their fish slice soup is delicious and tasty, the fish slices are fresh and chewy. The soup base is not oily and its simplicity makes it smooth and light, great for cooling down too. Along with the freshness of the fish slices and vegetables inside the fish slice soup, it does make a healthy and wonderful meal, that’s why it is so popular during the lunch breaks ! Be prepared to queue up and wait, it might take a while !

Check them out at

Han Kee

Amoy Street Food Centre, #02-129

Do remember to drop by and have a taste of their fish slice soup !

Breakfast with Panasonic Asia

It was a busy Saturday on 2nd October, ShooUrTweeple in the afternoon and before that in the morning, I was invited by Panasonic Asia to a breakfast event with them, via XPR. It was a fun networking and tech toys event for me, therefore I would like to thank Panasonic Asia and XPR for the invitation, along with their kind and warm hospitality.

The breakfast event was held at Brotziet, 313@Somerset , nice food, location and restaurant. When I arrived, I saw a number of familiar faces, Hisham, Joe, Philip and Feliza and got to network with the marketing staff of Panasonic Asia and XPR staff as well. Networking and chatting, taking photos along the way, morning drinks, followed by breakfast.

During the breakfast event, we were shown a 3D movie, Ice Age 3 !! The 3D lens was the very first time I have a more hands on experience and when I put it on and watch the movie, Ice Age 3, it was really cool and very nice 3D !! I would write in more in-depth and keep a lookout for my post ! It would be coming soon !!

It wasn’t so much watching Ice Age 3 in 3D, this was an excellent opportunity to network with Panasonic Asia and have a chat with them more of their toys a.k.a products, other staff from XPR too, whom had been inviting me for technology events for the past 2 years and I am very grateful and thankful for their continuous support and engagements. Of course, last but not least, catching up with fellow bloggers, had met some of them quite often recently 🙂

Oh yeah, do join Panasonic Asia on Facebook and  Twitter ! Follow them for their updates and competitions ! Oh, not forgetting, thanks for the toys !