Singapore GP 2010-Friday Practice Session

3rd year running, the Night Race that runs through the street circuit, 61 laps over a distance of 5.076km equipped with 23 turns in an anti-clockwise direction, under 580 ambient lights, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Singapore GP !

It’s my 3rd year visiting Singapore GP, all on a Friday Practice Session with my fellow Formula One fan, Hanlong, after managing to purchase Friday Practice Walkabout tickets from the organisers on the Friday itself. For the 3rd year running, there were improvements made to the circuit and surroundings, it was great to see the organizers making changes and improvements, to enhance the F1 drivers and spectators experiences during the Singapore GP 2010, it’s not just about racing, the carnival is fun and packed with activities too!

With my experiences walking around Zone 4 of the Singapore GP circuit, I led Hanlong to the key turns of the Singapore GP circuit whereby we would be able to watch and capture the F1 cars in action (when they have to slow down a lot). For the Friday Practice session, it was quite packed and there were quite a number of spectators present, for Saturday and Sunday, the crowds would definitely get bigger ! Entering from Gate 3, walking towards Turn 13 beside One Fullerton, followed by Turn 12 in front of Queen Victoria Concert Hall, then Turn 11, Turn 14 and Turn 15. It was really loud and thankfully, we had our ear plugs on ! The speeds at the straight stretch were very fast and it was very challenging to capture them in action !

The Singapore GP Night Race, lights up the Central Business District and Marina Bay area, making it very beautiful and bright with the circuit lights. It’s not just the view from the sky that is magnificent, the views from the ground level is just as great ! Would you like some photography tips on how to capture Night Race F1 cars in action ? Check out my F1 Photography Tips !

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While I didn’t purchase tickets for Saturday and Sunday, I will definitely enjoy Singapore GP 2010 somewhere, probably in the comfort of my home ! Oh yes, Go Ferrari !

Digital Nights at Singapore Arts Museum

Formula 1 is coming to Singapore very soon and in conjunction with this major sporting event that travels around the world, bringing tourists and giving the host country the spotlight, there would also be major events that would be supporting the Singapore F1 GP too.

Digital Nights 2010 presented by Singapore Arts Museum, an event that showcase beautiful intriguing visual and digital arts, with three European artists and collectives, Miguel Chevalier, LAb[au] and Visual System, their visual artwork and displays, are interactive and eye-catching, responding to the pulse and vibrancy of the modern cosmopolitan city.

The visual and digital works on display at Digital Nights are :

Binary Waves

Ultra Nature

A Digital Experience

Framework f5

Bump It!

For more in-depth details of each specific visual arts and digital experiences, do drop by Singapore Arts Museum link.

If you love visual effects, bright colours, digital arts and photography, do drop by Singapore Arts Museum and explore them! Digital Arts would be held from Fri, 17 – Sun, 26 Sep | Sun – Thu, 10am – 9pm | Fri & Sat, 10am – 11pm and it is free admission to Digital Nights at SAM installations.

Do check out my other photographs of Digital Nights 2010 here on Flickr !

NTUC Kite Festival 2010

Kites flying up above the sky in the Central Business District, that’s something new, unique and interesting … This year, NTUC Kite Festival 2010 is held at the Marina Promontory, in the heart of the Singapore’s Central Business District, in the Raffles Place area, giving the Kite Festival 2010 a different touch and feel to a kite festival.

The weather was good, not too sunny and nice clouds in the skyline. There was a big crowd, with many people, young and old, with their own kites of various designs and sizes, flying the kites up in the sky. A fun time for the families and friends, a chance to get outdoors and together for a fun family event.

Walking around the event with my Christopher, enjoying the entire event, watching the Kite Masters from overseas with their beautiful kites, flying their kites high up in the sky. When the kites filled the sky, it was really beautiful and it brought people of young and old to come together, to explore the element of fun, leisure, recreation and play, along with family bonding and healthy lifestyle.

As I was enjoying taking photographs of the Kite Festival, the memories of kite flying came back into me and I would like to return to kite flying someday, with friends at the Marina Barrage or West Coast Park, to become a child again, enjoying, relaxing and taking lots of photographs!

Do check out my NTUC Kite Festival photographs on Flickr !

Mid Autumn Festival in Singapore

In the Chinese Lunar Calendar, the 8th Month, an important festival that would fall on the Lunar 15th Day of the 8th Lunar Month, known as the Mid-Autumn Festival – 中秋节 , the history, mythology and origins, varies accordingly. Nevertheless, it was a month of gatherings, events, enjoying moon cakes, admiring the moon in the sky, carrying lanterns and photography for me.

The light up had begun in Singapore, with Chinatown and Clarke Quay spruced up with beautiful lights and displays, brightening up the region even brighter, many people, including tourists were all beginning to visit and enjoy the festivities and atmosphere. Starting at Central, I began my walking down along the Singapore River, taking photographs of the displays and lights. It was too crowded yet, as the date draws nearer to the the 15th day of the 8th Lunar Month, whereby the Moon in the sky would be round and beautiful, the crowds would slowly build up.

There were booths with different varieties of snacks, food and cultural items, that drew quite a crowd and it was quite a challenge to get across to the other side, crossing the bridge to Clarke Quay and hiked back towards Central. Along the way, finding suitable locations and making use of the surroundings to take long exposure shots of Singapore River and the Mid Autumn Festival lightings.

Proceeding to Chinatown after that, it was another area of packed activities, lots of people enjoying the festivities and celebrations of Mid Autumn Festival. People, of all ages, young and old, locals and tourists, were enjoying themselves and taking photographs to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival.

Check out my photographs here on Flickr ! The Mid Autumn Festival 2010 in Singapore is still ongoing 11 September to 10 October, do drop by Clarke Quay, Chinatown and Central for a visit !

A Carnival & Walkabout Day for the Dogs !

Doggies day out, a day of fun, play, running & networking for doggies, Singapore’s National Dog Walk and Carnival 2010, held at West Coast Park on 5th September 2010, was a fun day for all doggie lovers, owners and their beloved dogs! Although the day was rather wet from the early morning rain, it did not deter the owners and their dogs coming down for a day of fun and walk.

Since I lived near to West Coast Park and with my love for dogs, I packed up my gear and took a slow walk towards West Coast Park, caught the dogs in competitive action, enjoyed watching them. There were many different dog breeds, shapes and sizes, all really cute, adorable, playful and friendly. When the walk started, began walking with the main group as well, with my camera and not without my family dog, the Japanese Spitz.

However, after a short distance, I decided to head back to the start/end point, preparing to catch the dogs and their owners finishing their short walk and taking the chance to take more photos. The dogs were pretty tired after a short walk, some just lied down and didn’t move much while some dog owners brought them to the pool and play with water. The dog owners and dog lovers were crowding around and resting together, thus it was a great time for dogs photography !

While taking photos of different dogs, it was also an opportunity for me to be up close & friendly with some of those lovely furry and friendly dogs, patting them and playing with them, dogs are very good companions and whenever I am feeling down, they would always be there for you. Check out more of my National Dog Walk and Carnival photos here !

It’s Ben & Jerry Chunk Fest Time !

Chunk Fest 2010, a time of the year whereby Ben & Jerry fans come together for a day of Ben & Jerry ice cream eating, outdoor party, fun, music and band performances. This year, it was held at The Promontory at Marina Bay, this is my 3rd year attending Chunk Fest and I am looking forward to this event !!

Together with fellow bloggers, Xinyun, Amanda, Chillycraps, Ted, we went for this fun event together, tasting ice cream, relaxing and enjoying ourselves. There were beautiful signboards by Ben & Jerry, that we all took up the boards, posed and had fun with them ! It was great with many of us shooting each other 🙂

I bought the Maple Blondie ice cream, nice however, it was a bit too sweet for me, had the chance to try out some other flavours on sale too ! Wandering around taking photographs, we waited and watched the Chunk Fest challenge – which team can finish eating 20 scoops of Ben & Jerry ice cream in the shortest time possible, this challenge never fail to amaze me, it’s always one of the highlights of the Chunk Fest !

A day of fun at Ben & Jerry Chunk Fest 2010, wasn’t able to catch the bands performing when I was there, do check out my photos on Flickr too !

Open Rice Tasty Union @ 1-Caramel

A beautiful restaurant, dedicated to everything sweet and delicious, catering to the sweet tooth inside you, cakes and desserts that make you wish to try everything there. This is 1-Caramel, where I found myself surrounded by everything awfully sweet and lovely desserts, sweets, cakes !

First and foremost, I would like to thank 1-Caramel and OpenRice Singapore, for inviting me down for the Open Rice Tasty Union (ORTU) event, making new friends, networking and catching up too, with the accompaniment of nice and delicious food, followed by the a wide variety of sweet desserts and cakes. It was a nice place, great ambience and cosy, excellent for relaxing and enjoying desserts, cakes and drinks.

Before we had desserts and cakes, a nice big plate of different appetisers were served followed by pizzas. All of us being bloggers, began taking photos of the different food spread on the tables first, followed by the tasty and delicious eating and enjoyment, chatting and eating, taking it slow and easy, having a great time with all around.

The highlight of the ORTU at 1-Caramel arrived with the arrival of different cakes and desserts on the table, all of us were big and wide open, glued to the different cakes and desserts on hand. The action immediately kick started with photography of course, all of us bloggers wanted to get nice beautiful photographs to share with their family, loved ones and friends ! Once that is completed, we all started to tuck in and enjoy the various cakes and desserts !!

Some of the desserts and cakes we had were :

– Passion Fruit Souffle

– Warm Apple Crumble

– Strawberry Short Cake

– Chocolate Praline Cake

– Banana Cream Cake

– Maltesers Cheese Cake

Where can you find such beautiful and delicious cakes and desserts ? At 1-Caramel of course !!

Here are the details of 1-Caramel –

The Luxe, 6 Handy Road, #01-01A Singapore 229234

T: 6338 3282   F:6338 3283

W: E:

Opening Hours :

Sun – Thur : 11am – 11pm

Fri – Sat : 11am – 1am

Do not underestimate the power of your sweet tooth calling out for you ….. to go and try those cakes and desserts out, resistance is futile against amazingly sweet desserts and cakes … Go try them out at 1-Caramel !

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