Must Try Food : Qun’s Noodles at People’s Park Complex

My colleague, Gabriel mentioned about a Wanton Mee near his home that is different from the rest of the Wanton Mee he ate usually. Since I am on a Must Try Food photojournalistic adventure, I was curious and decided to meet him for lunch at his home ground in Chinatown and try out this Wanton Mee.

They are located at People’s Park Complex Food Centre and their Wanton Mee is pretty tasty, they didn’t rush their noodles and had a bit of a wait, not too long though. They used black soy sauce, different from the tomato or chili sauce that you would usually find in other Wanton Noodles. In their bowl, they also shredded chicken slices and it was nicely cooked. Their soup is nice too and their dumplings make it a bit more different with prawn pieces mixed along with their minced meat, you don’t usually find the Wanton (dumplings) to be filled with prawns slices.

Gabriel ordered the paper wrapped chicken too as a side dish and it’s been a long time since I tasted it, overall, I liked it. If you like to try them out, here are their details

Qun’s Noodles

People’s Park Complex Food Centre


Do drop by and Try them !

New Toy : Lubitel 166B !

In my photographer journey, I recalled playing with manual Pentax SLR (belongs to my father) and Nikon F401X SLR, it was using 35mm film negatives and I wasn’t really into rangefinder or twin lens reflex (TLR) thus no experiences with medium format. Over many years, as I appreciate, explored and tried out different fields of photography, I began to start appreciating lomography and medium format most recently.

Photo Source : Lomography Lubitel Microsite

Learning photography is always on-going, very excited to start from scratch learning another field of photography, excited in the prospects of mastering the TLR and bringing it out for my personal photography project that I would be sharing shortly, another area that I would be exploring and taking photographs would be portraits/people photography using medium format on my Lubitel 166B, bought from E-Bay at a price that I was comfortable with.

Lomography has a dedicated microsite on the Lubitel 166+, with excellent information, history and photographs taken using Lubitel 166+, a newer ( and more modern) cousin of my Lubitel 166B. Checking Flickr groups on Lomography, TLR and Medium Format have been inspiring and I am looking forward to capturing photographs with my Lubitel 166B, sharing with all my readers here and on Flickr.

Looking forward, I would love to share my TLR and b&w Medium Format photojournalistic adventures with you all … What is my personal photography project all about ? It’s about Old Places

Must Try Food : Yuan Chun Famous Lor Mee

Lor Mee, a local Singaporean dish, is one of my favourite food here in Singapore, especially when I tasted it since I was a young boy in Primary School and it kind of became my one of those food that I would eat when I am around in certain districts. This Yuan Chun Famous Lor Mee, a popular dish, testimonial to its long queue during lunch hours at Amoy Street Food Centre.

The gravy is thick and delicious, nice amount of ingredients inside the bowl of Lor Mee, whenever I have it, the thick gravy would be finished up by me, leaving not much “evidence” behind 🙂 Oh yes, do not forget to add sliced chilli, pepper and vinegar to be mixed inside and along with the other delicious belly pork inside !

Yuan Chun Famous Lor Mee

Amoy Street Food Centre


Closed on Mondays and Tuesday

Do remember to drop by and have a taste of the Amoy Food Centre Famous Lor Mee if you have the chance !

Dessert Gathering at Dessert Factory

It all began after a dinner gathering for Xinyun’s birthday, along with photographer friends, Amanda, Christopher, Leon and Noel, whereby we had finished our dinner at iluma and we were looking for places for desserts or coffee. Initial walking around various locations were packed and we couldn’t get a table for 6 of us.

While walking down Liang Seah Street towards Shaw Towers, a pretty young lady handed us a pamphlet, an Opening Special of $3 dessert combo and it was for their official launch, it looked really tasty and interesting and all of us decided to go up and try it out. Ok, before I proceed further, the name of the shop is Dessert Factory and here are its details

101 Beach Road, The 101 Building


Tel : 6336-7336


It was a pretty cosy place, for that evening itself, I tried their chocolate banana cupcake along with their famous Taiwan Milk Tea, overall, I personally liked it a lot, would be planning to go back and try out other varieties of cupcakes as well as other desserts too.

We all had a fun time, chatting away and our topic is mainly about photography, food and travel experiences, lots of sharing and fun time shooting photos of the food and cameras. Nice to meet Noel for the first time too and great to catch up with the rest again.

Must Try Food : Marine Parade Central Char Kway Teow

Char Kway Teow, the name of a local Singapore dish, is very popular among Singaporeans and definitely something that I would recommend to my friends from other countries to give it a try if they are here in Singapore. While there were a number of different Char Kway Teow stalls in Singapore, I would rate the Marine Parade Central Char Kway Teow as one of my favourite Char Kway Teow stalls in Singapore.

What makes it different from the rest of the other stalls ? The ingredients are very similar across different stalls in Singapore, however, their cooking style is “more wet”, whereby you feel less of the cooking oil, yet the fragrance is still rich and strong inside the Char Kway Teow. That is why the Marine Parade Central stall has big spoons for their customers in case they prefer to use the spoon over the chopsticks !

Who they are and where can you find them ?

Apollo Fresh Cockle Fried Kway Teow

Blk 84 Marine Parade Central
#01-174 Marine Parade Central Market and Food Centre S440084

OpenRice Tasty Union @ Kazbar

Food, in a cosmopolitan melting hotpot of modern Singapore, with multi-cultures and religions, is like a passion, a pilgrimage and an universal bonding that unites not just Singaporeans, our lovely visitors and friends from all around the world.

On 18th August 2010, I was very honoured and happy to be selected by OpenRice Singapore, for their OpenRice Tasty Union (ORTU) at Kazbar. I would also like to express my heartfelt thanks to Kazbar for the invitation, the very delicious food, introduction and sharing their expertise on Middle East cuisine and their warmest hospitality.

Kazbar at Church Street, has a great ambience, lovely crowds, cool place to chill out and awesome Middle East cuisine, well suited for your dinner date or even your corporate functions or alumni functions ! During the ORTU, I had a great time chatting with fellow OpenRicers and Michelle, a great host, with her warm hospitality and sharing.

The ORTU food tasting list was really really very delicious, along with Michelle’s patiently showing and explaining which dish was which, it made it very interesting and intriguing. A great eye opener for me was learning more about Middle Eastern cuisine, considering that I had traveled a fair bit and tasted different foods from different cultures and countries, during ORTU @ Kazbar, I learned a lot more about Middle Eastern cuisine !

What did we tasted at Kazbar during ORTU ? Here it goes …

Mixed Mezze Platter ~ combination of hummus, moutabel, babaghanoush, cheese borek and falafel

Mixed Grill Platter ~ lamb chops, shish taouk, shish kebab, and lamb kebab

Other wonderful dishes tasted : Tabbouleh, Prawn Kebab, Mousaka, Um Ali

Each dish that I tasted, simply delicious, especially the charcoal grilled mixed platter ! Oh yes, I must specially mention that we  tasted a year 2002 vintage red wine from Lebanon vineyards ! As much as my knowledge and understanding of wine, it was my very 1st experience with wine from Lebanon,something that I never heard before and I am glad to learn something new that night! My recommendation is to try it !!

If you would like to contact or know more about Kazbar, their details are as follows :

Address : 25 Church Street, #01-03 Capital Square

E-mail :

Website :

Facebook : Kazbar

Phone : +65 – 6438 2975

Fax : +65 – 6438 2971

Opening Hours:
Capital Square – 12noon to 12 midnight Monday to Friday, 17:00 to midnight on Saturdays
Cuppage Terrace – 16:00 to 23:00 Monday to Sunday

If you need an awesome location for your function or event, Kazbar would be a great recommendation !

Must Try Food : Da Jie Famous Wanton Noodle

This wanton noodle, a favourite dish of Singaporeans, 大姐 Famous Wanton Noodle, hidden away in the tiny corner of Little India/Jalan Besar area, an area of historical significance with its old shophouses. I was brought to this wonderful place by my old friend Han Wei, whose office is nearby there.

Take a look at their Wanton Noodle, it’s not your “normal” Wanton Noodle. This wonderful dish comprises of Chicken Feet, Char Siew, Mushrooms and Fried Wanton ! What a great combination ! Their Wanton Noodle tastes delicious and their skill is superb with the noodles cooked really very yummy and just nice perfectly !!

Well, that’s not all, when you are there trying out the Wanton Noodle, you must eat more Chicken Feet with mushrooms covered with thick gravy, deep fragrance and wonderful taste, well cooked and simply delicious !! That’s not all, the Wanton soup, it’s a Must Try !! Wantons taste superb and the soup base is really well cooked, sweet and filled with stock fragrance …. What’s the fragrance, I leave it for you to go there and try it out ! Do check out famous Singapore Food Blogger ieatishootipost wrtie up on this Famous Wanton Noodle too !

大姐 Famous Wanton Noodle is located at 209 Jalan Besar (at corner of Sam Leong Road and Jalan Besar) , open only from 0700 hrs to 1400 hrs from Monday to Saturday. Ladies and Gentlemen, go for it ! Must Try Food !

Fun @ Sony Playstation Wave Launch !

Playing games on the computer, consoles, arcade machines, can be very fun yet addictive. I always had fun playing with different games across different platforms, although I am not playing much today, due to time constraints and the fear of getting too addicted again 😛

Photo Courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Ltd

However, when I was invited by T3 Singapore Magazine on behalf of Sony Entertainment Hong Kong, to attend Sony Playstation Wave Launch Event as part of the Singapore Blogging Community. There wasn’t any hesitation from myself and RSVP that I am attending ! On Wednesday 11th August, at Se7en @ Iluma, I registered and entered as Media !!

Photo Courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Ltd

It was a very fun event, nice refreshments and lots of big Sony TV screens attracting us to start action, trying and playing with the new Sony Playstation Wave ! It was a grand event too, with key management executives from Sony, Mr. Tetsuhiko Yasuda, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Asia, Mr. Katsuhiko Murase, Deputy Managing Director of Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Limited, and Mr. Norihiro Nishimura, the director of game development for “Time Crisis Razing Storm”, who were here to grace this event and presented to us, the Sony Playstation Wave.

Photo Courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Ltd

With a big bang, the Sony Playstation Wave was launched and we were given the opportunities to try out the various Sony Playstation Wave games available, with pretty energetic Sony models demonstrating how to use and play with the Sony Playstation Wave (and of course, being my team player in some of the 2 player games 😀 )

Photo Courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Ltd

Check out my tech write up + quick gaming experiences of the Sony Playstation Motion Controller here on my personal blog too !

Must Try Food : Supreme Pork Chop Rice

Dear readers, as much as I love to eat & try different food around the world (most of it or within my bravery), I am not much of a food blogger.

However, I decided that I would like to share my favourite eating places, food, dishes or cuisines (local food and my travels) with my local and international readers. Whenever I travel overseas, I would love to look out and try different local food of the host country. Today, for my very first Must Try Food, let me share with you a short story ….

I chased this stall when it was located at Shaw Towers food court, introduced by my colleagues 5 years ago and since my first taste, I never looked back. Whenever I visited Shaw Towers, I would always go for the stall and their trademark food, however, there was a time when they moved away and I was sad that they weren’t around. Later, I found out that they moved to Bras Basah Complex food court and I followed them to eat their trademark food again. Yet, they moved again ! This time, I didn’t have any idea where they moved to … Recently, I was chatting with my old friend on this food stall and he told me, they had their own retail shop outlet now!

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Supreme Pork Chop Rice, located at Middle Road, beside Great Eastern House, diagonally across Shaw Towers junction.

Chicken Cutlet Fried Rice

Pork Chop Rice !!

My testimonial : I chased from Shaw Towers to Bras Basah Food Court to Middle Road …. My all time favourite is Pork Chop Rice ! Must Try !

Bird’s Eye View from The World’s Highest Al Fresco Bar !

Bird’s eye view from The World’s Highest Al Fresco Bar, located in the heart of cosmopolitan and modern Singapore, would you like to be up there ?

I was very honoured to be selected by Open Rice Singapore, they gave me a pair of tickets to visit The World’s Highest Al Fresco Bar, known as 1-Altitude Gallery and Bar, at OUB Centre, 1 Raffles Place. This wonderful location by One Rochester, 1-Altitude Gallery and Bar, is currently not open to public for viewing, except only for patrons of the restaurant on 62nd floor and the sportsbar on the 61st. Therefore, on 9th August 2010, in conjunction with Singapore’s 45th Birthday Celebrations, “See It All, Singapore” at 1-Altitude Gallery and Bar was opened up to the public for selected viewing at designated time slots.

My designated time slot was from 3pm to 4pm, invited lifestyle blogger, Amanda up to visit too ! The weather was great, sunny clear blue skies, however, being a tropical country, the sunlight can be pretty strong around that time and it was really hot ! Nevertheless, I had an awesome time up there, enjoying the panoramic views of Singapore’s Marina Bay, Raffles Place Central Business District !! Looking a bit further out, you can see the Eastern side of Singapore (Tanjong Rhu) and Southern part of Singapore (Vivo City and Sentosa) !!

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

I would like to thank OpenRice Singapore and One Rochester for the opportunity to visit The World’s Highest Al Fresco Bar, 1-Altitude Gallery and Bar ! Looking forward to visit in the evening and night to capture the beautiful night sceneries of Singapore!