Mini Moo Moo Mini

Moo cards, my previous experience with them had been great, love the quality of the Moo Business cards and they allow 50 different photographs to be printed on the Moo Business Cards !

This time round, I decided to produce a set of Moo Mini Cards for a change, something that would be easier for name cards exchange during social media networking events or bloggers events and as a special and unique name card to give away to people.

Presenting to you my Moo Mini Cards collection !

If you are ever considering whether to give Moo cards a shot, go ahead, try it out, you won’t regret it ! 🙂

Constructing & Transforming GakkenFlex 35mm TLR

The GakkenFlex 35mm Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) is a DIY journey and it would be a very interesting and exciting (and sometimes stressful) adventure for photography enthusiasts ! The manual is inside a segment of the magazine issue and there is also a link of the manual in pdf file online here. The entire manual is in Japanese Language and for a person not versed in Japanese Language, it can be really challenging, stressful and fun at times. Nevertheless, the diagrams are well drawn for you to begin your GakkenFlex transformation.

Let me bring you through the journey of constructing and transforming the GakkenFlex. You might take a short time (1 hour) and complete the GakkenFlex or you might slowly construct and enjoy the overall transformation process (3 hours). When you opened up your box, it’s all wrapped up nicely and placed in their respective spaces.

Tip : Follow the Steps in the Manual – Do Not Jump the Steps

Tip : Some parts are very small, be careful not to lose them.

Tip : Don’t screw the bolts/nuts too tightly and deeply, you would need some slack to open up the different plates and push in other plates and components.

There are 7 major points/steps in constructing the GakkenFlex and in each major points/step, there are smaller sub-points/steps for you to build up a part of the GakkenFlex 35mm TLR.

Tip : I can’t read Japanese characters (not trained in the language), however, look at the components/parts listed inside the steps/points and match it exactly to the list of components/parts picture on the 1st page. Some of the steps are relatively easy just by looking at the diagrams and I have taken photographs of each step and construction of the GakkenFlex for your reference. Therefore, I would be concentrating on the slightly more tricky/difficult steps that you might face in the construction.

Step 3 : Front Body Plate

Tip : This step is quite tricky with the springs to be attached and screwed together. Do be careful with it.

Step 3 – 2 : Attaching the spring バネ B to a small component board シャッター板 , take extra note here, follow the tips inside the manual.

(1) Attach the end of the small component board to the spring 1st.

(2) Holding the 2 small pieces in (1) together, put down and hook the end of the spring into the body side plate.

(3) Once the spring is in position on the other end, push the small component board down into the holder as shown in the manual.

Step 3 – 3

Step 3 – 3 : Attaching the springバネ C to another small component シャッター板送り. Once the 2 components in place, screw in first and leave a 1mm space in between screw and base of the small component.  Turn the small component anti-clockwise as shown in the diagram, until the orientation is exactly like the photo in the manual.

Step 3 – 4

Step 3 – 4 : Attaching the spring バネ D to シャッター レバー軸 . Hook up the end of the spring first and turn シャッター レバー軸 clockwise until the orientation is exactly like the photo in the manual. Take the bolt ツバ付ネシ and  screw the シャッターレ バー into position with the spring バネ D and シャッター レバー軸 .

Step 3 – 5

Step 3 -5 : Once Step 3 – 3 and 3 – 4 are completed, it should look like the photo in the manual.

Step 5 : Attaching the Left and Right Body Plates to the Front Plate

Step 5 – 1 : For the middle bolt, do not screw in too tightly and deep down, leave it some space for the Left and Right Body Plates to push in and become “locked in”.

Step 5 – 2

Step 5 – 2 : The mirror and double sided tape, it can be confusing here. Don’t worry, peel of 1 side of the mirror (leave the other sticker on the mirror on), peel off 1 side of the double sided tape and paste it on the mirror. Once that is done, peel off the other side of the double sided tape and paste the mirror onミラー固定板 . Keep the sticker on the mirror on it first, do not remove.

Step 5 – 3 : Remove the other sticker on the mirror at this stage.

These are the following steps during the overall construction that I faced difficulties, challenges and stress, overall, the experience in constructing and transforming the GakkenFlex 35mm TLR is awesome ! I was very grateful to this photographer on Flickr, who shared and posted the steps in constructing his GakkenFlex (in photographs on Flickr) and it really helped me a lot !

Finally, the GakkenFlex 35mm TLR is transformed !! It was a great adventure for me and I hope that my sharing and photographs would help you in the construction. Have fun shooting !

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

A New Toy – GakkenFlex 35mm TLR !

The journey of purchasing a new toy – GakkenFlex 35mm Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) began when I saw the BlackBird,Fly on a website and I was immediately swayed by its toy TLR camera features. Researching more into BlackBird,Fly, I was thinking whether to buy it, fellow blogger Xinyun, told me about the price and where I could buy it, she also suggested the GakkenFlex 35mm TLR. That caught my attention when I was given a link showing the comparison between BlackBird Fly and GakkenFlex TLR.

Before making the purchase, I decided to research more into GakkenFlex TLR and these are the useful links that I found on

~ In Review – The GakkenFlex 135mm TLR by Holgablog

~ GakkenFlex : Fun ! by FUZZYEYEBALLS

~ GakkenFlex TLR on lomography by Lomography

~ new toy – GakkenFlex 35mm twin lens reflex camera by Chillicraps

~ Lusting for a GakkenFlex ? by

~ GakkenFlex – Read, Assemble, Customize, Shoot ! by Patrick Ng

~ All about the GakkenFlex by Miketsu Blog

~ GakkenFlex : All built by Hoefler Imaging

Basic Specifications of GakkenFlex 35mm TLR

~ Fixed Aperture (f-stop) @ f/11

~ Fixed (single) shutter speed @ 1/125s

~ Dimensions : 80mm x 115mm x 70mm

~ Weight : 130g


~ Affordable price

~ Customizable with your own paint / stickers on the camera

~ TRUE viewfinder (What you see is what you get)

~ The fun & joy of shooting/playing with a toy TLR camera


~ No Flash hot-shoe

~ No frame counter

~ No bulb mode

~ No aperture and shutter changes

Once the research, analysis and comparisons completed, my mind was made up to go for GakkenFlex 35mm TLR ! I was on the move one of the afternoon and since I had a bit of time during lunch time, I decided to swing up to Kinokuniya Singapore, at their main store at Takashimaya Shopping Centre, searched for the GakkenFlex 35mm TLR and paid for it ! The excitement and joy inside me was just a like little boy that just got his new toy car ! This feeling was awesome and it felt really good to pamper myself once in a while and I am somebody who doesn’t splurge on myself often.

The GakkenFlex 35mm TLR comes along with the Otona no kagaku magazine Vol. 25 , 大人の科学マガジン付録二眼レフ and it was a worthy and affordable investment. Costing SGD $53.50 at my date & time of purchase, consisting of a toy camera and magazine, it’s worth your investment !

It’s not just a toy camera, there’s also the fun of DIY ! Build your own camera ! Keep a lookout in my next post whereby I would share my journey, photographs and steps to construct and transform the GakkenFlex 35mm TLR ! Looking forward to purchasing film and go out shooting with my GakkenFlex 35mm TLR !

NDP 2010 Rehearsal – NE Show 3

The days leading up to Singapore’s National Day Parade (NDP) 2010 is getting lesser and the NDP 2010 rehearsals were getting into full swing. Today, I decided to start my journey from Suntec City, watching the mobile column from another junction across the road and watching the Presidential Gun Salute.

However, before crossing over to the other side of the junction, I saw the Guard of Honour Contingents, along with the State Flags and Colour Party Contingent. Therefore, decided to capture them in action first before walking to the other side of Suntec City, where the War Memorial Park is.

While waiting for action to kick-start, started snapping photos around the area, with the 25-pounder artillery guns lined up in a straight line, ready for the soldiers and commanders to march in, for the Presidential Gun Salute Ceremony. Once the action starts, the mobile column started moving into positions, I went busy capturing them, nice view from my position. Thereafter, I turned my attention to the 25-pounder artillery guns and waited for them to fire and it was really very loud ! Oh yeah, I managed to capture 1 of the 25-pounder artillery guns fire from the muzzle !

Once the Presidential Gun Salute was over, I walked over to the Esplanade Bridge and chose a different location from my previous week, the sky was really dull and my photos for the aerial air show wasn’t well captured too, well, would try again and improve. Planting myself to a point on the Esplanade Bridge, I prepared my tripod, took night sceneries of Marina Bay, Esplanade and Marina Bay Sands while waiting for fireworks to start.

The fireworks for NE Show 3 was bigger, higher, wider, longer and so much more than the previous week ! Glad that I didn’t miss this week’s fireworks ! Do check out my other photos of NDP 2010 Rehearsals on Flickr !

NDP 2010 Rehearsal – NE Show 2

After my adventure at Singapore Garden Festival 2010, I proceed to catch a glimpse of National Day Parade (NDP) 2010 rehearsal – National Education Show 2, from the sidelines of Suntec City. This year, NDP 2010 would be held at the Padang and there would be a mobile column display, once every 5 years !

When I reached side of the main road, the Leopard tanks were preparing for their mobile column display entry and the crew were seen checking their equipment. Many onlookers from the side of the road were seen admiring and taking photos of the Leopard tanks, as well as other military vehicles formed up behind the Leopard tanks too.

Once the command was given, the mobile column formation started their engines and moved nearer towards the Padang, the crowds that formed up beside the road were seen snapping away as the convoy of military vehicles started moving off. After watching them moving off, I walked down the road towards the Esplanade Bridge, searched for my ideal location to capture the National Flag flypast, Presidential Salute,  aerial display and fireworks.

Decided on my ideal spot, setup my tripod and waited for the National Flag flypast and Presidential Salute by F15 fighter jets, a rest before the aerial display and the weather was great ! Managed to capture the various flying machines in high octane flying action ! When the aerial display ended, it was for me to rest and wait for the fireworks to start, in between the wait, took sunset and night landscape scenes of the new look Marina Bay with the presence and completion of Marina Bay Sands.

The fireworks started and it was always exciting for me since I am a fan of fireworks and loved capturing fireworks, considering that it had been a while since I captured fireworks, I was a little bit rusty for a start and as the fireworks got along bigger, brighter and better along the way, I managed to capture the fireworks more.

Oh yeah, sharing the NDP 2010 Theme Song – “Song For Singapore” by Corrinne May !

Singapore Garden Festival 2010

A Garden City, a tag that describes Singapore, a cosmop0litan city with flora and fauna complementing her urban and high rise buildings. The Singapore Garden Festival 2010 reinforces its status as a Garden City and it was an event that showcase my different garden and floral designers under one roof, and of course, lots of flowers, plants, leaves !

The Singapore Garden Festival 2010 is in its 3rd year, with the previous 2 held in 2006 and 2008. When I read that it would be back this year, I was looking forward in excitement because this would a great opportunity to take many different photographs of flowers from Singapore and different parts of the world.

Inside the exhibition, the Landscape and Fantasy Gardens never fail to amaze me ! Their designs and layout are very interesting and mesmerising, by local and international designers of Garden Shows around the world. Crowds were drawn to the Landscape and Fantasy Gardens and many visitors were seen snapping photographs of different flowers and designs.

The Singapore Orchid Show at the Garden Festival is another great time and opportunity to capture orchids (many varieties) , showcasing our National flower, how rich and diverse the Orchid is. I would be able to start an Orchid collection on my Flickr soon ! Besides that, there were other segments such as Market Place and interactive area for the children by National Parks Singapore and National Environmental Agency.

The Singapore Garden Festival 2010 is held from 15th July 2010 to 22nd July 2010 from 10am to 10pm at Suntec Singapore. There are a few more days till the event ends, do drop by for a visit to Singapore Garden Festival 2010 !

Do drop by my Flickr for more photos ! Hope you all enjoy viewing the beautiful flowers !

Paraboles 2.0 – Singapore Night Festival 2010

The Singapore Night Festival 2010 is back with a big bang, packed with lots more events, activities and performances. Held over days from 16th & 17th July 2010 7pm to 2am, this wonderful event attracted many visitors, watching the various performances and visiting National Museum of Singapore.

There were guides stationed around the compound of SMU Campus and National Museum of Singapore, giving out event booklets and a fan! This booklet was really handy and useful for us, letting us what other events were shown/performed at Singapore Night Festival 2010.

I was there for the performance called Paraboles 2.0, by Compagnie Off (France) & Victric Thng (Singapore), an abstract and intriguing arts performance. With 6 giant satellite dishes springing from the urban ground, placed in front of National Museum of Singapore, the 6 satellite dishes were called into action, communicating with the  stars, planets and outer space, transmitting and downloading signals, transmissions and cosmic data. While different sounds and signals could be heard for each satellite transmission and communication, stroboscopic light flashes were seen on each satellite dish, depicting patterns, signals, ideas and thoughts.

A combination of all, mixed together in this performance, brought about a surreal and beautiful performance of lights, shapes and patterns. While I was there capturing the moments and wonderful performance, the Singapore Night Festival never fails to amaze me ! Do check more of my photographs here on Flickr !

View from 24th Floor

One of Singapore’s newest landmarks, known as the Pinnacle @ Duxton, the views taken from the 24th Floor, using my iPhone 3G moreLomo application.

In time to come, I would go up there again to the 50th Floor and spend more time there to do sunset photography, aerial and landscape photography !