A Day of Fun at TweetMeetSG !

The day came and we all went down to SMU Campus Green on the 26th June 2010 for a meaningful cause, wonderful event of fun, picnic and music at TweetMeetSG ! After a month since my visit to  InfoComm Accessibility Centre (IAC) and helping to spread the word, it was a great way to round off with this TweetMeetSG, however, I believe we all only just begun a bigger journey here, to help people with different disabilities to come forward and learn digital and information technology skills and knowledge at the IAC.

There were live music performances, nice goodie bags with tidbits and drinks, meeting and catching up with fellow bloggers, volunteers and members of the public, as well as a few people with disabilities gracing and supporting the event too. A few of us, bloggers & twitterers that toured the IAC, we all went up and shared our experiences with the crowds ! It was great, nervous though, speaking in public, nevertheless, it was an awesome feeling and I hope that my posts, words and photos would help to spread the message further across outwards. Check out my inner thoughts on my personal blog !

Sharing photos taken by Claudia from 24seven, with her new Canon 7D !

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Since I was a little bit late, I didn’t get the chance to take many photos, let me share the wonderful photographs taken by the lovely folks from IAC/TweetMeetSG ! Check out photos on TweetMeetSG facebook !

Let us all help to continue this good cause further, take a stand, help those people with disabilities, tell them about IAC and their courses, and how digital and information technology can make a difference in their life ! SOW and it’s time to grow !

A Spectacular Night at Singapore River Festival 2010 !

An awesome night of performance, across the Singapore River, in between Clarke Quay and the Central. The Singapore River Festival 2010 kicked off with a great bang with a magical performance known as AIR – A Spectacular by the River.

Combining the elements of air and water, along with aerial acrobatics and beautiful choreography, this wonderful performance showcase the essence and history of Singapore River, from its days of an international port to the present hip and happening dining and entertainment belt along the Singapore River. Combining the 2 elements of air and water, it’s like a combination of East meets West, that is a cosmopolitan of rich cultures and diversities all coming together, that made Singapore today, with the Singapore River playing a huge part in the history and economical development of modern cosmopolitan Singapore.

As the performance got underway, it was very entertaining and amazing, let my photos bring you through the journey of a spectacular night at Singapore River Festival 2010 !

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F15 & F16 Rehearsing for NDP 2010

National Day Parade 2010 is coming soon and rehearsals are currently ongoing to ensure when the big day arrives, it will be a wonderful celebration and performance !

I was very lucky that I was able to capture F15 and F16 fighter jets rehearsing their maneuvers away from the Padang and it was a very wonderful experience to be high up and having a closer view (than from ground level) of the F15 and F16 in action. For more info on what the Republic of Singapore Air Force would be performing, drop by Diana’s (one of the NDPeeps) blog post “What to expect from the Skies at NDP 2010!

Photography Walkabout – Tanjong Pagar Railway Station & Spottiswode Park

Photography Walkabout, something that I always do regularly, visiting destinations and places all around Singapore. This time, I went with Sue and Amanda, exploring Tanjong Pagar Railway Station and Spottiswode Park area. The Tanjong Pagar Railway Station recently came into limelight and we decided to visit it for a photography walkabout, for more history and recent changes, check out this link.

Had breakfast at Seah Im Hawker Centre before proceeding to Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, it’s a historical landmark and building. Walked around looking inside the hall with its high ceiling, the railway tracks, its eateries, being a “local expert” since my alumni mata, Gan Eng Seng School used to be at Raeburn Park, that is very near to the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station (the former school building is beside the railway tracks and depot), I was able to bring Sue and Amanda around the area, known as Spottiswode Park Estate, going up to the top floor, 25th storey of 2 different blocks and enjoying the city, harbour and railway views.

I hoped that Sue and Amanda would not be too bored with my secondary school stories and tales, being nostalgic and relieving back the good old schooling days of fun! Although we didn’t take a lot of photos of the trains or railway station, we took photos of nature, sceneries and wildlife . The straight road connecting Raeburn Park and Spottiswode Park road, tall trees stood proudly on both sides of the road, giving us Korean Drama inspiration pics (Winter Sonata). Check out my other photos from my Photography Walkabout here on Flickr !

Moving forward, I still had a few more photography walkabout routes that I had already planned to conduct, lead and share with my fellow photography friends. With my photography walkabout routes, I hope to offer interesting exploration routes that is off the tourist track, for both locals and tourists alike to enjoy ! Come walk with me !

Chris Ling Photography Workshop by 24seven

When I was visiting IAC with 24seven folks, Kris told me about a photography organised by Chris Ling and my first reaction was WOW & I signed up for the workshop !

For those into wedding photography (for to be married couples or fellow photographers), Chris Ling is a very talented wedding photographer whose reputation speaks for himself. Personally, I see Chris Ling as one of the pioneers in wedding photography and highly respect his photography artwork. Therefore, with this workshop, it was great to hear from Chris himself on his experiences, journey, photography skills, mindset and perspective sharing.

I had the honour, opportunities and privilege to learn from different professional photographers in my photojournalistic journey, Chris Ling Photography Workshop did give me a better understanding of wedding photography and photography business management. With fellow photography enthusiasts, it was fun sharing and learning from Chris himself, we also had the chance to explore his studio and setup, all of us had fun shooting, especially his special room of retro/vintage treasures that wedding couples could use for a retro/vintage photography shoot !

Had a great night of fun, sharing, learning and shooting photography ! A big thanks to Chris Ling, Claudia, Kris and Diana from 24seven for making this workshop possible ! Check out my other photos here on Flickr !

Skype at CommunicAsia 2010

CommunicAsia 2010, an event held in Singapore, with exhibitors from all over the world, coming together at the Singapore Expo, showcasing the latest convergent technologies and applications, attracting many buyers and sellers to showcase here.

This is my 2nd visit to CommunicAsia, last year 2009, I was invited by XPR in conjunction with the LG Viewty Smart and this year 2010, I was invited once again by Daphne of XPR to attend “Come Experience the Joy of Conversations with Skype” whereby Peter Parkes, the Social Media Lead at Skype hosted us. There was a group of bloggers invited for this event and it was great to see Smith and Amanda there.

Once we got our Trade Visitor Pass, we went in and Peter Parkes hosted us and walked us around the Skype booth, it was beautiful and eye-catching due to the design setup of rainbow and clouds ! We had a fun guided tour and it was a great experience to see Skype being more actively used than just calling from your computer to another computer or mobile phone or land line. With the latest mobile phones that support video conferencing, using Skype is cool and easy ! The integration of Skype into modern television brings the tech geek out of me and I am sure this movement by Skype into television would be very useful especially for the older folks who had difficulties mastering computer and internet. The future looks so much more technology defined and powerful !

It was not all just about technology and appliances, we had slurpee courtesy of Skype and a specially designed and produced Skype iPhone casing ! Do check out Skype, it’s something that is already a part of our life, in leisure or work and moving forward into the future, it promises to be more exciting and powerful !

A Wedding Helper + Photography Journey (New Episode)

Jason, an old friend of mine, classmates since my our days in St Andrews Junior College, approached me to help out in his actual day wedding. Initially, I was afraid that my injuries would hinder me helping out in the brotherhood duties required in the morning segment of an actual day wedding gatecrashing, however, Jason was alright with me being on light duty and still able to go there support, participate and help him out.

It all happened on Thursday 10th June, picked up by Daniel & Irene, we reached Jason’s home for breakfast, waited for the rest of the entourage to arrive before proceeding to the bride’s home. Jason & Ling Ling, both spent time planning the schedule and details for execution, although the timing was a little bit late, the groom’s party managed to arrive and complete all gatecrashing tasks on hand.

Once the gatecrashing is over, there were less duties for the “brothers” and “sisters”, accompanying the wedding couple to shuttle from groom to bride to groom home, for the tea ceremony. The rest of the brothers and sisters helped to pack up their stuff to be ferried over to the hotel.

Returning home to rest, shower and change, I reached Grand Copthorne Waterfront for their solemnisation ceremony and attended their wedding dinner, catching up with classmates. My final duties of the brother was helping out in the yum seng and helping to arrange wedding tables for photo taking with the bride and groom.

It was a long day, quite fun too ! Wishing Jason & Ling Ling all the best in their newly wedded journey !
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