Sunset in Singapore

Sunset photography – one of my favourite photography themes that I loved taking on a regular basis as far as possible and I would always be mesmerised by sunsets from different parts of the world. The weather plays a critical part on how the sunset would turn out. With the weather in Singapore recently hot in the mornings and afternoons before raining in the late afternoon to evening, sunsets in Singapore wasn’t that ideal for photography.

We met fellow bloggers of 24seven at Downtown East on 22nd May 2010 after a full day of photography taking, the evening weather was looking not too bad and I decided to hike to nearby Pasir Ris Park for sunset photography. Amanda was free and she came along with me, Xinyun and Leon wasn’t able to join me because they had something on.

Even though the sunset on 22nd May 2010 wasn’t that great, the time waiting and relaxing while waiting for the sunset was really nice, enjoying the winds and waves along the beach and breakwater. When I go on my photography walkabout journeys next time, alone or leading group of friends/bloggers, I would love the Singapore weather and skyline to be good for me and us to take beautiful sunsets of Singapore to share with my readers here.

New Destination & Icon – Woodlands Waterfront !

New destination , new icon – Woodlands Waterfront ! Located at the northern part of Singapore, part of the comprehensive networks of park connectors and parks connecting the whole of Singapore. The new Woodlands Waterfront provides a new and relaxing venue for leisure and recreational activities for the young and old.

With its recent opening, many people from all walks of life were attracted to the new waterfront, with bustling activities such as fishing, having picnics, flying kites, children playing at the playground, family time and bonding. My keen and photojournalistic instinct kicked in and I decided to go there take a look for myself, the Woodlands Waterfront, along with Amanda, who had time to accompany on this exploration, this was also in conjunction with my photography walkabout routes that I am planning.

Took bus SMRT 856 from Woodlands Regional Interchange and traveled up towards Admiralty Road, bus stop 47011 (before R.M.N Barracks) and it was a very short distance to the main entrance of the Woodlands Waterfront. It was packed with many people and we explored the jetty walk, enjoying the sceneries and bustling leisure life. Across the water is Johor Bahru and we were able to see the Causeway and Senoko Power Station too. Although the weather was dull and cloudy due to the rain, there wasn’t much opportunity for the sunset today, therefore, another trip would be planned again 🙂 Nevertheless, Woodlands Waterfront offers nice night landscape photography shots ! Do drop by my Flickr for more photos !

When Phase 2 of the Woodlands Waterfront is completed, the Promenade would be up and connecting people with a great stretch of walking and running paths/route along the coast and a bigger park space too !

It’s a beautiful and tranquil location, do drop by and visit Singapore’s new destination and icon – Woodlands Waterfront !

Navy Open House 2010

The Navy Open House 2010, was a fun weekend for families and children from 22nd to 23rd May 2010, at Changi Naval Base. Different ships of the Singapore Navy was docked for viewing by the public and it attracted quite a lot of crowds queuing up for it. Met up with Xinyun, Amanda & Leon on a saturday morning, we went exploring around the various ships and were shutter happy, watching performance by the Naval Diving Unit too.

Although the weather wasn’t kind, the clouds were dark and raining, the chance for clear blue skies was gone, however, we made the best of it and continued walking around slowly taking different photographs. Having visited Navy Open House 2007 before, visiting the ships wasn’t my priority and I was just having as much fun chatting with my photography friends in the rain, had a great time with them.

There were many events and activities for all ages, informative booths and fun rides. Although I didn’t take as much photos like before, the group of friends I was with, made it fun and with me lending Xinyun my Canon 50mm f1.8 lens for her to test, it became a time for shooting portraits. When the sky clears and brightens up, a small rainbow appeared in the sky, small yet beautiful.

A short event at Navy Open House 2010, fun and enjoyable ! Do check out my other photographs here !

Fire at Singapore Arts Festival 2010 !

Fire Fire … Burning and lighting up the skies during the Singapore Arts Festival 2010 from 14th to 16th May 2010 at the Esplanade Park and Empress Place open areas. This was my 1st comeback event photoshoot, accompanied by Xinyun, who was able to take time off and join me !

We started off with a fire theme arts performance by Starlight Alchemy, titled Fires of Eden, at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre. Xinyun managed to find seats at the last row and we set up our tripods, waiting for the performance to start, chit chat while waiting, passing a bit of my knowledge to my disciple Xinyun. Once the performance started, we were mesmerised by the fire performances and dancing, busy snapping away. More photos of the performance can be found here on my Flickr !

After the performance, we walked over to Esplanade Park, discovering a brightly lighted area, lots of fires brightening up the skies, providing warmth and music in a beautiful quiet Esplanade Park. The view was magnificent and intriguing, it was like entering into a dreamland of many fires, this is known as Invitation to Dream – A Fire Garden Installation by Compagnie Carabosse from France.

Relaxing swings, hanging garlands of firepots and huge ‘fairy fireballs’ – metallic spherical frames studded with fire pots, along with beautiful music in the backgrounds, welcomes us to dream and always keep our fire inside us burning to get our dreams come true. More photos can be found here on my Flickr !

Continue walking towards Empress Place, Meli Melo, Charcoal Ball, A Fire of Vests, Stovepipes welcomed us to another dreamland of fires ! The beauty of the fires illuminating the skies of the Singapore River, absolutely beautiful.

Walking away from the fires, looking back again, the fires were so beautiful, inviting u to dream, live your dream and keep your fire burning inside you always !

A New Bridge – A New Icon in Singapore

The growth and expansion of modern Singapore has been phenomenal and transforming, from a small country without natural resources to a modern cosmopolitan city today. Over the years, it had been constantly expanding, upgrading and innovating its infrastructure, services and businesses.

With the completion of the Marina Barrage, followed by the Marina Bay Sands, the transformation of the Marina Bay area is getting close to its new and beautiful landscape of Singapore’s Central Business District, with its greenery and reservoir, performance arts, leisure and recreation facilities co-existing together in a modern cosmopolitan city in the world.

A new bridge, known as the Helix Bridge, a new icon in Singapore’s landscape. Beautifully and uniquely designed, led by award-winning architect Prof Philip Cox, a consultant team, consisting COX Group Pte Ltd (Australia), ARUP Pte Ltd (Australia) and Architects 61 (Singapore). Looking at its design, it’s probably affectionately described as the Double Helix Bridge. Crossing this bridge bridge has its own unique experiences, capturing the stunning views of Marina Bay, Marina Square, Singapore’s Central Business District and connecting to Marina Bay Sands.

With beautiful lights on the Helix Bridge illuminating the Singapore skyline, it has slowly become an iconic monumental presence in modern Singapore. A photographer’s latest icon and location for landscape shooting in Singapore, tourists and locals both flocking over and enjoying the walkabout. More photographs of the Helix Bridge can be viewed in my Flickr folder.

Ladies and Gentlemen, do drop by and have a walkabout on the Helix Bridge and Marina Bay area !

I am a Featured Photographer !

Photography and Travel are 2 of my strongest passion, deeply entrenched during my early childhood days, influenced tremendously by my Dad, Uncles and Cousins. It was from these 2 passion that I started my blogging adventure with my photoblog before producing my personal blog.

With the power and channels of Social Media Networking, I got to know Sasha, a great travel writer and photographer with her own travel blog and E-Magazine. When the opportunity of becoming a guest contributor arises, I decided to give it a shot and applied to be a guest contributor with 1 of my landscape photographs that I am proud of. Therefore, when I was accepted, it was a great honour and my 1st time featured in a travel magazine ! Do check out the On UR Way Magazine Issue #2 !!

The photo that got me as the Featured Photographer is a sunset scenery from Changi Boardwalk, taken during my pre-wedding outdoor shoot assignment for my friends. Moving forward, I hope to provide more interesting and unique photojournalistic photographs and travel stories to my readers here and readers from On UR Way Magazine !

A big Thank U to Sasha ! Many many thanks to my supporters & readers !

What Happened in the past 2 months ?

For my followers and readers, not having any posts here for the past 2 months would seem rather strange. What exactly happened here ?

Don’t worry, this photoblog was not neglected nor abandoned. What happened was on the 27th February, I suffered a nasty and freakish fall, resulting in very serious injuries requiring operation and post-hospital rehabilitation. I couldn’t walk and was wheelchair bound for 2 months before recovering recently allowing me to walk again.

In-depth write up of my stories can be found here on my personal blog

A Nasty & Freakish Fall

The Importance of Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy

Unable to walk and go out, staying in hospital and recovering. There wasn’t anything much that I can take photographs from the various events that were running or going out for photography shoots.

Everything happens for a reason and I believed that these chain of events would only make me stronger emotionally and mentally, giving me greater confidence to conquer my goals and objectives faster and better !

Like the path of fires lighting up the journey route that I am walking, there is light at the end of this route, that will lead to more exciting journeys ahead !

Thank you all for your following and support ! I am BACK !

I am BACK ! Re-Igniting the Fire !

After 2 months of in-action and not having any blog posts up …

I am BACK !

Re-Igniting the Fire again, getting my photoblog into big time action !

What really happened to me, that resulted in my photoblog not having any updates or blog posts ? Stay tuned as I slowly reveal in the following posts in the next few days.