Modern Bus Stop Signs of Singapore

I had been actively using the MoreLomo application on my 3G iPhone, taking street photography of Singapore daily landscape, in the heartlands.

A common sight in countries around the world, the bus stop sign, this is our Singapore’s modern bus stop sign

How different or similar is our bus stop sign compared to yours ?

My Journey & Thoughts During an AD Wedding Photography Shoot

On the 22nd Jan, I delivered my Actual Day (AD) Wedding photographs to my friend, which I covered recently over 2 days in December 2009. Mission officially accomplished with the delivery of photographs and I am finally allowed to release selected photographs of their AD Wedding day.

Let’s turn back the time, the groom is in the same alumni mata with me, we hail from the Dragon Chapter and Dragon Scout Group. The age difference is private 🙂

Upon meeting up with the couple, friendly and heartwarming, it was a rather quick and mutual agreement that I would be entrusted to take on their AD Wedding photography. That was in the 1st quarter of 2009 and fast forward 4th quarter 2009, their wedding journey began and so was my journey as an AD Wedding Photographer. How the whole AD Wedding went, from the start to the end, a brief synopsis of the entire event, could be found in an earlier post HERE !

Well, although the couple gave their permission to release the AD Wedding photographs for my portfolio and showcase, that would be certain photographs that would not be shown here, in order to respect the privacy of the couple. Having said that, some of the more fun photographs taken would be shown here and inside my Flickr !

As you walked through my AD Wedding Photographer journey, I hope you, my readers & followers would enjoy it ! Last but not least, a Big THANK YOU to Wei Liang & Denise, the lovely married couple !

1st time into Lomography via 3G iPhone

Taking photographs for many years, remembering my days when I was playing a manual film camera when I was a young boy playing with my dad’s Pentax SLR. Over a period of about 20 years, I was really going into other types of photography and was mainly using SLR, compact cameras before digital cameras and DSLRs.

Even hearing about Lomography, I wasn’t really knowing much about them and initially, they seemed so special/unique and wasn’t able to fully understand and appreciate Lomography. Therefore, what is Lomography ? Searching and increasing my photography knowledge, I came across this site and it gives an good insight into the history of Lomography.

Influenced by my blogger friends, I came across a Lomography application inside iTunes, known as moreLomo and this application really amazed me and got me hooked into a new field (for me) – Lomography ! I was basically walking around and trying out street photography with my Lomography application via my 3G iPhone !

Sharing some photographs taken using the moreLomo application today !! Hope to share more different Lomography photographs soon !!

Fun Night of BBQ, Games & Friendship by 24seven

After a fun Hat-py Party 2009 on 30th Dec 2009 organised by 24seven, another fun event was on the way with a fun night of BBQ, Pot Luck, Games, making new friends/bloggers & networking at Aloha Loyang Chalet on 13th Jan 2010 !

Arriving at around 645pm, I was quite early because the BBQ was supposed to start at 7pm, therefore, relaxed & chatted with Hisham, Ee Von, Diana. As part of the pot luck, I contributed 2 bottles of ice wine to the bar counter managed by Ee Von. Thereafter, the other folks arrived, Kris & Yusri started the fire and I hanged around chatting with them. More bloggers soon started coming in and the fun began to build up, from different age groups and blogging interests, food was being cooked on the BBQ pit, cooked food such as pizza, fried rice and noodles were available, along with tidbits & chocolates.

Saw some familiar faces as the crowds started building up, got to know more bloggers/friends and during this BBQ event, didn’t take much photos, spent more time eating, chatting, drinking and having fun ! There were other bloggers there too with their DSLRs & they would definitely take more photos than me, looking forward to their photos ! Didn’t take much photos, do check out some of my photos here on Flickr !

What would be an outing/gathering/event without a group photo ?

After this group photo event, there were games such as Monopoly Deal & Mahjong while others were eating & relaxing outside. Soon, it was time to make a move for home, missed the last train from Pasir Ris MRT Station by around 5 minutes and took a taxi home instead.

A Big Thank You to the lovely folks, Claudia, Diana, Kris & Ee Von of 24seven for organising this fun night ! It was awesome !!

My Photography & Travel Goals for 2010

“If You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail”

A quote told to me by my lecturer during my Uni days. This quote had always been something that I held onto closely to my heart and in my life, from my studies to personal life and running of my entrepreneur business.

Likewise, for my photography and travel goals 2010, I went through days of thinking and feeling, linking my brain and heart together, to plan for my photography and travel goals 2010 and I really wanted to achieve all of them since a very difficult and tiring 2009.

My Travel Goals

(1) Short trips (3D2N / 4D3N)

– Angkor Wat, Siem Reap

– Mt Bromo

– Bali

(2) Medium Trips (5-7 days)

– Guangzhou

– Shanghai ~ Expo 2010

– Brisbane ~ University of Queensland Centennial Celebrations, July 2010

(3) Long Trips (8-14 days)

– Yunnan, Shangri-La in Autumn 2010

I would really like to visit all these destinations that I listed, although costs and time/business schedule might be an issue. I would work very hard at making all of them come true for me by hard work and saving lots & also finding travel companions that are photography passionate too.

My Photography goals

(1) Passion

– Capture locations in Singapore before they will be lost to commercialisation e.g. Queenstown, Punggol fields, Kampung Lorong Buangkok, National Stadium,

– Joining/Organising more photography trips such as Snap Snap November Outing 2009.

– Making more new photographer friends via social media networking

– Mentoring my juniors in their National Youth Achievement Award in their hobby/interest project (photography)

– Giving back to society via photography when the opportunities arises

(2) Business

– Expanding and learning studio portrait photography thus moving into Corporate Shoot Photography

– Networking and achieving media accreditation through PR firms (hopefully)

– Building up portfolio & maintaining business accounts for events , sports and wedding photography

(3) Toys Buying

– I confess ……. I want to upgrade to …… Canon 7D or 2nd hand Canon 1d Mk 3 ? My Canon 30D had served me very well, however, it’s time for a model upgrade 🙂 ….. I need to move into sports action DSLR !

– Panasonic GF1 just tempted me tremendously, perfect compliment to my current DSLR setup and great street photography camera, a worthy consideration at a later stage in the year 2010.

Cheers to an awesome year of photography and travel in the year 2010 !

Synopsis of Actual Day Wedding Photojournalistic Journey

In the last week of 2009, there were 2 days that had been reserved early in the first quarter of the year, an actual day (AD) wedding photography assignment for a couple, whom I personally know the groom. After some initial discussion, we decided to meet up and had a longer discussion with the couple and finally reached an agreement for me to take on their AD Wedding photography. Their belief and trust in me, taking on their AD Wedding photography is another wonderful opportunity to grow and expand my photography experiences and knowledge.

Due to the number of photographs required for post processing, the selected photographs displayed would not contain any of the couple nor their family, relatives or friends. In this post, selected abstract/still wedding photographs would be showcased. This AD Wedding stretched over two days because we had to travel into Malaysia, whereby the Groom would receive the Bride from her hometown before returning back to Singapore. The Groom’s contingent of best men and helpers went in earlier to prepare and the early adventure started very early in the morning whereby all of us didn’t get much sleep.

0345 hrs – Woke up, washed up and started the AD Wedding Photojournalistic Journey for the wedding couple. Groom was helped on to his jacket by a senior member of his family and after capturing the shots, off I went to the Bride’s home with the videographer.

0445 hrs – Reached the Bride’s home, started shooting the Bridal make up by the makeup artist, putting on the veil by the parents, parents prayers to heaven and preparing to welcome the Groom’s contingent.

0600 hrs – Groom arrived to pick up his Bride and the action goes into full swing ! Photography swung into action and the guys were made to go through different tasks and challenges, “food tasting”, singing, games, giving red packets before reaching the Bride’s room and fetching the Bride. Formalities followed, with prayers to the heavens and ancestors before the traditional tea ceremony to the parents and relatives. Once completed, group photography followed and all of us had the time to rest for food and drinks.

0800 hrs – Departure of the wedding contingent returning to Singapore, a bit of traveling time, everything was smooth except for a bit of morning peak hour traffic.

1000 hrs – Arrival at the Groom’s home, now for the other side of the wedding formalities, traditional tea ceremony, group photography taking before adjourning to the newly wedded room for more photography taking, with the veil being removed by the Groom and more photo taking, along with food and drinks.

1300 hrs – Went to the hotel with the wedding contingent, finalised the schedule for the night before returning home for a short rest, downloading of the couple’s morning and afternoon wedding photojournalistic journey and adventure.

1600 hrs – Returned back to hotel, showed the couple and their family, relatives and close friends in the hotel room the photos on my macbook, apparently the power of digital photography, there were a lot more photographs taken without fear of wastage (a plus and negative point in photography). Glad that the parents enjoyed watching the slideshow of the wedding photography.

1700 hrs – Rehearsals and coordination with Groom, Masters of Ceremony, banquet manager and videographer, final preparation.

1830 hrs – Solemnisation of the Wedding couple, smooth sailing without hiccups.

1930 hrs – Wedding dinner starts and another round of AD Wedding Photojournalistic Journey began ! Once the guests settled down to enjoy, the wedding couple went around to mingle with their relatives, colleagues and close friends, thanking them and I was taking many group/friends photographs.

2300 hrs – At this time, the wedding dinner had wrapped up and everything was great. Chatted with the wedding couple for a while and arranged to meet them soon and deliver their AD Wedding photographs.

Looking back at my AD Wedding Photojournalistic Journey/Adventure with the couple, it was a really wonderful experience since I knew the Groom personally and it dawned upon me that I was more than just a Wedding Photographer, I became a helper too ! The friendly and heartwarming couple makes it easier for me to do my main task on hand, their trust and faith in me.

This synopsis seems to be a lengthy post …… If you are still reading this line …… Thank You for your support !! The portfolio of the AD Wedding Photography is up after approval from the newly wedded couple. Check it out below !

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

New Year Eve Photography Adventure !

The last night of year 2009 was going to be filled with countdown activities at the Marina Bay. Besides going there to capture countdown fireworks, met my friends for drinks and tidbits, having a picnic at the roads beside the Singapore Flyer, joining the crowds that gathered there to catch the Marina Bay countdown fireworks.

Watching fireworks from the Singapore Flyer wasn’t that bad after all, however, with the floating spheres on the bay that reflects different colours from the lightings, the best view to capture the fireworks would most likely be the Esplanade area, and they would have the best view of the house. Nevertheless, I was still able to capture the fireworks from the Singapore Flyer area and was quite happy with my fireworks photography, I am a big fan of fireworks !

After a short session with my friends, I walked over to the Esplanade area and captured the Marina Bay view with the floating spheres in different shades of colours, brightening up the dark Marina Bay and Central Business District of Singapore. Sometimes being alone taking night sceneries, it can be very peaceful and tranquil, not in a rush and enjoying myself. Moving further down to capture the Esplanade Bridge in its night landscape with my tripod and faithful Canon 30D.

Do check my photos of my New Year Eve 2010 Photography Adventure on Flickr !

Happy New Year to all my friends and readers ! Thank you for your support !