I had a GREAT time at 24seven Year End Blogger Hat-py Party 2009!

The year 2009 had been an interesting year for me, especially the opportunities and growth in the social media networking and publicity of my photoblog. To sum it up, an invitation to a Year End Blogger Hat-py Party organised by 24seven, a social media company (that I had the opportunity to work together with during the recent Snap Snap Photography Outing) in Singapore.

The theme was Hat-Py and the bloggers had to attend with a crazy hat ! I was stressed out because I couldn’t find my Aussie Bush hat and was busy with my actual day wedding shoot for my friend over 2 days before the Hat-py Party. Luckily I was able to borrow a cowboy hat from my colleague Viktor and avoided the “punishment” for being a naughty blogger attending the party without a hat !!

Venue was the Glass Hall at Singapore Art Museum, a great place with history and significance, great atmosphere and many bloggers of different backgrounds, interests and age band 🙂 Reached there slightly early before the official registration with and met the lovely folks of 24seven, Claudia, Diana, Ee Von and finally met Kris in person for the first time! While waiting for the event to start, viewed the paintings in the Glass Hall before going for the food.

Event officially started with Benjamin being the Master of Ceremony and Claudia giving the welcome speech, a game of “tasks” allowing us to visit the exhibition gallery behind the Hall, lucky draws, bingo and band performances by Black Diamond Ninjas and Only After Coffee, 2 great bands that provided awesome live music and songs to the bloggers ! Took the chance to know more bloggers and nice knowing you folks there ! Some great prizes for the lucky draw by kind sponsors, however, I didn’t win anything……

Hat-py Party came to an end with group photos of the bloggers and it continued with lots of photo taking 🙂 More photos of the event can be viewed here in my Flickr !

I would like to dedicate a Big THANK YOU to the lovely folks of 24seven for organising the Year End Blogger Hat-py Party ! Well done folks !

Merry Christmas !

It’s the time at the end of year, the period and spirit of Christmas, love and giving, remembering our loved ones, friendship and those in need. Although it had been a tough year 2009 for many of us, this had been a mix year for me, overall, it was very tough for me. Nevertheless, I would like to take the time to wish all my readers

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year !

Thank you for all your support, following and friendship, from all over the world and spreading the tropical Singapore Spirit of Christmas.

Christmas Lights in Tropical Singapore


In the month of Christmas celebrations, Singapore would light up its main shopping districts of Orchard Road and Marina Square/Bay, giving it a tropical style Christmas celebrations, trees and lights ! With the amount of work on hand, I wasn’t able to enjoy taking photographs of the Christmas lights in tropical Singapore.


However, I decided to take some time off and go explore the Christmas lights here in Singapore, starting off with the Marina Bay, Singapore Flyer and Esplanade area. My 1st location was the Singapore Flyer, whereby the tallest Christmas Tree in Singapore at 83m in height was showcased, climbed up the Benjamin Sheares Bridge and took my first few shots, the constant moving of fast vehicles on the expressway bridge provided the floor shaking thus my Canon DSLR on my tripod wasn’t steady either and I forgotten to bring my remote control, thus allowing me to hold on tightly to the tripod. After that, walked down to the Singapore Flyer and took different angles and perspectives of the Christmas tree! Check out my photos in Flickr !

Continued moving along the Marina Bay circuit, ended up at the Esplanade, overlooking the Marina Bay. I was looking forward to the floating spheres to be lighted up but it wasn’t !! Disappointed though, took photos of the Marina Bay night scenery landscape and enjoyed the peace and tranquility, looking forward to Marina Bay Countdown Fireworks on 31st December 2009 !


Would be planning to capture other Christmas trees and lights along the Orchard Road shopping district soon, before Christmas arrives ! Hope you folks have a fun and merry Christmas celebration !

12-12 Help-Portrait

On 12th December 2009, a worldwide movement of photographers coming together to give their personal time, photography equipment and expertise, to take portrait photographs of those less fortunate during this holiday season.

Step 1 – Find Someone in Need

Step 2 – Take Their Portrait

Step 3 – Print Their Portrait

Step 4 – And Deliver Them

Do check out the sites here for more information !

Fun & Cosy Christmas Dinner of QLD Universities Alumni !

The month of December is always a festive month of fun, celebrations, gatherings and dinners leading up to the Christmas period. This year, it was no exception and it takes on a bigger significance since the year 2009 was a very difficult year for everybody, things had started to turn and change for the better slightly and slowly.


The University of Queensland Alumni Association of Singapore, UQAAS, organised and led a fun and cosy Christmas Dinner event with other universities from the state of Queensland at the Sheraton Towers Singapore. The night was filled with great food, nice and cosy atmosphere with interesting games organised by the Ex-Co, starting with an interesting ice-breaker “local landmarks style” to form groups, gathering graduates from different eras together, followed by an Aussie / Queenslander  quiz for all to take on together with all teams getting the same score lines !


Lastly, the highlight of the games/activities segment, a beer drinking competition from the 3 different groups, each with a lady and gentleman to drink down the beer in the fastest time. Individual lady and gentleman winner from the beer drinking took home a special surprise gift of a sponsored bottle of wine from one of fellow alumni graduate, Mr Frankie Tan.


Was it the end of the fun ? Oh no, Eric took the lead and got more excess beer cans and the rest of the crowds joined in for the fun of beer drinking to see who was the fastest beer drinker without the prize !! The atmosphere was fun, the spirit was great and lively and we left for home with chocolate goodies. For more photos of our wonderful and fun and cosy Christmas Dinner, do check out the photos on Flickr !


Well done UQAAS Ex-Co for this wonderful Christmas Dinner !! Wishing all the alumni members from QLD state a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !