BonFire Festival 2009 (27th Nov Friday)

A night of fires burning and moving gracefully in action, choreographed beautifully with music and dance, by well trained and experienced performers from different parts of the world. It was the night of Singapore’s BonFire Festival 2009 held at the Dhoby Ghaut Green from the 27th November to the 28th November.


The ARTISTS LINE UP from their Facebook Event Page

(FIRE) Dai Zaobab (Japan), Fengshui (Singapore), G (England), Sean & Prisna (USA), Sari Sharina (Singapore), Starlight Alchemy (Singapore).

(LIVE BANDS) Sonofa (Singapore), Breakbeat Theory (Singapore) Dj MozKode and Mr Neumonix

(DJ) Kill the Tempo, DJ Neboet, Future Monk and MC Ross,


The night was HOT and their performance was HOT !! I am always fascinated by such wonderful arts performances and amazed at their skills, commitments and beauty. Along with the element of FIRE, somehow or rather, I am very attracted to FIRE maybe because my Earth element is FIRE too !


Got there early, sat at the last row of seats, saw many DSLRs mounted on tripods and monopods. I am a lazy photographer because I didn’t bring any of those 😛 … Soon the Fire performances began and I was happily firing away, first up was Fengshui, followed by Dai Zaobab and G.


However, something tragic happened, my Canon 30D went out of action again !! Another Error 99 and I suspect that it was the shutter again……… That’s it ….. Can’t take any more BonFire Festival 2009 photographs !! Do check my photographs of BonFire Festival 2009 before my Canon 30D went out of action !!


Continued watching other performances and I am very disappointed and angry that I wasn’t able to capture their wonderful performances in action and photographs !!! Overall, enjoyed myself thoroughly at BonFire Festival 2009 !!


Bloggers Invitation to Visit S’pore Discovery Centre

In my recent Snap Snap November Outing, we have seen that there are interesting locations in Singapore that is still quite well kept and tuck away somewhere in Singapore ! Therefore, would you be keen and like to know more about Singapore’s best kept secrets ?

Screen shot 2009-11-07 at PM 01.21.38

Bloggers, look no further, 24seven, a social media agency, is organising a tour to visit S’pore Discovery Centre, featuring the special exhibitions of Singapore’s best kept secrets and you can submit your very own best kept secrets of Singapore and enter their competition to win great prizes !

However, before I go further, there is a catch, it’s not difficult ….. All you need to do is to BLOG !! BLOG about your experiences at S’pore Discovery Centre and share with everybody and remember to bring camera and take many photos !

Bloggers, greater details are available on Singapore Blogpress website and register yourself there ! **Registration closes on 28th November 2009 or earlier if capacity is maximised !**

Best Blog Award

First and Foremost,

I must thank Denesa from Parent Times for this wonderful Best Blog Award ! Really appreciate it a lot !


Rules to accept the award:

  • Post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his/her blog link.
  • Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you have recently discovered and think are great!

Here are my 15 blogs that I would like to award the Best Blog Award !



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Happy Best Blog Award !

I went Snap Snap November Outing !!

14th November 2009 would mark a significant day for me, what makes this day special and unique ? This day marked my maiden joint project with 24seven, a social media agency, organising the Snap Snap November Outing, details were also posted inside Singapore Blog Press~”Snap Snap November Outing”, a photography walkabout to the following locations in Singapore –


– Dairy Farm Nature Park

– Singapore Quarry

– Clementi Railway

We all gathered at King Albert Park McDonalds, waited for the various bloggers/photographers to join up and it was fun to be involved in social media networking with bloggers and going out for outings together such as the Snap Snap November Outing. Transport was arranged by 24seven and it was really useful to get us from location to location, thus giving us more time to enjoy ourselves and take lots of photographs.


Our 1st stop was Dairy Farm Nature Park, a recently opened Nature Park area whereby a relatively unknown part of Singapore history was preserved in the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. An old warehouse was preserved and restored into a museum and classroom for students, cow sculptures showed visitors the heritage and history of dairy farm. While the Snap Snap group was hiking from Car Park B to Wallace Education Centre, they soon brought out their cameras and started happily snapping away ! Being the “tour + photography” guide today, I wasn’t able to take as many photographs today, having to lead the route, sharing about the history and photography tips too. The old PUB store room was a popular spot there and many of the Snap Snap Outing photographers were mesmerised by an old monument.


Next stop is the Singapore Quarry, our bus took us from Car Park B to Jalan Asas, near to Rail Mall car park. It was a short walk from the Asas Entrance to the Singapore Quarry, when we were inside walking up the hill, we were surrounded by forests while we were able to see “civilisation” such as private residences and sounds of vehicles. It dawned upon us that Singapore does have interesting locations for us to visit and it would definitely attract both locals and tourists ! That’s why S’pore Discovery Centre organised an online contest known as SG Tidbits 365 to discover more of Singapore’s hidden secrets and gems ! Upon reaching Singapore Quarry, we took the time to relax and enjoy the peace, tranquility and beauty of Singapore along with lots of photographs !


Our next stop was Clementi Railway track, in the Sunset Way region, the highlight of the Snap Snap November Outing schedule. The railway track is no longer in operation and it’s an historical monument of Singapore, although it was quite close to the road, trekking up proved a bit tricky with the wet weather causing the slopes and grass to be wet, muddy and slippery. Once up on the track, excitement grew and we all went forward to the railway track and started snapping happily away ! Since it was quite high up and above the river below, along with rusty metal planks and railings, wooden blocks on the railway track itself showed its wear and tear over the ages. Nevertheless, the group of photographers/bloggers were pro-active with a bit of hesitation to walk a bit more out and took many different photos. Do check out more of my Flickr photos from Snap Snap November Outing !!

For a greater understanding on the history of the Clementi Railway. do drop by Lam Chun See’s blog post and Second Shot-Same Place Just Different Time blog post ! Have a read of their interesting and comprehensive write up of the historical Clementi Railway !


This being the 1st Photography Walkabout, I hoped everybody there enjoyed themselves today ! First and foremost, I would like to thank 24seven, especially Claudia and Ee Von for giving me this joint event opportunity ! Of course, I would like to thank all those who came today for the Snap Snap November Outing, you were the wonderful bloggers/photographers that made it fun and enjoyable !!!


Thank you all and hope to do another Snap Snap Outing again !

Do check out fellow Snap Snap Outing Photographers/Bloggers posts !

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The Keropok – Singapore Daily Photo ~ “Old Jurong Line – Railway at Sunset Way

The Keropok – Singapore Daily Photo ~ “Hidden Rails of Clementi”

Apologies to All My Readers & Entrecard Droppers

Dear Readers & Entrecard Droppers

I would like to dedicate this beautiful Orchid to you, the National Flower of Singapore.


Thank you all for your continuous support and following. I understand that my template with some of my widgets had caused quite a nuisance with its pop up advertisements. It can be irritating (even I don’t like it too !) and I took the action to make amendments to my widgets placed on my main page and would be careful with widgets selection for the future.

For Entrecard droppers, thank you for dropping especially the loyal droppers !! Thank you very much !! I wasn’t able to drop consistently daily due to my business and work commitments and I would try to drop more consistently !!

Have a nice weekend and I would keep you posted of my photography walkabout later in the afternoon (hope the weather changes for the better) and show you a different sight of Singapore for all my readers !

Join Me & 24seven in Snap Snap Outing !


Let me pose some questions to you, how much do you know about Singapore ? What “hidden” secrets could there be in Singapore, food, places of interest ? S’pore Discovery Centre, is organising a campaign and competition on finding and unveiling Singapore’s Best Kept Secrets known as SG Tidbits 365, whereby there is a photography competition/online contest whereby –

  1. Discover an little interesting little known fun fact that is unique to Singapore, it could be a place, person or thing which not many people know about.
  2. Shoot a photo or video and write about it !
  3. Submit online to SG Tidbits 365 Online Contest and you could stand to win great prizes !

Screen shot 2009-11-07 at PM 01.21.38Photo Source : SDC Website

In conjunction and collaboration with 24seven, a social media agency of great fun, friendly and loving folks, we are organising a Snap Snap November Outing, led by myself and we would be having a photography walkabout. The details are as follows :

Date : 14th Nov 2009 Saturday

Time : 1500 hrs to 1900 hrs

Walkabout Route

– Diary Farm Nature Park

– Bukit Timah Hill / Nature Reserve

– Clementi Railway Track

Do drop by Singapore Blog Press for further details and register with them !

See you all folks for this Photography Walkabout ! I would like to thank Claudia, Diana, Ee Von and Kris from the wonderful folks at 24seven !

Let’s all have fun ! Take many many many photographs of Singapore !

Chijmes Jazz Festival 2009

An annual Jazz Festival was singing and rocking her Jazz music and festival at Chijmes, whereby great jazz bands and singers came down together for Chijmes Jazz Festival 2009, CHIJazz 2009 Concert – Jazz Talkin on 1st November 2009.


The wonderful line-up consists of

– Dylan Foster

– Ruth Ling

– Richard Jackson

– Natasha P

– Hazrul Nizam

– Special performance by Raffles Institution Jazz Band


The Jazz singers, with their great vocals and singing, along with their jazz bands, brought in a lively and heartwarming atmosphere to the crowds dining at the restaurants and pubs surrounding the marquee at the Chijmes Lawn. Singing the night away with their beautiful voices and ballads, people relaxed and enjoyed the musical jazz performances.


Jazz Talkin was kick started by Raffles Institution Jazz Band, followed by the cast of brilliant jazz singers in the list above, mesmerising the crowds around Chijmes, a magical and beautiful night of some of the finest jazz music festival from both the local and international jazz stars.


Chijmes had always been a great venue for restaurants, pubs and shops, an awesome place for locals and tourists to chill out, enjoy fine dining and beautiful events such as the Chijmes Jazz Festival 2009. Besides, it’s a great venue to catch sports events too especially football fans ! Do drop by Chijmes for your dining and leisure experiences ! Do drop by my Flickr for more photos of CHIJazz Concert 2009 !