Arch of Rainbow Colours in the night

When the night sets in the sunny island of Singapore, there is an arch that emits different rainbow colours and lights up the roads and area around it..


This is known as the Alexandra Arch Bridge ~

The bridge, with its curved deck and tilted arch, spans across Alexandra Road like an opened leaf.”

Source : National Parks Singapore 


This bridge forms part of the Southern Ridges, one of the latest Singapore attractions for both locals and tourists, a stretch connecting different parks together and I was recalling my day and evening hike to the Southern Ridges Canopy Walk in May 2008, comprising of the Henderson Wave Bridge and Alexandra Arch.



It’s been a while since I went back there to take photos, finally I captured the arch of rainbow colours in the night ! For more photos, do drop by my Flickr !

RED – Stalker Theatre Company (Australia)

The Singapore Arts Festival 2009 is back in full force, even though I missed the Opening Ceremony at the Marina Barrage, I checked out their website and looked out for their Outreach events, marked down the various performers, venues and dates for the segment of Special Events. From there, I went for my 1st event of Singapore Arts Festival 2009 known as RED.


I went on saturday 23rd May, held at Vivo City, The Plaza, at 8pm. The crowds were great and many sat down, waiting patiently for the performance to start, although I arrived early, I decided not to sit down and decided to move around searching for my ideal location to capture the photos.


RED – is a production by Stalker Theatre Company from Australia and prior to the start of the performance, the artistic director, David Clarkson stepped forward and gave a quick insight on the performance called RED, for more information, do drop by their site and read on the write up of their current production RED.


“A unique hybrid piece comprising dance theatre, live music and circus-style arts, RED forms the second part of a triptych of performances. While the first part of the triptych (Four Riders) sees the apocalyptical end of the Christian world according to the Revelations, REDexplores the end of the world as foreseen by western science and science fiction: 

Imagine the Earth in several billion years, faced with an imminent collision with the sun. What forms will humans take? What will be our obsessions and desires as we prepare for the earth to fall into the sun? How do we dance goodbye to the Earth we once knew? 

Exploring the texture and ephemeral nature of falling, suspension and gravity, RED is an extreme movement work of frenetic beauty portraying a journey to the end of time, into the remote landscape of the imagination.”

– Source : Singapore Arts Festival 2009 website 

When it started, the crowds were mesmerised by the arts and performance, lighting was tricky and it was a challenge for us photographers, with dim light and flashing lights at different segments of the performance. 45 minutes of artistic and dynamic performance, I would let my photos here do the talking, enter the world of RED.

At the end of their wonderful performance, a warm round of applause were showered upon them by the crowds…….



More photos from this performance can be viewed at my Flickr !

What Happened to my Entrecard Drops on 14th May ?

I was back dropping my Entrecards again on 14th May night (local time) and I managed to drop about 253 Entrecards and was planning to resume dropping on 15th May morning before the counter resets.

When I login and view the dashboard on 15th May morning, I was shocked to see ZERO drops on my dashboard ……..

Anybody has clue what could have happened ??

Slowdown in EntreCard Dropping for this week

To my EntreCard droppers, visitors and especially my top regular droppers,

This week is kind of hectic for me (business, customer relationship management, taking care of household and my family spitz) and I am unable to consistently drop Entrecards for every night for this week, if you have been regularly dropping on my photoblog, 

Thank you very much for dropping your Entrecard !

Do drop by my personal blog and drop an Entrecard too ! 

I should be able to drop more regularly this coming weekend …….

See you folks soon !

A Sunset From Marina Barrage

The Marina Barrage is one of Singapore’s latest icon in the downtown area of the Marina Bay Front, an engineering masterpiece, a great place for relaxation and part of the future Marina South parks and gardens sector along with water activities. 


Since my first trip to the Marina Barrage during its opening, I haven’t been back there to capture photos especially the sunset sceneries of the Marina Bay Front. When Dave Koh, asked me whether I am keen to go for a sunset/night photo shoot, I suggested Marina Barrage and we went there on 9th May, a public holiday in Singapore.


Being a public holiday and a weekend as well, there were quite a number of people there, families with their young children, playing with the water around the Marina Barrage and there’s a lot of people having picnics, gatherings and flying kites. Well, not to forget photographers like us who were there to relax and capturing moments.


As sunset approached, I was at the roof terrace, at the corner, facing the Marina Bay Front and happily snapping away while the sun slowly sets into the darkness of the night. I love taking sunset photos, and always amazed by many different sunset photos around the world.


A great saturday evening of relaxation …… looking forward to taking more photos and capturing moments. Check out more photos here !

Photography Events & Competitions Update

With the current situation, things had not been getting easier for everybody around the world. 

For photography buffs, do you find that there are less events to go around and snap photographs ? Or have you been more tied down by work and unable to find time for photography ?

Well, just an update on the photography competitions 

(1) Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve Photography Competition 2009

     Theme : Animals Unrestrained 

     6th April to 12th July 2009

(2) “Singapore My Home” Photography Competition 2009

      Theme : Come Together

      15th April to 8th June 2009

There is also an exhibition coming up –

(1) Month of Photography Asia

     17th June to 19th July 2009

Happy photo taking, folks !