In Danger from being DELETED from Entrecard

Dear Entrecard members/droppers,

I received a notice not too long ago on the position of my Entrecard Widget and I am given 72 hours to rectify this before I get deleted from Entrcard.

If you observed, I shifted the Entrecard Widget up, adjusting the position from my WordPress Dashboard and hope they would give me the opportunity to continue utilising Entrecard due to the nature, design and layout of my template. This template works for my photojournalism style website/blog and it does have its constraints, and I accept that nothing is perfect.

Would keep you Entrecard members updated.

Wedding Photographer in Lijiang

I was reading through Clubsnap forums and came across a post by Lijiang Photography on their portfolio and services, looking at their photos and locations, I was mesmerised by their works.

I pop over to their website and take a more in-depth research into their portfolio and services. They are based in Lijiang, Yunnan and this is a region that I am planning to visit and take photographs some time in the near future. Their combination of the natural sceneries in Yunnan and wedding photography is really inspiring and a great role model to emulate and improve my photography (and knowing where would be excellent locations to take landscape sceneries)

Do drop into their site and take a look !!

Business & Alumni Networking Event

There is a saying “No Man/Woman is an island”.¬†

In today’s world, the pace and development that we are facing currently, it is very important that we help each other with opportunities, partnerships, businesses etc etc with the art of networking. Networking can take place in your industries, friends and one of the best networking avenue is alumni networking.

Being a former student a.k.a alumni of the Business, Economics and Law Faculty of The University of Queensland, it is always a great event to attend business and alumni networking events organised by them, getting to know more fellow alumni members and business networking and catching up with changes and developments back in The University of Queensland.

We had a Business & Alumni Networking Event at Garden Terrace, Shangri-La Hotel, attended by distinguished Professors and guests from The University of Queensland and fellow alumni, being a ex-co member of UQAAS, the local alumni branch in Singapore, we were there to grace the event and were given a great opportunity to introduce ourselves to all present.

A great networking event, looking foward to more alumni events in the future.

Dragon Scout Group Campfire 2009

A campfire is always an important part of our Gan Eng Seng School Dragon Scout Group calender of events and on the 11th April 2009, it was another night of fun and singing with a unique and first of its kind campfire setup, campfire with a camping and BBQ site layout. It seemed that rain would always turn the campfire into wet weather program. Persistence and patience paid off and the dark rain clouds cleared for the beautiful night sky to enter for the Dragon Scout Group Campfire 2009.

It was definitely not your usual and normal scout campfire, nevertheless, it was very refreshing for old boys like me, instead of just singing around the main fireplace in the middle of the arena, each “campsite” has its own BBQ pits and food were prepared for the invitees (Scouts and Guides) and VIPs, guests. While singing and enjoying, there were definitely lots of fun cooking the food around the BBQ pit, moreover, the schools weren’t just sitting with themselves, they were mixed with different schools and with our Dragon Scout Group too.

The campfire was declared open by the Dragon Chapter Chairman Mr Ong Thye San and started with a flying fireball into the campfire pit and action kicked started. As the campfire was ongoing with singing and performances, food was cooking on the BBQ pit, and making new friends and catching up with old friends (for us), chatting about scouting and 2010 scouting projects.

After about 2 hours of fun, it was formally declared closed by the Principal, Mrs Caroline Tan, after the prizes and gifts were presented to the attending schools and organisations. 

Do drop by my flickr for more of the campfire photos !

Cat Portraits

I am a dogs and cats lover, always making a diversion to stroke and pet a cat. My neighbourhood cats below my block were very friendly with their carers and over time, even though I don’t feed them, they would always come to me whenever I called for them.

Today, after coming back from the Dragon Scout Group Campfire ( I would be writing up soon), I decided to capture a few of my favourite cat portraits when I was under my block.

It would always be a challenge to take their portraits, always ready to move and not willing to sit or lie down, even getting their attention to look at my lense was a challenge. All the above photos were taken using my Canon EF 50mm @ f/1.8, utilising my prime lense more often and playing with the bokeh.

Hope you folks love cats too !

50mm @ f/1.8

The photo taken below is beloved and popular family dog of mine, she’s like a princess !

Taken with Canon EF 50mm @ f/1.8, a great lense at a great affordable price, a must have !

Thank You, Entrecard members !

Today, I would like to sincerely give a Big THANK YOU to all my loyal Entrecard members who consistently and regularly dropped Entrecards on my photoblog. Your support is greatly and deeply appreciated !

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Photography Competitions List + Ramblings Photography

While I was regularly surfing photography forums and sites, I came across via Clubsnap on some of the upcoming Photography Competitions that you (readers/photographers) would be interested –


(2) Visit Singapore – Relieve the World’s First Formula One Night Race

(3) University of Queensland – School of Political Science and International Studies –¬†1st Annual International Photography Competition – the world in focus …

(4) National Parks Singapore – Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve Photography Competition 2009

They would probably have more competitions coming up at a later stage and I would post them when I have the information.

Back to my ramblings on photography and ramblings again …….

– Poisoned by Buy Buy Buy disease ……… dreaming/planning of a Canon EOS 1d Mk II ?

– Recently, been providing a handful of photography related enquiries e.g. which lense better, which brand better etc etc

– To bid or not to bid from eBay ?

– Join photography competitions ? Especially on the competition by my alma mater, the University of Queensland, very interesting !

– 2 tentative confirmed bookings for assignments

– When to master studio portrait photography ?

– Following up from the previous rambling post for those unfulfilled list of photography things to be done

Oh, am I rambling too much ???? ūüėČ

Return of my Canon EOS 30D

My Canon EOS 30D had been a great workhorse for me, been with me through high up to the summit of Mount Kinabalu and various coverage in different events, travel and assignments. 

However, being an electronics device, it had a lifespan, faced wear and tear and depreciation. Recently, it was hit with a Error 99 and the EOS 30D failed terribly and the decision to send for repairs and servicing was made. A bill of $190 was chalked up and it was acceptable, however, after going for the Earth Hour 2009 Singapore, the switch-release was spoilt and it was not sensitive like before, I had to force it down to press the shutter and take the photo, instead of slight half press to focus then followed by full press. Therefore, another trip down again to Singapore Canon Service Centre and potentially another huge bill again. Luckily, after their diagnosis and checking back with their previous records, I was given a good discount and only paid $26.75 for change of switch-release and CMOS censor cleaning.

Today, it is back again and it is really good to have it patched up running good again.

Canon EOS 30D is a highly regarded and trustworthy DSLR that I am using currently, however, I am currently looking for a used Canon EOS 1D Mk 2, to fulfill my sports photography (F1 and football) and attain higher professional standards ūüôā