Earth Hour 2009 in Singapore – Esplanade Park

On 28th March 2009 at 2030 hrs , Singapore played her part in Earth Hour 2009 by switching off its lights for 1 hour and highlighting the cause and importance of saving and protecting our beloved Earth. 

Before that, the Esplanade Park was alive with activities and concerts prior to switching off of the lights around the event ground and the buildings around nearby to Esplanade Park. There were different activities happening around the marquees, with Earth Hour 2009 sponsors giving it a strong presence and the Singapore Scouts were very active in making Earth Hour 2009 Singapore colourful with their activities and artwork and passing down the message to the future generation of Singaporeans in our cub scouts. 

There were also great crowds around the Esplaande Park, with participants sitting around the grass patch, with their picnic mats and goodies, lighting up candles and a electric lamp by Phillips. When the lights go off at 2030hrs, it was an awesome sight to see the brightly lit candles. The buildings around the Raffles Place and City Hall area switched off their external facade lights, as I did not bring my tripod, I couldn’t really capture the lovely night sceneries. On the stage, the participants were given a great unplugged performance under the beautiful moonlight and candles lighting up the area. 

I was glad to be part of Earth Hour 2009 Singapore, with everybody taking a part in it, we all combine our strengths to make a difference to Earth Hour and spreading the message across to everybody around the world that, we can, we need and we must take care of our Planet Earth

More photos can be viewed here

How was your Earth Hour 2009 event like in your home country ?

It’s not too late to SUPPORT Earth Hour 2009 !

The World Scouting Movement is supporting Earth Hour 2009 ! 

On 28th March 2009 @ 2030hrs to 2130hrs – Show your Support ! 

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Ramblings on (my) Photography

Just ramblings on my photography, a number of thoughts on photography related matters running inside my brain now, good to write down and share and not to forget things to do also.

DSLR enquiries

As many as 3 friends asking me on DSLR photography within a night, coincidence ?

Actual Day Wedding Photography enquiry

I haven’t make an appointment to chat and discuss with the couple, need to arrange it soon.

Teaching Photography

Just taught my friend 2 hrs crash course on Actual Day Wedding, think it works out alright (hopefully) 🙂

Had a few people enquiring on teaching them photography, yet to start anything nor prepare any materials, it might take a while before it officially kick starts.

Looking out for a 2nd hand professional series DSLR

It’s time …… I would love and already planning to get a 2nd hand Canon EOS 1DMkII 

Seeking to go newer and higher levels of photography

Planning to do overseas wedding shoot, any takers for a greenhorn like me ?

Learning studio portrait photography, setup and lighting

Exploring exotic locations and emulate National Geographic standards (Inspired by iWalk,U2

Visiting areas and using my photography to help them (also inspired by iWalk,U2)

Shooting a ballet charity concert

Becoming a sports photographer and photojournalist

Interestingly, I was approached recently to shoot amateur football games, I didn’t go down nor ask for further details due to schedule constraints, however, I always love football and sports photography, worth a shot ?

Buying/Upgrading new accessories/toys

A very “infectious disease” a.k.a BUY BUY BUY syndrome for serious photographers, looking at a portrait lense, Macro lense, 2 new flash units.  

Building my Portfolio Photography Album

Very guilty, been talking about it for a period of time and no action taken. Online photos hosted at flickr not sufficient for detailed viewing. Time for action to be taken.

Hmmm ……. Well …… These look like a long list 🙂

Update No. 1

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First and foremost, in my midst of blogging and entreprenurial business and financial consultancy business and alumni networking commitments, I might have miss out on many things including unfilled reviews, follow ups etc, therefore I would like to apologise any parties that was affected by my slow responses or even failed responses.

Just email me/stumble me and I would look into it again !

Therefore, I am writing & listing down my different social networking and bookmarking channels.

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Hope to network with you readers again !

Dragon Scout Group Investiture 2009

The Dragon Scout Group, a family that I am part of, had their annual investiture on 7th March 2009. This ceremony marks the official initisation of our new members to the Dragon Scout Group family, usually the Secondary Ones and our cub scouts from Radin Mas Primary and Gan Eng Seng Primary. Prior to the flag break ceremony, the Patrol Leaders and their patrol scouts helped to arrange the tables and benches for the Group Photo taking later.

The ceremony kicked off with our meeting ritual, the flag break ceremony, thereafter, we went on with the investiture ceremony whereby the Secondary Ones were initisated, with our Dragon Scout Group scrafs, the famous Green and Red, were put on them by the Leaders, Rovers or Parents of the Tenderfoots.

Once the Secondary Ones were finished initisated into our family, there were led to recite the Scout Promise and Law. With that completion, they were posted to their new patrols to begin their Scouting Adventure in Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scout Group.

The ceremony was followed by the investiture for the Radin Mas Primary and Gan Eng Seng Primary Cub Scouts. Once the ceremony was completed, we went over for our Annual Group Photo taking, as usual like the years before, with a huge number of people, it wasn’t always easy to squeeze and arrange them. Being the official photographer for the past few years, it would always be a challenge and there were great assistance from the Leaders and Rovers especially Ganesh, Alex & Aixia.

After the fun of formal and fun Groups Photo taking, the Scouts went on with their activities while I mingled around with the old boys catching up. After the activities were completed, we all had our lunch together and it was a great family gathering for the young and old.

Do drop by my photos here !!

It’s great to be back again, to be where I belong, Dragon Scout Group !

Recommended Travelogue Site –

As a travel and photography buff, I am always on the lookout for other fellow travelers, photographers and bloggers home/web pages that I would be able to read, view and follow them in their adventures too. Since I started blogging, I encountered quite a number of excellent sites and today, I would like to recommend a travelogue site for all my readers – 

One of the site owners is Adrianna Tan of Popagandhi, her style of photojournalism is of excellent quality standards and writing and a great sense of travel and adventure across the world. 

Do drop by and take a peek at travel, adventures, videos and photographs around the world !