River Hongbao 2009 @ Marina Bay Floating Platform

The Year of the Ox has finally arrived and took over from the Year of the Rat, although the Chinese Lunar New Year spirits is dampened by the current uncertainties and world economic turmoil, many of us take this 2 days of festive holidays to take that away from our minds and remembering our loved ones, counting our blessings and appreciating whatever we have now.

The River Hongbao in Singapore was something that I would look foward visiting during the Chinese Lunar New Year period, immersing myself into the wonderful Chinese cultures and festivals. For 2009, it was held at the Marina Bay Floating Platform, a change of location from the previous years, nevertheless, The River Hongbao attracted quite a huge number of crowds there, enjoying the festive atmosphere and holidays, soaking in the fun and laughter with their friends and family members.

People were seen taking photos, enjoying the displays, , bright red lights symbolising luck and prosperity. The 12 animal zodiacs also made their presence felt, placed in their order of queue, Romance of Three Kingdoms Characters also made a strong appearance along with a castle and Chinese Chess Set, probably influenced by the epic movie Red Cliff Part I & II ……

Being the Chinese Lunar New Year, we cannot forget our God of Fortune, a giant presence overlooking towards our Marina Bay, blessing us with luck, prosperity and of course, our local favourite 4D lucky lottery numbers !!! 

The River Hongbao would end on 1st February 2009, do drop by their official website and take a look !

Do drop by my flickr site for more River Hongbao 2009 photos

Wishing all my readers 


Triple Awards !

Recently, I received an award from – Chopsticks – The One And Only Original Chopsticks Chopsticks Blogger. I am very grateful and appreciative with the award received.

After receiving this award, I have to pay it foward to my fellow bloggers. Here are the rules for the recipients:

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I wish to pass these awards to

(1) Lainy’s Musings

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(3) Life’s Perfect Pictures

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(5) vanillaseven.com

(6) iWalk,U2?

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Please do drop by the 10 awesome blogs here !

2 Gifts – X30 & Half Jacket

Recently, I received 1 gift, a birthday and christmas gift from my old mate, Nicholas, whom I have known for many years. In the year 2009, I would know him for 19 years already ! The gift he got for me was an Oakely Half Jacket that is white in colour and it really stands out from the rest of the other Oakley range of sunglasses. 

Another gift was a pampering gift for myself, a reward from the success and income that came from blogging and internet marketing. It was the Phiten Rakuwa X30, bought via eBay.

Let’s take this time to appreciate the blessings that you have, the friendship that you have, the little things around you.

A 7:07:59pm Sunset in Singapore

This sunset was taken from Faber Point, at 7:07:59pm on 17th January 2009, Mount Faber in Singapore, overlooking the southern part of Singapore. I was there with my alumni group, the Dragon Scout Group who were there at the top of Mount Faber, for the end point for their amazing race event.

I would be writing up on the Dragon Scout Group Amazing Race 2009 soon ! Keep a look out here !

Meanwhile, do drop by my flickr for more photos of the sunset from Mount Faber !

Volvo Ocean Race Singapore Carnival – 17th Jan 2009

The Volvo Ocean Race was in Singapore for a while, as a stopover for repairs, shore leave and a first for Singapore to be a major stopover with a the Volvo Ocean Race Singapore Carnival from 8th January 2009 to 18th January 2009. There were publicity from the television, media and newspaper coverage of this competitive world sailing race.

I went down today, on the 17th January 2009, with today’s theme is “Celebrating Youth”, on the 16th January 2009, the theme was “Scout’s Day” and a few of my junior leaders from the Dragon Scout Group were there to help out, however, it was difficult for me to drop down and be with them and giving them support while viewing the carnival too.

Although this was not my first time to Sentosa Cove, there were many changes and developments over the years. When I reached the Volvo Ocean Race Singapore Carnival, there weren’t that many people there, considering that it was a Saturday, it was not as crowded that I would be expecting. There was also a Straits Times article today, that the organisers were disappointed with the turnout of the visitors numbers to the Volvo Ocean Race Carnival, after reading the article, I agreed with them on their points brought up.

Oh, by the way, the carnival has a great shuttle service that the public does not know, regular shuttle service from Seah Im Interchange and Beach Station were not announced on the websites nor the newspapers.

Nevertheless, I believed the Volvo Ocean Race Singapore Carnival would be a great sporting and tourism event for Singapore. Although the visitor crowds were not as ideal, there could only be improvements to the carnival in the near future.

I would like to see –

(1) Access (with controls) to the pontoons that the competition sailing boats were moored, thus allowing photographers like me to have a close up view of them and taking more photographs.

(2) Getting the Scouts Day theme to fall on a Saturday, this would definitely get more crowds coming in.

(3) More interactive events for the visitors to participate and enjoy.

(4) Opportunity to board the sailing ships.

I hope to see them back in Singapore again ! Do drop by my flickr for more photos !

Butterfly Awards for the Coolest Blogs I Ever Know !

I received an award called “Butterfly Award for the Coolest Blogs I Ever Know”

This award was earned from Mova Nugraha and I would like to sincerely thank Mova Nugraha from the bottom of my heart for this award !


The rules of this award are:
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So now, I will give this award to ten cool blogs. And this award goes to :

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(3) Foodie and Travel Bug

(4) Seen This Scene That

(5) Nature Shows and Dreams

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(8) James Wei Photography

(9) RennyBA’s Terella

(10) Eastcoastlife

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Hello ! Would U Like to Network ?

Hi fellow bloggers,

If you are reading this post, first and foremost, thank you very much for dropping by here !

There were so many blogs around the world, many outstanding and interesting blogs of different interests, focus, styles and networks. Being an entrecard supporter, I came across many different types of blogs around the world that were really outstanding. 

I would like to take this chance to ask around my bloggers & readers, whether they would be keen to network via link exchanges through 

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If you folks would be keen to exchange via the following networks above, do drop me an email !

Happy Blogging !

Last Kampong Standing

The truth and reality is finally out….. Our last kampong standing on mainland Singapore, Kampong Lorong Buangkok, had hit the international news this week.

It appeared on the 4th January 2009, in the International Herald Tribune, with the title, “A piece of a disappearing past: Singapore’s last rural village“. 

With the demands of an expanding population in a country with small land space, it is inevitable that the reality and future development would arrive and our last potential piece of Singapore’s early history would soon be gone forever in our eyes except for Pulau Ubin, across the mainland Singapore. When is the date for the redevelopment, there is no official news, as much as I would not want to see our last piece of Singapore history to be gone, we had to accept the needs and demands of our country’s future development.

Kampong Lorong Buangkok was part of my long time plans to capture its images, memories and footprints, however, I was guilty of procrastination and didn’t walk to our historical last kampong and capture the footprints in histroy.

My immediate short term goal is to explore Kampong Lorong Buangkok and capture as many images, memories, footprints, views and perspectives of our Last Kampong Standing before we lose it to the impacts of capitalisation and economic growth and expansion.

Upcoming Events


In the coming weeks, there would be 2 events that would be of great interest to photographers and visitors/tourists who would be traveling to Singapore during this period of time.

Volvo Ocean Race Singapore Stopover ~ 8th Jan – 18th Jan 

The Volvo Ocean Race is currently in action and they are now having a rest, there is an event and race village at Sentosa Cove, I am planning to drop by on the 17th January, take a look and find my Dragon Scout Group Rovers and Leaders who would be helping out at the Carnival. Do drop by their web site and take a look ! 

Sentosa Flowers ~ 24 Jan – 1 Feb @ Imbiah & Palawan 

A display of many Beautiful Flowers, a beautiful event to take photos of flora and fauna, a great opportunity to bring your date along too. Another great event for photo taking, time to take out the camera, enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and festivals/events of Singapore ! Do drop by their site and take a look ! Haven’t plan a date to visit there yet !

Folks, if you are dropping by into Singapore during these period of time, do drop by these 2 events and happy photo taking !!!