Canon 85mm f 1.2 L Test Shot

Folks, after my Vivo City Christmas Tree & Lights shoot, the 4 of us went off for dessert at the local hawker centre, Red Hill Market, near to Dave Koh home.

While we were having our cold desserts there, I took the opportunity to test the Canon EF 85mm f/1.2 L, the highly rated lense of the Canon EF lenses range. Didn’t manage to take that many photos using the Canon 85mm, getting my maiden experience with this powerful lense.

After my first attempt, I found that it was quite a challenge to get the focus point correct and it’s a little slow in zooming. However, maybe there were too many objects and the 85mm took a while to focus it.

Hope that I would be able to get the chance to borrow from Dave Koh to test out this lense again !

Vivo City Christmas Tree 2008

For the past few years, I would always take time off during the month of December to go around Singapore and take photos of the Christmas Trees and lighting around Singapore. However, this year 2008, it was a difficult last quarter 2008 and taking photos of the Christmas lights and trees went off my radar.

Today, on Christmas Day itself, I decided to go out and take my 1st Christmas Tree shoot for December 2008, with my friends, Dave Koh, Joel Leong and Dewei at Vivo City. Do check out the difference between the Vivo City Christmas Tree in 2008 and 2007

The Vivo City Christmas Tree is still very popular and when we were there, many people were crowding around the Christmas Tree, capturing a piece of its beauty, soaking in the festive holiday season. 

Merry Christmas & Have a Fun Festive Holidays !!

On the First Day of Christmas, 

First and foremost ……..


Thank you all my readers and supporters for my photoblog ! I wasn’t able to actively write, take photos and share about my knowledge and adventure here, thank you for your patience and blessings !!!

Have a fun festive holiday season ! Take lots of photos ! Drop me a note & I would visit your blogs to see your wonderful photos of snow, food, lights, celebrations !

Reflections from a Kampung Lifestyle ~ Bukit Pasir, Muar

After finishing my Cousin’s wedding dinner the day before, it was a day of rest and recovery in the morning, the lifestyle and pace was very relaxed, nothing rushing like mad, kampung lifestyle a.k.a village/countryside lifestyle.

Instead of washing up, I just sat down and relax with my coffee, played with my uncle’s dogs and puppies, taking photos of them playing and running around, walked around the compound and checked out his plants, vegetables and fruits, all naturally grown using natural fertilisers. In Singapore, we don’t get the chance to see such kind of lifestyle due to its concrete jungle and highly urbanised living.

While I was relaxing there, didn’t take that many photos of the surroundings and the village A of Bukit Pasir, it was kind of being lazy yet wanting to relax and explore the village surroundings. Soon, it wasn’t long before going over to Grandmother’s home for lunch and chat before returning back to Singapore in the late afternoon.

It’s been a week back into Singapore ……..

My Cousin’s Wedding in Bukit Pasir, Muar

Last weekend, my parents, my grandaunt and myself went back to my grandmother’s hometown, Bukit Pasir, Muar, in Malaysia, to attend my younger cousin’s wedding. It was a good time to catch up with other relatives too, especially meeting and catching up with my grandmother, do read about her story here.

It was planned to be a simple wedding dinner affair, buffet style, outside my auntie’s home. We went there in the afternoon for the tea ceremony first and mingle around with the relatives from the bride’s side. We stayed for a while before going back to rest before my parents went out sightseeing and shopping while I stayed in my grandmother’s home to chat with my grandmother, uncle, aunties and cousins.

In the evening, we went back to my cousin’s home for the wedding dinner function. Although simple, it was a more cosy and family feeling, village style or kampung style as it is known among us. There were many senior relatives coming down for the wedding dinner function too, it was great to see them. Caught up with my cousins and chatted, it was great to be back there with them.

After a few drinks there, went back to my uncle’s home to rest for the night.

UQAAS Christmas Dinner 2008

On 5th December 2008, a group of fellow graduates from the University of Queensland came together for a Christmas Dinner gathering at the Pariss International Restaurant at Marina Square, organised by the UQAAS. It was a time of gathering and eating, with Mr Loh, gracing the occasion to share about his views on the current economic turmoil and future outlook, overall it was a great insight for everybody there.

Thereafter, there were lots of eating and eating, followed by networking and chatting among the different graduates and guests. Different name cards and topics were exchanged, giving us an indication of future partnerships with companies, vastly experienced business owners, networking with different alumni, tapping on the work and life experiences of people who were willing to share and mentor young graduates.

Moving foward, as we start to enter 2009, let’s make it more fun for all and look foward to more University of Queensland graduates to join us for activities and networking functions. We would love to hear from you and please keep in touch via the following channels


(1) Geraldine Ng (Database Officer) at /

(2) Find us on FACEBOOK!  Search for <UQ Graduates in Singapore>. Be In. Be Heard. Be Informed!

Ben & Jerry Chunky Fest @ Fort Canning

Mention the word Ben & Jerry ice cream, it would most likely be a favourite food or dessert among us here and I do love their ice cream especially their milkshake.

Ben & Jerry organised an event called Chunky Fest @ Fort Canning on 6th December 2008, there were some Ben & Jerry ice cream imported into Singapore for our taste buds, along with other events there at the venue. Therefore, I decided to pop over to Fort Canning and take a look, it was raining and the slopes and grassland were muddy, resulting in muddy shoes, sandals, legs and clothes. 

When I saw the queue for the Ben & Jerry ice cream, it was quite a sight and I decided not to queue for the imported Ben & Jerry, give the exotic ones a miss this time round, still have the other lovely ice cream here ! Moving around, there was also an eating competition and it was really fun to watch them gobble down their ice cream. We probably excel in eating a lot of different food and Ben & Jerry ice cream is no exception !

There were also special bubbles at the side of the carnival ground, attracting many carnival participants to capture the bubble balloons and play with it ! Maybe future Chunky Fest needs to find bigger grounds to accommodate larger crowds !

Hope Chunky Fest come back again next year ! With more ice cream booths to shorten the queue, free ice cream for loyal supporters like us !!!

All Things Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2008


It was a great run for me, completing my 4th Full Marathon since my maiden Full Marathon in 2006. Overall, improved timing, bigger crowds, a change in design for the finisher tee ! It wasn’t just a local Singapore sports event, it is going international with different runners from all over the world coming to Singapore for the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2008 !

For an insight of my thoughts and feelings, do drop by the link here !

For all my readers here, you have to take a look at this photo here !

Upcoming Posts !

It’s been a hectic 2 weeks leading up to the long weekend, work, planning and preparation, took up a handful of my time, haven’t been blogging actively as I would like.

Nevertheless, I would be writing up on the following events that happened over the past few days, here would be a sneak preview –

(1) UQAAS Christmas Dinner 2008

(2) Ben & Jerry Chunky Festival 2008

(3) Post Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2008

Do stay tuned, folks ! Thank you to all my readers for your support ! More things to come after this 3 write ups !