National Bikers Weekend 2008

For car lovers like me, there would always be regular car events, in car shows, motor shows, sports cars events and drifting events for fanatics like me, and of course, Formula One, WRC and JGTC etc etc…

Well, there were less motorbike events, however, with the emergence of motor racing especially Formula One coming to Singapore, motor racing in general has taken a bigger leap foward and there came an event called National Bikers Weekend 2008, held from 28th to 30th November 2008, beside the Singapore Flyer. 

I decided to pop down and take a look, at this motorbike event and I was amazed by the number of motorbikes, from tiny to huge motorbikes, vintage to modern powerful motorbikes  there on display, or motorcyclists coming down to support this event.

There were some really cool motorbikes on display, and of course, the giant and world famous Harley Davidson motorbikes. Many booths there, ranging from motorbike sales to accessories, something for every motorbike fan. 

Motorbike stunts could also be watched and it was refreshing to view something different. A fun event, great atmosphere and we would probably see more motor sports events in Singapore in the years to come! Check out my other photos on Flickr !  

Let’s all support Motor Sports growth in Singapore !!!!

Old Friends

I knew these friends since 1996, when we served the nation together, going through very tough training conditions, united and bonded together, we the Band of Brothers. Although I hadn’t been further training together with them for some time, I would never forgot the days of blood, sweat, tears and joy.

Today, I went down with Han Wei to Wee Yong’s baby son 1 month birthday celebration, the rest of the other Band of Brothers couldn’t make it, nevertheless, the 3 of us had a good time chatting and catching up. 

A long friendship indeed !

2 Books from BookFest@Singapore 2008

On this saturday today, I was initially planning to go the Big Eat Out at the Peranakan Museum in the afternoon, due to some things held up, I didn’t drop by for the food feast…..

Well, at a later time around late afternoon, I went to Suntec City for the BookFest@ Singapore 2008, looked around and viewed the various books and magazines on display there. The Chinese Language books were quite interesting ! 

I found many different travel guides and photography guides, there were even the famous Lonely Planet Guide Books in Chinese !!!! Well, I didn’t buy them, out of the many collection of books there, I chose to buy these 2,

1 Magazine –Popular Photography from China

1 Travel Guide – China on Foot – Yunnan

This Popular Photography had a great write up on Wedding Photography and outdoor wedding location shoots in China and great insights and photos too of other landscapes photos too ! 

As for the travel guide on China, I am a big fan/follower of iWalkU2, an awesome travel blog, especially on her photos and travel within China and many different parts of the world. Do check out her blog, very interesting and informative ! Gradually, I was fascinated by her adventures and decided to plan a photography shooting trip to Shangri-La, in Yunnan, one of my long list of locations/mountains to travel and take photos !

Now, I am going back to read my 2 new books !

Come 22nd Nov, Big Eat Singapore Food

While I was surfing the internet back home resting after my morning 10km marathon run, I chanced upon this event, something that would strike a chord in Singaporeans and many people worldwide, for Heartlanders like us ……. 

It’s about FOOD and this event brings 9 of Singapore’s most beloved heritage hawkers food, they are vintage and priceless.

This event is known as Big Eat Out ! Peranakan Museum on 22nd November !

As I was scrolling through the site, I am getting hungry …… time to eat !

Upcoming Events

In a few more weeks time, it would be the month of December and it would be the festive month of celebrations. Even though the economic situation has dampen the spirits, nevertheless, life still goes on and there are a few events that would always attract the young and old 

Christmas In The Tropics 2008 

Event Dates : 15th Nov 2008 to 2nd Jan 2009 
Venue: : Orchard Road and Marina Bay 

Looking foward to a time of bright Christmas and New Year lights, another chance for photography.

Besides, there are also other events that I would most likely be going 

National Bikers Weekend 2008

Event Dates : 28th Nov 2008 to 30th Nov 2008

Venue : Singapore Flyer 


Event Date : 23rd Nov 2008

Venue : National Stadium Car Park G (in front of Leisure Park)

Looking foward to the upcoming events !

Updates on my photoblog

A number of days that I haven’t been updating my photoblog, now would be doing some quick updates on my photoblog

(1) Working concurrently on my 2 blogs, need to ensure both are running smoothly, currently making changes to my personal blog.

(2) More blog engines to submit to

(3) Writing up on the scheduled reviews

(4) Planning photography projects to enhance my content and readership

(5) Post processing of my recent James and Shirley Solemnisation Photoshoot

I would like to thank all my readers who had supported my photoblog over the past few years, the support had allowed me to grow, improved and a breakthrough in my photography skills.

The fruits of my passion, I am going to coach/mentor 3 friends in photography, who approached me over the past 2 nights. A blessing that comes in small packages, invaluable and priceless. Thank you for your support !

Photography Sharing Article – The Art of Gisele

As an avid photographer, I went through different phases in my photography journey. Starting off from travel photography to events photography, I was soon exploring the art of portrait photography, both indoors and outdoors.

The recent solemnisation photoshoot of James & Shirley gave me another round of outdoor portrait photography, more experienced and able to get the couple to do different poses and themes. An area that I am slowly improving, small breakthrough from my previous outdoor photoshoot of Wen Liang and Portia. 

Recently, I read PopPhoto and found an article on “The Art of Gisele“, this was about an exclusive 30th Anniversary Showcase for PopPhoto ! Dropping inside to read and view the photography works of Gisele Bundchen, it gives a great insight on the art and techniques of indoor portrait photography, styles and positioning. That’s always something you can learn from looking at how the photos were taken and I would strive to reach that standard one day, either on a professional or passion basis. 

I had asked a few friends before, to become my volunteer models to do a portrait photoshoot in studios, giving me an opportunity to hone my photography skills to another level. 

Any volunteers ?

A Brief History on my Photoblog

When I started my 1st blog on 10th April 2006, it was on blogspot, a photoblog born based purely on passion in photography, travel and writing. With the help of Jack, I finally got my photoblog launched.

As months passed, Jack came out with Money From Blog, the idea of monetizing from blogging.
It was totally alien to me and I was keen to explore this area of growth in all aspects of my blogging and earning revenue from blogging too !

I decided to embarked on his teachings and guides and it started a significant increase in my readership of my photoblog, opening up opportunities to networking and learning with fellow bloggers, business networking with companies and service providers, on top of earning MONEY FROM BLOG !

Different types of visitors, companies, service providers and bloggers worldwide, visited my blog, giving me the challenge to rise, raise my passion and skills in photography even higher, resulting in breakthroughs that has never seen before. Invitations to join communities and doing reviews had increased when I transferred to my own hosting and domain on 7th October 2008.

Folks, seriously, all these had not been possible without Jack Lan’s Money From Blog.

Many Many Thanks, Jack !