Dave Koh Photography

Dave, a professional photographer, whom I had the honour and time to work with him on various projects in the past 2 years. He’s also skilled in videography and post photography editing too !

I used to support Dave in his projects as a back-up photographer and when he recently decided to revamp and rebrand his site, I waited eagerly for his new site to be up and indeed, it was something different and unique. Being a fellow photographer and helper, I would take this opportunity to showcase my support and give him the heads up in marketing and publicity.

Dave has a more artistic style of photography compared to my photojournalistic and events style photography. Do drop by into his website and take a look at his portfolio, even though we have 2 different photography styles, to create a unique photo album, it takes 2 different styles of photography to bring out the wonderful and beautiful memories and photos captured for the loving couple.

Ladies and Gentleman, presenting Dave Koh Photography

Congratulations, Dave ! All the best !

James & Shirley ROM Solemnisation Photoshoot

James, a very old friend of mine of 18 years till date (since 1990), together since our days in Gan Eng School Dragon Scout Group, one of those who cannot resist making fun of me, along with our other fellow same batch of Dragon Scouts family.

When he approached me to help him in his solemnisation ceremony, I didn’t hesitate to help him since I had experience in such assignments before. Prior a week before that, met the couple, James and Shirley with regards to the schedule and guest list. It was a mainly family and relatives invitation, there were only 3 friends invited and both were key helpers !

On the 25th October, James and Shirley picked me up and we went to the make-up artist home at Mei Ling Street, where I started photographing the make-up process. In a bedroom, there would always be space constraints, luckily, there weren’t many people present inside and equipment in the room. Once I got started, it was a breeze for me and managed to capture about 142 photographs of the make-up session. I told Shirley, stayed relax facing the mirror and don’t worry about me !

When the make-up session was over, we made our way to Pasir Ris Park, whereby the couple booked a big chalet for their solemnisation. Once the couple changed to their gowns, we started to take a short walk around Pasir Ris Park and beach, for a short outdoor photo shoot session that would complement their solemnisation day, the couple were great to shoot, a joy for photographer, spontaneous and fun loving. Shirley is very photogenic while James can think of different themes and poses. We did the “Titanic” theme on the breakwater, “coconut tree” proposal and walking through “retro” times between a path of palm tress.

After that, we returned back to the chalet, rest and cool ourselves down before the solemnisation ceremony. After the Justice of Peace arrived, the ceremony started with the family members and relatives surrounding the table. It might be just another solemnisation ceremony for some, however, it was very touching to see and feel the happiness and emotions of James and Shirley.

Soon after, the party began, with the delicious Thai buffet and alcoholic beverages. The atmosphere was fun and friendly. The newly wedded couple were entertaining their relatives and busy interacting. Nevertheless, there were moments to capture too !

Thanks to James and Shirley for giving me the opportunity and the belief in my photography !

My heartiest congratulations to James and Shirley !

Canon EF 800mm f5.6 L IS USM Test Shots

During Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore 2008, there was a mammoth lense on display, it was non other than the Canon EF 800mm f5.6 L IS USM !

While waiting for the Themes to be announced in between sessions, I went foward to check out the lense and attached my Canon EOS 30D onto it and tested it out for myself. It was a very different experience, as my longest lense was only a 250mm and I confessed a bit lost while trying to focus the objects on the EF 800mm super telephoto lense. 

Do check out the press releases by Canon USA

Finally, after some friendly advice from the Canon staff, I managed to capture some photos and I was amazed to see the sharpness ! Took a few more photos using the EF 800mm lense before returning it back to my seat.

Do check out my another Canon EF 800mm Test Shot !

Well, it’s very rare for me to test a super telephoto lense and I am very impressed by it. Wonder when I would be able to use it in action ?

TravelPhotoFind & TravelVideoFind

Whenever a person is planning for their next holiday trip, they wold always do some research on their destinations they are visiting, other travelers views and opinions, comparisons, and searching for photos in order for them to have an idea on where to take them.

Recently, I was sent a courtesy email, invited by Andre, to drop by these 2 sites, and they are

TravelPhotoFind.com ~ Photos and Pictures  

TravelVideoFind.com ~ Travel Videos and Films

Being an avid traveler, I decided to give it a visit and checked it out for myself. Well, I had to say, these 2 online communities is not your CMS + PHP powered travel and photography forums. It is an online community whereby passionate travelers armed with their beautiful travel photos and videos uploaded on some hosting sites, come together for a common purpose to share their travel photos and videography experiences. 

For all my travel and photography friends, do drop by and check them out !

Headache finding a Hotel ?

For avid travelers, there would always be many different types of tourists such as Business Travelers, Leisure Travelers such as backpackers, holiday makers etc. 

For those who chose to go with a group holiday tour group, they do not need to worry about accommodation. However, if you are one of those DIY (Do-It-Yourself) type of traveler like me, finding accommodation and planning your holiday itinerary can be very challenging and difficult. Do you find it a headache to find a hotel in the destination that you are planning to visit ?

My dear travelers, look no further …….. Check out Hotels Combined ! This unique site allows you to search for multiple hotels reservation sites and allowing you to compare simultaneously to help you find the lowest rate instantly.

Folks, take a look at the Hotels Combined Search Box below –

Accommodation Price Comparison


Where’s your next travel destination ?

Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore 2008 Themes

There were 3 themes at the recently completed Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore 2008, I had to confess that, the 3 themes were very challenging and I am not creative enough. Before proceeding further, let me share with all my readers on my themes submission

Theme 1 – Change


Theme 2 – Dreams

Theme 3 – Freedom (Not Submitted)

Reflecting on my maiden adventure, my first photography competition, it was a great eye-opener for me. Having taken up paid assignments in weddings and events, the feeling, thoughts and emotions were very different. There was a sharing by Tristan, a professional photographer, who would be bringing the overall winner to New Zealand for photography trip, he got me thinking, 

“Am I looking and trying to capture a perfect photograph?”

Well, the truth is there is no PERFECT PHOTO ……………..

Seems like in my quest in my maiden photography competition, I put aside my 2 extreme importance factors that makes a photograph good or world class 

Passion for anything Photography

– Eye for Photography

If you are a photographer, you would definitely understand what I am writing here……

It’s time to relieve the passion and eye for photography, enjoying what photography can do, for leisure, recreation and how it can impact a person’s life.

Moving foward, what and how can my photography make an impact to a person’s life ?

This is what that will get me taking my photography to another level that I always wanted to, and I would do it with my photojournalistic blog.

My 1st Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore

For the past few years, I had heard of the Canon PhotoMarathon and saw many photographers uploading their works in this competition and having lots of fun. My cousin would always share with me his experiences and fun in the past PhotoMarathons and I wanted to take part and experienced it for myself.

Therefore, this year 2008, I decided to enter myself into the Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore, it was an exciting event for me, my first real experience in competitive photography shooting, very different from taking up paid assignments ! Canon PhotoMarathon had evolved into a regional photography event, with countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines and the number of participants had always and constantly increased over the years. 

After the morning registration, we paid and collected our Canon PhotoMarathon 2008 shirt, very nice shirt ! Thereafter, we went for breakfast before returning back to Suntec City Convention Centre for the rulesand regulations, participants photo taking and announcement of the First Theme !

The 3 Themes for Canon PhotoMarathon 2008 were :

(1) Theme 1 : Change

(2) Theme 2 : Dreams

(3) Theme 3 : Freedom

It was a real test of my photography creativity and thinking. I would be writing up more of my selected and submitted photos for my 3 Themes in later posts, after absorbing the experiences, reflections in today’s PhotoMarathon. There was also sharing by Tristan, a professional photographer on taking photos, that struck a chord in me – We are too caught up in taking the perfect photo that we missed out on the beautiful and wonderful moments that our heart and photographic eye can do for us.

Besides the routine downloading of your selected photos, there were the EOS 1D Mk III and the giant telephoto lense EF 800mm !!! I had done some tests on them, it was simply awesome !!!! How often do you get to try out an 800mm lense !!

Please do drop by my Flickr site for more photos ! 

At the end of the day, it was great fun and a wonderful experience ! For those who thought of about attending this event, do go for it ! You will not regret !