Updates again !


In a few hours time, I would be participating in the Nike 10+ Human Race, a short run, worldwide event, something different this time. Looking foward to enjoy the run and post party and running and carnival atmosphere.
Do also look out on my upcoming posts on 
– RSAF Open House 2008
– Apple 3G iPhone photos
– Nike 10+ Human Race
See you folks later ! Have a nice weekend !

Singapore Fireworks Festival 2008 ~ French Romance

The Singapore Fireworks Festival returned again in 2008, with the countries France and Korea performing.

I didn’t manage to get my tickets in time and I had to make my way and squeeze with other people at the Esplanade. Due to my half marathon on Sunday 24th early morning, I only went to take the fireworks performance by France, called French Romance on 22nd August. 
Reaching there rather early, I didn’t realise that the fireworks would only start at 2130hrs and lasted about 15mins only. Well, I enjoyed my fireworks nevertheless, my humble fireworks photos are displayed below –

By using the same fireworks platform for National Day Parade 2008, the fireworks were a lot closer to the people at the Esplanade and it offers a different challenge and difficulty. However, if you are sitting on the Marina Bay Gallery, it would most probably be an excellent angle and perspective to capture the fireworks photos.

Hope you all enjoy the fireworks ! Do drop by my flickr for more photos !

I ran across the Marina Barrage !

This morning, I just completed the Sheares Bridge Run and Army Half Marathon, it was a good run for me.

A very interesting part of the running route was running across the Marina Barrage. As I was a runner and did not bring my camera to take any photos, you can drop by their websites and take a look at their construction and development.
The Marina Barrage is almost complete and it is a very beautiful sight of the Marina Bay city skyline. When the Marina Bay area is fully developed in the near future, it will only get better.
I feel this region will be transform into a very vibrant area with excellent greenery and running tracks and last but not least, it might be another excellent location to capture fireworks at the Marina Bay.
Do keep a lookout, I would be writing on the Fireworks Festival French Romance soon.

Still waiting for 3G iPhone

Today, there would be people collecting their latest gadget, the Apple 3G iPhone…..

As for me, my earliest appointment date that I would be able to book would be on 28th August, mine got pushed behind, well ……. I have to bear with this for 1 more week ……..

Oh, btw, fireworks festival tonight, didn’t manage to get the tickets in time, planning to go Esplanade, squeeze with people and watch there and there is an alumni event tomorrow.

Share with you people when I upload it here !

Planning to Attend these Upcoming Events

It’s an exciting and lively month, with many upcoming activities, events and festivals with great opportunities for photography 😉

They are as follows –

(1) Singapore Fireworks Festival 2008 ~ 22 & 23 August
– Didn’t manage to purchase the tickets in time to get a seat on the gallery, planning to squeeze at the Esplanade to take photos of the fireworks festival on 22nd August.

(2) RSAF Open House 2008 ~ 30 & 31 August
– A great opportunity to take photographs of the aircraft and performance ! Planning to go on 30th August

(3) Chinatown Mid Autumn Festival Official Light Up and Opening Ceremony ~ 31 August
– For lantern lovers, with the opening ceremony, it is the time whereby you can get very near to the giant lanterns in the middle of the busy roads of Chinatown !

(4) COMEX ~ 28 to 31 August
– For IT fans and there are definitely photography opportunities !

That’s all for now folks ! I would post them up here if I attend them and take photographs !

Stay tuned !!

Keep you people posted for September 2008 events, festivals and activties !

A DSG Photo Book Update


Do you recall my posts last time when I was involved in the Dragon Scout Group 85th Anniversary Celebrations in 2007 ?
To recap, do drop by here to learn more on the 85th Anniversary Campfire and Dinner.
I was also helping out partially in the 85th Anniversary Book and I am very proud and happy to see the launch of the Dragon Scout Group 85th Book, launched on 08 / 08 / 2008 !!!!!
Once I officially get hold of the 85th Book, I will broadcast it out !
Stay tuned !

NDP 2008 – From the Esplanade Bridge Part 2

As the Marina Bay skyline turns dark, big birds of many beautiful different colours started sailing and flying to the Marina Bayfront, greeting the crowds around the Marina Bay area, celebrating our nation’s 43rd Birthday.


Right now, it was a patient wait for the finale, that many of us waiting and watching the National Day Parade at the sides were waiting for. I prepared my DSLR for fireworks mode, setting up my standard operating routine to take fireworks, making adjustments to my tripod, angle of inclination and wide angle view of the skyline whereby the fireworks would be shown. 
Soon, the moment of truth arrived. It was the start of a very beautiful series of fireworks, I always loved the opportunity to take fireworks whenever I had the chance and the NDP fireworks really gave the birthday celebrations a bright and happy finale ending ! 


However, the weather was not really kind to us on the Esplanade Bridge. The smoke didn’t clear and it got stuck there in the sky, some of the fireworks were engulfed by the smoke and the letter “S” wasn’t able to be seen from our point of view. I could only capture a glimpse of it, camouflaged by the thick smoke. 

3 different sets of fireworks, bringing the 43rd National Day Parade Celebrations to a close. A fitting and beautiful end to a wonderful birthday celebrations. The poor weather would not dampen our moods.

Hope everybody enjoyed the NDP 2008 !