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I haven’t been able to post and write up on my latest adventure with my DSLR and Macbook yet, many things on my mind to complete and write up, planning to deliver excellent quality photos and journalistic reporting and content here !
Nevertheless, do look foward to the following :
  • Singapore Toys & Comics Convention 2008
  • Special Report on Star Wars Collection @ the Singapore Toys & Comics Convention 2008
  • Updates on photographing high speed flying action
  • My Latest Toy – Macbook Update
Meanwhile, do drop by my flickr site to take a look at the photos first !

Mustang Singapore by Grinder-Man @ Flipside Festival

After watching a great acoustic guitar unplugged performance at the Esplanade Concourse, I went out to the Waterfront Canopy to catch another performance, that was something mysterious to me based on the brochure and description on the Esplanade website.

Well, I was blown away by their intriguing performances, unique and very different from the various artists performances during the Flipside Festival at the Esplanade. There were lots of movements, artists with their black boxes on their heads, in perfect choreography and movements, knowing their routes, movements, dances and actions.

The Hardwarezone Forum link gave a very good description of the Mustang Singapore performance, “ GRINDER-MAN is an art performance group that creates audacious happenings combining contemporary art and continuous motion in locations ranging from art museums and galleries to concert halls and clubs. To date they have performed in New York, Singapore, Israel, Sweden, Rome, Cologne, and Paris.

Well, further research into this awesome group, led me to their webs
ite and it dawned upon me that it was an international performing artist group. It had been some wonderful weeks of artistic performances and I was glad to enjoy and view different world wide artists performances during the Esplanade Flipside Festival 2008.

Do drop by my flickr site and take a look at my other selected photos of Mustang Singapore by GRINDER-MAN !

Jack, Rai & Alvin performing at Esplanade Flipside Festival

I was at the Esplanade again, walking back after catching a sneak preview of the upcoming National Day Parade rehearsal and I was there to watch a wonderful performance by Jack, Rai and Alvin singing Superhero songs.

They were really awesome and the trio really mesmerised the crowds there, especially with their many different songs.

The trio sure give the Flipside festival a different touch and feel from the various different types of artists performances !

Updated 26th June – their official website is at this LINK !

Sneak Preview of an Upcoming Event

On the 21st June, I was finishing my window shopping at Suntec City and Marina Square, decided to cross over to the Esplanade to catch a glimpse of any rehearsals for our upcoming National Day event in August 2008.

I had to confess that I wasn’t disappointed and it was a mini-preview with the performances, parade, Black Knights display was really awesome ! I had a great time and very challenging time taking photos of the high flying and octane performances by the Black Knights !

For the photographers planning to capture the Black Knights performance, I would like to share some challenges I faced –

  • Changing background lighting from sunset to low light, must be ready to change your ISO accordingly
  • Very fast action, fast lense needed
  • Another DSLR with wide angle lense or digicam – to take the beautiful photo of the heart shape formed by the Black Knights, it is very challenging (not ideal) to change lenses when you are capturing the Black Knights in action
  • Your position on the parade itself, don’t be under the trees at the Esplanade, you would miss the action

Besides, I also caught a glimpse of the fireworks firing points and zone of the fireworks display in the Marina Bay and CBD skyline. It was a short display of fireworks but I was very happy to be able to view it !

Looking foward to the next few rehearsals and honing my photography skills to capture high speed flying performances ! Do drop by my photos site and have a look at the other rehearsal photos !

The BIG NAZO Creature Show

Last week, I saw some great performances by artists at the Esplanade, the Flipside event, in conjunction with the Singapore Arts Festival. The puppet performance was intriguing and on 14th June, I went back to the Esplanade after my event shoot at Vivo City and caught a very different puppets performance.

This time, it was people dressed in giant aliens costumes, singing lovely songs, some great oldies that I recall e.g. Satellite of Love, dancing around, cracking jokes and providing lots of fun and laughter to the crowds. It was an awesome show, felt great to see another wonderful artist performance, I always admire and like such different shows by people from all over the world, coming to Singapore to showcase their work.

Well, hope you folks enjoy watching the giant aliens in action !

Creatively Thai 2008 Street Fashion Runway @ Vivo City

On 14th June 2008, after finishing my advisory and consultancy appointment with my client and his family at Vivo City, I went to walk around and discovered a fashion showcase event in the Central Court and South Avenue on Level 1.

Being curious, I decided to pop down and found about this fashion event called Creatively Thai 2008, showcasing young designers from Thailand with their unique and eye-catching designs. Moreover, on 14th June itself, there were 3 street fashion shows on 1pm, 4pm and 7pm, with models strutting down the stage showcasing various different fashion designers awesome designs.

Somehow, I didn’t know about this event until I was inside Vivo City, well, can’t resist the chance to do fashion photo shoot, therefore, I caught the 4pm and 7pm fashion show. It was very nice to see a new and unique style of fashion designs, although I am not a fashionable person at all and my selection of clothes would probably be classified as poor….. LOL …. In between 4pm and 7pm, caught up with Raymond and had coffee and snacks while he tried out my Macbook without much songs or photos added. Would let Raymond try out more when I get my transfer of data, information and stuff transferred across from my old laptop to new Macbook.

Anyway, back to the fashion show, at the 7pm time slot, it was getting crowded and I didn’t manage to get a good location to position myself, end up standing behind photographers and some of my photos were blocked by their heads, DSLRs and flashes ! Nevertheless, I still managed to get a few decent shots and it was enjoyable.

At the end of the show, I managed to get to know photographers there who were also photographing the 7pm fashion show, nice to chat with you George and the other fellow photographers there too !

Oh, this event was jointly presented by DEP – Thai Trade Center, Singapore and supported by Vivo City and the best surprise for me was having a chat with Thailand Tourism Embassy staff who were there for the 7pm fashion show ….. Nice to talk to you folks !

Hope you all enjoy the photos and more photos can be viewed at my flickr site ! Let’s support the fashion designers from Thailand too !

2 photos – Alumni Lucky Draw Gifts & A New White Toy

Recently, I went for networking events with my University of Queensland Alumni and I was very lucky, winning a pair of wine from Symphony Hills.

Thereafter, on Friday 13th, I finally purchased my long awaited Macbook, sitting side by side my trustworthy and semi-retired laptop (soon to be full-time desktop).

Well….. it’s Apple Time ! Currently exploring and learning new cool stuff in my macbook …… bringing my photography to a new level and producing my portfolio album (finally) !


The last week had been a busy time for me, bought my new toy on friday the 13th, it is white and  really beautiful…….

It is a Apple Macbook ! Anyway, still have a lot of things to be done for my macbook……
Nevertheless, it has an awesome program for photographers like me, the iPhoto, simply wonderful, useful and awesome, looking foward to post processing my selected photos for my photography portfolio.
Back to photography, on the weekend 14th June, I was at Vivo City, meeting my clients for a business appointment, after the appointment, I saw that there were a fashion event called Creatively Thai 2008 and stayed back behind to take some photos before hopping over to Esplanade for another segment of the Flipside festival.
Do keep a lookout, would be uploading and writing up about the posts of the interesting events in the next few days.

Little Feet Theatre @ Esplanade

Do you like watching puppets performances ? Well, I do recall watching a few different kinds of puppets performances from different cultural groups and styles, it was fun and enjoyable especially when I was younger.

After watching Ojarus and BAM, I proceed to the concourse inside the Esplanade and waited on the sofa while waiting for the next artist performance, Little Feet Theatre by Veronica Gonzalez from Italy.

It was a very fun and lively puppet show by this beautiful lady using both her arms, feet, hands and head. She gave a wonderful smiling performance, getting the crowds excited and the children glued to their seats mesmerised by her awesome performances.

With different suitcases for different skits, we were shown to a great level of laughter and excitement, made me feel young again and enjoying myself in this form of artistic performance. A great Saturday evening of watching different artists performances at the Esplanade…….. enjoyed myself …….